Personal Capital vs. YNAB: Which One Is Better

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Need help determining what finance management app to choose? Well, the absence of this answer can make you fall in grave danger. That’s why we are here to share a few words on personal Capital vs. YNAB.

Budget applications are such software that can handle all your financial problems. They keep track of your expenses and resources. Through insightful ways, they will tell you how to improve your expenditure behavior or broaden your income base.

This article will discuss the two most popular budgeting apps, Personal Capital and YNAB. We will see which one of them stands out as the best and what are their pros and cons.

Personal Capital vs. YNAB

Before starting the battle between personal Capital vs. YNAB, we should discuss personal Capital. As per the recent update, Personal Capital was rebranded as Empower in 2024; however, it still provides the same features.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the top digital financial software available for iOS and Android. It is for you if you’re looking for an app to invest and manage your daily finances.

Personal Capital is all-rounder financial software for those with various accounts who want to manage them hassle–free. Through this app, you can monitor all your accounts and their progress.

personal capital

It has a net worth tracker that can analyze your assets and let you know where you stand. This calculation will examine liabilities like loans, mortgage balances, or credit card debt. Additionally, it will also take into account your assets like retirement accounts and other valuable things.

Knowing your financial standing, you can plan your savings account accordingly. This unique tool has high–quality visualization features. Moreover, with all these things, it will track your cash flow for 30 days.

One of its top functions is budgeting, through which you can organize your savings and spending by category, merchant, and date.

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Pros and Cons

Through personal capital software, you can sync all your accounts, including savings and retirement accounts.It has a top–notch security and authentication that you can feel overwhelmed.
It has an asset allocation analysis function that will help you organize your several assets.Users need to pay a high annual investment management fee for investment management.
This is a cutting–edge application with a brilliant user experience and free money management tool.Moreover, it has a high minimum limit for investment that is for high–income people.
In addition to all these advantages, it has robust customer support that supports web browsers, phones, and smartphone apps.


Let’s talk about YNAB in personal Capital vs YNAB. As you may know, it stands for ‘You Need A Budget.’ So it focuses primarily on budgeting.

This financial management app lets you plan and track your budgeting process efficiently. Unlike personal Capital, it is only for budget management and planning.

Through YNAB, you need help organizing your investment or managing your accounts. However, you can record your expenditure and meet your financial goals.


It has a zero-based budgeting function that is a reliable tool to augment your income. This feature will provide a job to your every dollar; for instance, your expenses on clothing, food, debts, or anything else.

This way, you’ll have nothing left for next month and can start over again with more income.

Its creative graphics make it stand out from other financial management apps. In a fun way, it will visualize all your data for better understanding. Moreover, if your spouse is also earning, you can use its co – budgeting feature for both working partners. 

While planning your budget, your main objective is to complete your goal. So this software helps you to plan your goal and achieve it. In addition to all these functions, YNAB educates its users about budgeting.

YNAB shares various tips and tricks for effective and efficient budgeting. All users from any income group can apply these tips daily. Thus YNAB is an app for your budget planning and achieving your goals for producing income.

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Pros and Cons



Ynab is one of the excellent budgeting apps available out there. Unlike other software applications, it has comprehensive budget planning and tracking.Its first drawback is its expensive plans that middle–income people can find oddly high.
With its functions, it lets its users productively achieve their budgeting goals while completing their income every month.If you're looking for more than just budgeting, ynab can disappoint you, as it is solely based on budgeting features.
Its staunch advantage is its educational feature that provides its users with budgeting tips. These tricks are for all groups of people and valuable for all.It has a sophisticated interface that a newbie may find challenging. So you need expert help to use its tools.
So it doesn't only help you with your budget problem and educates you on how to plan your expenses and manage your income.Although it has insightful graphics, this app provides significantly less data. so you will not get a visualization of all your assets, expenses, and savings.
For a household unit, co – budgeting feature is the best and manages finances jointly.

The Final Showdown

In this section, we’ll see that in personal Capital vs. YNAB, what financial management application wins? There are various factors on which these apps are different; however, they have some common things too.

Personal Capital and YNAB are finance management apps that organize your expenses and savings. They will help you relocate your assets and plan your present and future, including your retirement.

However, personal Capital is for overall financial services, but YNAB is primarily for budgeting. You can use personal Capital to manage your accounts and YNAB to plan your budget.

Therefore, these apps have their tools. Both apps have their usage and are made for different groups of people with different needs.


Does a middle-class man need a budget app?

Nowadays, budgeting apps have become a necessity for people worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high–income person or low – income you need to manage your resources and expenses. And if you are a middle-class man, then with various things, you need to plan your retirement too. Efficient budget software will help you to sort out all these things.


Therefore we can see who wins in this battle of two digital financial management applications. Personal Capital and YNAB both have their benefits and setbacks. And that’s what made them two separate entities from each other.

It is daunting to announce any of them as useful and others as useless or what wins between personal Capital vs. YNAB. So, before selecting any budgeting software, list your needs and requirements. 

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