9 Ways to Get Luxury House-Sitting Jobs

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House-sitting jobs are just taking care of the House and their pets until the homeowners return. Luxury house-sitting jobs are more professional than regular House sitting jobs.

Agencies, communities, referrals, or social media ads can access these jobs. We created this article after accumulating the best 9 websites for luxury house-sitting jobs.

The nine ways to get luxury house-sitting jobs are through websites like TrustedHousesitters, Luxury House Sitting, Care.com, House Sitters America, HouseSitMatch, Nomador, and MingMyHouse. Along with these, we have also mentioned 5 Strategies you can implement.

This article will benefit you if you are a travel fanatic but want to avoid paying for accommodation. We have

9 Luxury House-Sitting Jobs Online

Let’s go in-depth into the best luxury house-sitting jobs available online.


One of the most popular House sitting online platforms available to people. This company helps homeowners to leave their houses and pets to go on a vacation. The company focuses on connecting house sitters with homeowners.


TrustedHousesitters is not only for luxury house sitting; they offer various options for homeowners and house sitters. If you are a pet lover, signing into this site is necessary.

Check out: TrustedHousesitters

Luxury House Sitting

This agency emphasizes being the world’s most trusted and client-approved house sitters. If you pay an annual membership of $25, you can easily create your profile with your preferred references. As this name suggests, this company provides only luxury house sittings.

luxury house sitting

Once your account is approved, you can apply for the high-end assignments and message the homeowners seeking house sitters.

Check Out: Luxury House Sitting


Care.com is an online platform that allows you to connect with the House sitting jobs available in your local area. On this website, you can easily create a profile, search for suitable jobs and apply for them. And of these, you can do it for free; no money will be charged.


However, if you prefer to get featured in potential searches by house owners or reach out to potential house owners, then you need to get a premium membership.

Some potential clients prefer to do your background check. Well, in that case, you must fill out an application form that will be sent to you.

Check Out: Care.com

House Sitters America

This agency in America focuses on communicating between homeowners and house sitters all over the USA. Hence, if you’re looking for a luxury house-sitting job in America, this site would be a perfect place to search.

house sitters america

The annual membership of House Sitters America costs $30. This membership will ease your hunt for potential house-hunting jobs. The exclusive feature you’ll get after membership is that you can choose your reference, like location, house type, etc.

Check Out: House Sitters America


HouseSitMatch provides you with house-sitting opportunities all over the world. If you purchase their membership, you must create your profile with an introductory video.


Then you can search for a suitable house owner in various other countries. This option is very apt if you plan on traveling to some country.

You can easily travel with free accommodation and extra income.

Check Out: HouseSitMatch


Nomador allows you to do House sitting in other foreign countries; hence it is an international community. This agency caters to all forms of clients and house sitters, not only those seeking luxury housing jobs.


The premium costs $89, which will enable you with more features. In Normador, you can create your profile and search for luxury house-sitting jobs without cost.

However, you need to provide ID proof while creating the profile.

Check out: Nomador


MindMyHouse is a universal community connecting house sitters and homeowners worldwide. Housesitters are open to various opportunities along with luxury house-sitting jobs.

mind my house

After you pay their premium fee of $20, you can apply to various house-sitting assignments worldwide.

Check Out: MindMyHouse

House Carers

House Carers has been providing House sitting services since October 2000. It is a global community; you can connect to any homeowner anywhere. The community is free at first, and you can create your profile at no cost, like a free trial.

house carers

When you choose to go for a premium, it will cost you around $50 annually. House Carers also enables you to subscribe to emails of homeowners that meet your references.

Check Out: House Carers

Caretaker Gazette 

Caretaker Gazette is a newsletter service based on subscriptions. This service caters to many house sitters, especially those looking for luxury house-sitting jobs.

caretaker gazette

The subscription costs around $29.95, and you will receive all the opportunities and ads posted by the homeowners bi-monthly online.

Check Out: Caretaker Gazette

5 Strategies to Be a Successful Luxury House Sitter

Creating an Impressive Profile

Homeowners will first see your profile on websites or house-sitting agencies. Hence, your profile has to be professional and top-notch.

creating an impressive profile

Your profile should be particular and highlight your skills and experience in luxury house sitting. A good profile is the beginning of a successful house sitter.

Have a Network with Luxury Homeowners

have a network with luxury homeowners

In Luxury house-sitting jobs, references work the best. Try to attend events, social clubs, and communities to enhance your network among luxury homeowners. Keep in contact with your previous homeowner clients, which is beneficial in the future.

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Use Social Media

use social media

In today’s world, social media is a powerful element in reaching a broader audience. For example, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are fantastic ways to connect with communities.

Get Certificates

Appropriate certificates can guarantee your reach out to potential homeowners. Certificates in property management, hospitality management, personal security, and specialization in luxury house sitting can elevate your profile.

get certificates

When discussing luxury house-sitting jobs, we must remember that the owners want the best and most trustworthy housesitter. The more qualified you will, the greater the chances of getting good clients.

Request Testimonials

Testimonials and referrals always work the best in this industry. Request your previous clients to give you approved testimonials, especially the luxury homeowners.

request testimonials

Like regular purchasing, we always seek reviews; the same goes for here too. The testimonials and appreciation of your service will immediately uplift and make your profile stand out among the crowd.


What are the differences between luxurious and regular house-sitting jobs?

Luxury house-sitting jobs involve taking care of the expensive property, its amenities, its security systems, and maintaining the House with respect and alertness. Apart from the luxury elements, nothing differs from a regular house-setting job.

What are the qualifications needed to be a luxury house sitter?

Qualifications can vary from owner to owner, but certifications in project management, hospitality management, and understanding high-end amenities can be helpful and uplift your profile.

How long does House sitting usually last?

The period of house sitting can vary from homeowner to homeowner. Sometimes it can be short, like a few weeks or months, but some can last for a long time, like several months or years.


House sitting is a high responsibility job as the owners have left their beloved House on your shoulders. This job is exceptionally beneficial for those who like a change in their schedule or are planning to travel without paying for accommodation.

Luxury house-sitting job is very luring, and many of you are wondering how to get luxury house-sitting jobs. This article is the only guide you’ll need to solve your doubt, and I hope this article was helpful in your purpose.

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