Download Paid Software For Free | Top 25 Legal Sites

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To get the best out of our computers and laptops, we need the best software. Every one of us is looking for the best site to download paid software for free. But the price tag they come with is a lot – they can get costly. So, what we need are the best free software download sites.

Now, the first thing that comes to our mind we talk about free stuff is- Security. Unfortunately, there are many of those software download sites which are unsafe that can harm our computer. No need to worry, this time, we came up with some of the best and free software download websites that are safe with software giveaway sites.

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Websites for free downloadTo make us clearer, we will be presenting you with download paid software for free sites that are legal and not one of the illegal torrent clients or sites that illegally help you get paid software for free.

Users can even update their software from time to time and get access to a wide number of choices for all of the – antivirus, design, malware remover, video editing, animation, or any accounting software. Even if they are free and safe, we would still ask you to keep your antivirus as a precaution. 

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How Does Free Paid Software Legally Download?

You may legally download full versions of purchased PC software for free. Some individuals need help to make online software purchases.

The popularity and functionality of the software affect its cost. A small utility tool is less expensive than multimedia software, and you can only pay for some software.

Software is considered copied and distributed without authorization.

Software piracy is the illegal duplication, dissemination, or use of a paid application, and it might be able to damage your system as well.

Where To Download Paid Software For Free?

You can check out all the websites and forums mentioned in this article if you want free computer software.
All these websites have been giving away the best free software for a very long time and still do so. These websites are therefore operating legally on their platform.
You can rely on such websites. Bookmarking them will allow you to get your favorite paid software for free when it becomes accessible.

Websites for paid software for freeBelow is our list of the 25 top software giveaway and best download paid software for free, along with their links:

File Hippo

File Hippo is one of the most popular websites in this category. It allows its users and provides hassle-free downloads. It is a user-friendly site that distributes software in 18 different categories to help the users get their preferred software comfortably. 

file hippo
File Hippo

They come with a news portal of their own. They have a list of their Top 10 software and keep the list updated daily and even have a review section, which helps them make just the right choice.

Visit: File Hippo


Ninite is one of the best options for users who have recently purchased a computer. They have got a list of software covering every field a user might need starting from web browsers to security tools. The free software download site automatically detects your system (whether 32-bit or 64-bit) and suggests the recommended software. It even helps users to opt-out of the third-party toolbars if they don’t need them.


Ninite runs an automatic scan through your computer and notifies you with software updates from time to time. They even allow you to download multiple files at once by simply clicking on your preferred software from their list.

Visit: Ninite

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File Horse

Another popular free software download website is File Horse. It presents you with its latest software list and the most downloaded list

file horse
File Horse

They have divided their files into important categories users usually look for. It comes with one of the simplest and easy web interfaces. They might not have a big list but have all the important and popular software present in their portal.

Visit: File Horse

CNET Download

CNET is another best software download site present on our list. You will be able to download software for Linux, Windows, and iOS devices – under the same platform. The free site has more than 100,000 free software and applications.

Every software is reviewed by editors and is 100% safe to use. Every of the software comes with a rating – rated by editors and users, making it easier to choose from tons of them.

Visit: CNET  


Softonic is another platform where you can get full legal versions of the software. Just search by name and download them from mirror links with Softonic – every software comes with multiple mirror links to make the downloading part more easy and fast for the users.


The site gives its users access to Q&A Forum and Softonic blog to provide more information and build more trust.

Visit: Softonic


Softpedia is one of the best and free software download sites and gives its users tons of reviews for the same software to get confident downloading software. It is an encyclopedia of different software and apps


And it has 1,000,000 free to use Windows, Mac, Linux, Smartphones, Games, and Drivers applications. It has a news portal of its own with tech and software related news around the globe.

Visit: Softpedia

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Software Informer

Software Informer is one of the new platforms which hosts free and legal software. They might not have a huge collection of software like the platforms mentioned above, but the free software download website has the best and safest software.

software informer
Software Informer

So, if you don’t want to get confused and are looking only for quality software, a software informer might be your pick.

Visit: Software Informer

Download Crew

Download Crew comes up with a huge list of software for their users to download. They have over 31,335,409 downloads. You would get reviews for the products to know more about the software before you start downloading them.

download crew
Download Crew

This free software download site gives you access to download software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

Visit: Download Crew

Donation Coder

If you are a professional and use software for both official and personal purposesDonation Coder might be a good option to get legitimate software. This site has got lots of professional-quality software to select from

donation coder
Donation Coder

The site is one of the best free software download sites free from spyware and adware, on top 10 crack software websites. If you have any problem downloading your software, the site even gives you access to chat with their experts.

Visit: Donation Coder


SourceForge is another popular platform where people can download and publish free and safe software. It has got a simple user interface and is preferred by many. 


Search by name and get to see detailed information, including the best free full version software download site and compatibility for each software. Every software is tested before it is uploaded on SourceForge. They have a community of their own to promote and help users of SourceForge.

Visit: SourceForge

ZDNet Downloads

It has the largest libraries of software downloads on the web, which covers software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems. This site’s search system allows us to use filters and sort items according to the users’ preferences. 

zdnet downloads
ZDNet Downloads

ZDNet is one of the best platforms to look for top 10 cracked software download sites for technical software.

Visit: ZDNet


Another one in our list of the best free software download site is Soft32. It comes with one of the most user-friendly interfaces. The site is well-organized and is easily accessible


You might find many advertisement popups that might get frustrating, but you can fix it using any AdBlock software downloaded from the same platform. Discussion boards are present where you can participate in discussions to get more relevant information.

Visit: Soft32


Uptodown is an international platform for users wanting to download free and safe software. It is available in 14 different languages, which offer a platform for transparent, legal software distribution.


It has got multiple references world-wide and is preferred for legal software downloads.

Visit: Uptodown

NCH Software

The most preferred site in terms of business audio technology. This free software download website aims to develop new programs continuously and is very safe. 

nch software
NCH Software

NCH is thus one of the best and free software download sites where you would find tons of software available for different devices and OS. 

Visit: NCH


You can check the top 10 freeware collection of the FileCluster free download website if you have no idea about which software to go for. You will get all the latest software, drivers, and games for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Linux, and Mobile and get their updates from time to time too. FileCluster offers a wide set of collection of software – mainly for Windows users

Visit: FileCluster


SnapFiles is one of the oldest download paid software for free websites available. Launched in 1997 and was famous by the name of WebAttack back then. 


The home page offers you different ways to look for the best software like – Latest Downloads, Freeware, Shareware, Top 100 Downloads, Latest User Reviews, Editor’s Selections, and Must-Have Freeware, and so on. The software is fully reviewed and rated by SnapFiles staff and contains helpful user reviews.

Visit: SnapFiles


Download paid software for free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more from this platform for free. Tucows has a lot of shareware and freeware software versions to engage a wide range of users. Tucows has got more than 40,000 virus and spyware free software titles, which are all legal. 

Visit: Tucows

Major Geeks

Major Geeks is one of the most traditional free software download websites present. It was founded in 2001. They provide editor tested downloads and are completely safe to use.

major geeks
Major Geeks

They have a list of less than 10,000 software and provide you only with the best and safest software.

Visit:  Major Geeks

File Puma

The site comes with one of the best and well-structured categories for its users to select. File Puma verifies if the file contains a virus or spyware, or any threat before someone downloads them.

file puma
File Puma

They also allow the users to discuss with one another in their TeamSpeak feature

Visit: File Puma


Miro is an open-source, non-profit site for getting legal software. It allows their user to get just the software they need. One can search the required software and get them in one go. 

Visit: Miro

Linux Tracker

If you are a Linux user, the Linux tracker is your best option to go through. Linux Tracker has over 400 pages of download list you can go through. Search by name if you are looking for something specific. 

One of the cons of Linux tracker is that they use torrent as a medium to download software. If the required software has got low seeds, the user might find it difficult to download it. 

Visit: Linux Tracker

Legit Torrents

It is another platform where you can download your software.

legit torrents
legit torrents

Like the Linux tracker, this, too, uses torrent as a downloading medium. Legit torrent is a platform where you would only get the legal files, unlike many other torrent sites. Search by name for the software you need. 

Visit: Legit Torrents

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LO4D, too, is a safe place to find updated software, software reviews, downloads, and run virus tests. You can go across the beautifully and intelligently structured categories to get just the software you need.

The platform offers thousands of shareware, freeware, and free trial programs for the Windows operating system. The software across this platform is perfectly tested with some of the best antivirus applications. 


Another download paid software for free site, that is easy and simple to use. The site started in 2015 contains free software of all kinds, sorted into 15 different categories to satisfy all people.

100 downloads don’t offer trial versions, and all software is free for personal use and is completely safe. It’s a really easy to use platform with brief descriptions of software and direct download links for each of them. 


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Open-source MAC

The last in our list of 25 free software download sites is Open-source Mac. If you are a Mac user and are looking for software only supporting Mac, it is just the place.

The site is well maintained and updated regularly – with all the latest Mac OS X. You will find a Top download list highlighting the most downloaded software from their site. To know more about particular software, you can navigate to the Features page. 

Visit: Open-source MAC

Is Software Cracked for Giveaway Secure?

Free cracked software downloads are not entirely secure. Giving out free stuff is great for those who want to encourage piracy. Giveaways are legal if they come from the respective brand or business.

Once more, companies occasionally work together to market their products on well-known blogs and websites. These software giveaways are also entirely secure and safe in this circumstance. 

What Separates Open-Source Software From Free Software

Software that supports community and user autonomy is referred to as free software.

Users can use, copy, distribute, research, alter, and enhance the program. Sometimes, “free software” is misconstrued; it has nothing to do with cost, and the subject is freedom.

Open-source Vs Free SoftwareOpen-Source Software is something you can alter to suit your requirements, share with others, and do so without worrying about violating any license obligations. The term “Open Source” means that the software’s source code is freely accessible under Open-Source licenses like the GNU (GPL), which permits you to alter and share the source code. You will see that these licenses will assist us once you have read them.

Created by the settings for developing software that results from an online collaboration between software engineers.

The Open-Source Initiative later clarified (OSI).

Apart from those immediately related to software development, it doesn’t state any clear ethical principles.

Are Free Programs Commercial?

No matter how much one pays to access the program, all users have legally permission to do whatever they wish with their copies of free software, including making money from it.

Nonfree Software

Nonfree software is a software that is not available for free. Its use, transfer, or modification is either forbidden, necessitates a request for permission, or is so severely constrained that it is practically impossible to carry out without restriction.


How can I install paid software for free?

To install paid software for free, one can use some of the websites that provide these for free legally. Since there are many sites that are unsafe and can cause harm to the computer, you can download the paid softwares from websites like File Hippo, Ninite, File Horse, etc, for free.

What are the sites for downloading paid apps for free on Windows?

There are several sites that are safe and can be used for downloading paid apps for free on Windows, like File Hippo, Ninite, File Horse, CNET download, Softonic, Softpedia, Software informer, Download Crew, Donation coder, Source Forge, Soft32, etc.

What are the sites for downloading paid apps for free on MAC?

Some of the sites that can be used for downloading paid apps for free on MAC are Softpedia, Download Crew, ZDNet Downloads, FileCluster, Tucows, and Open-source MAC.

Summing Up

The above article lists down the top 25 download paid software for free websites you can go through. We have provided links for each one of them. The best features are highlighted to make it easy for you to look for just the best. Go on. Thank you for visiting. 

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