Savor One vs. Quicksilver – A Complete Comparison

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A credit score is essential for anybody looking to rent an apartment, get a car loan, or buy a home. Savor One and Quicksilver are among the best options for credit cards for students. This article will see if Savor One is better than Quicksilver.

credit cards

Both student credit cards are specifically for those beginning to build credit scores. Savor one vs. Quicksilver; the latter is the preferred student credit card.

Read this article and discover which credit card suits your spending habits and financial goals best. Don’t miss out on this in-depth analysis to help you make an informed decision.

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Savor One vs. Quicksilver – Comparison at a Glance

Savor One and Quicksilver student credit cards are specifically designed to suit the needs of beginners like students who are planning to build a credit history.

Both these credit cards also help the students to reap more benefits and rewards. However, when we glance at the Savor one vs. Quicksilver comparison, we can determine our optimum choice. 

Features/Benefits Savor one Quicksilver
Annual Fees No No
Balance transfer  No No
APR rate High High 
Cash back rewards Yes  Yes 
Travel Rewards Yes Yes
Credit needed Limited Limited

Hence both Savor One & Quicksilver charge no annual fees for the transaction.

They also provide cashback and Travel rewards that help beginners gain unlimited rewards for every purchase using these credit cards.

However, to understand more about Savor One vs. Quicksilver in detail, we must break down both credit card features, pros, and cons. 

Savor one

Savor One, or Capital One’s credit card, is the best choice for beginners who wish to create a solid credit score. They come with unlimited cashback on dining, entertainment, popular streaming services, and more, with up to 3% cashback.savor one

Moreover, students can get a one-time $ 200 cash bonus for a spend of $ 500—within three months of the account opening. 


  • No transaction fees are required.
  • Additional warranty protection.
  • Travel accident insurance.
  • They can redeem the cashback rewards.
  • 24-hour travel assistance.


  • No high credit score is needed.
  • Excellent cashback offers on every purchase.
  • Annual fees are not needed.
  • There are no transaction fees. 


  • No early spending bonus.
  • Interest rates are high.


The Quicksilver or Capital One credit cards are similar to Savor One, exclusively designed for students who wish to create a strong credit score. Quicksilver also provides up to 5% cash back on all hotel stays and rental cars.quicksilver

Furthermore, we can redeem the cashback for the amount you wish. That, too, at any time we need, with no expiry date. We can also purchase a gift card using the redeemed cash. 


  • Quicksilver comes with an extended warranty.
  • They provide travel accident insurance.
  • Transaction fees are not required.
  • Comprehensive and personalized dining, entertainment, travel, and more.
  • We can avail of instant purchase notifications for each purchase we make.


  • Only Fair credit scores are needed.
  • Cashback on all purchases using Quicksilver.
  • Travel-related benefits are available.
  • Annual fees are not required.
  • Foreign transaction fees are not required.


  • Early spend bonus not available.
  • High APR rates.
  • Ideal for students. 

Savor One vs. Quicksilver Summary.

Now, when we summarize the Savor one vs. Quicksilver, the comparison might end up in a tie with exceptions. Here is how: 

savor one vs. quicksilver

  • Because both cards provide travel coverage and purchase protection, this includes fraud coverage in case it gets stolen or lost, no transaction fees, travel accident insurance, and more. 
  • Unlike most credit cards with welcome bonus rewards and offers, they do not provide a welcome bonus offer. 
  • Although, when it comes to Savor One vs. Quicksilver in terms of rewards. Each purchase with the Quicksilver card can earn us 1.5% cash back. Then the investment made with Savor one can help students earn 3% cash back for each everyday purchase and 1% for other purchases. This means that the Savor One credit card is the winner regarding rewards and cashback offers.
  • Finally, both credit cards have no annual fees for transactions we make. 

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Vs. Quicksilver Cash Rewards Cards

Cashback cards like the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards are made to reward customers who frequently eat out and spend money on entertainment.

The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards card is a cashback card, but it also allows you to use it to earn rewards on any transaction, regardless of the category it is in.

capital one savor cash rewards vs. quicksilver cash rewards cards

Comparing how Capital One Savor and Capital One Quicksilver compete may help you assess whether any particular features offer you better value:

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit CardCapital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card
Annual fee$95$0
Early spend bonusSpend $3,000 during the first three months after account opening to receive a $300 cash incentive.To obtain a one-time $200 cash bonus, spend $500 within three months of your account opening.
Rate10% cashback on Uber & Uber Eats purchases (until 11/14/2024); 8% cashback on Capital One Entertainment; 4% cashback on eating, entertainment, and certain streaming services; 3% cash back at grocery stores, 1% cash back on all other purchases (but not at superstores like Walmart® and Target®), and 0% cash back at pharmacies.Every day, customers receive 1.5% cash back on purchases, and Capital One Travel customers receive 5% cash back on hotel and rental car reservations (terms apply).
Redemption methodsRedeem cash back to pay for earlier purchases, get a statement credit or check, or gift cards.Redeem cash back to pay for earlier purchases, get a statement credit or check, or gift cards.
Intro APRNone15 months of 0% introductory APR on purchases are followed by 19% to 29% APR (variable) APR.

15 months of 0% intro APR on balance transfers, followed by 19% to 29% (variable) APR; 3% fee for transfers made within the first 15 months.
Annual creditsNoneNone
Travel perks1.) Insurance for accidental travel.

2.) Services for constant travel aid
1.) Insurance for accidental travel.

2.) Services for constant travel aid
Other benefits1.) Prolonged warranty coverage.

2.) Exclusive access to high-end events like concerts, sports, and food experiences.

3.) Alerts from CreditWise for changes to Experian or TransUnion credit reports.

4.) Eno sends notifications for suspected duplicate purchases, recurrent bill hikes, and other things.
1.) Prolonged warranty coverage.

2.) Exclusive access to high-end events like concerts, sports, and food experiences.

3.) Alerts from CreditWise for changes to Experian or TransUnion credit reports.

4.) Eno sends notifications for suspected duplicate purchases, recurrent bill hikes, and other things.
Foreign transaction feeNoneNone
Credit NeededExcellent, GoodExcellent, Good

In Which Aspects Are Both Cards Beneficial?

In terms of what they provide customers, both Capital One credit cards overlap in the following ways:

Various Ways To Redeem

Numerous cashback cards provide various redemption options for the cashback you accumulate.

You can use your cash-back benefits as a statement credit on your card or get a check in the mail for the cashback amount with Capital One Savor and Capital One Quicksilver.

Various Ways To Redeem

Additionally, you can utilize your cashback to pay for a recent purchase you made with your card or exchange it for gift cards.

Perks For Travel

Although none of these cards is a travel credit card, they still offer practical benefits for travel. When you use either card to pay for your airfare, you are insured for covered losses by travel accident insurance.

If your card is lost or stolen while traveling, you can also benefit from travel assistance services.

Perks For Travel

Use the complimentary concierge services to get individualized support with anything you need, such as restaurant reservations, concert tickets, or travel advice.

Finally, neither card charges foreign transaction fees, so feel free to use your card while you’re on the go without worrying about extra charges.

Additional Advantages

Capital One Savor and Capital One Quicksilver benefits are practically identical. By extending the manufacturer’s warranty on qualifying items, the extended warranty protection can assist in safeguarding them.

Extended Warranty

Check out the Capital One special events for card members if you want novel experiences. Additionally, to stay on top of your money, you may manage your most recent purchases and changes to your credit report using alerts from CreditWise and Eno.

Who should buy Savor One and Quicksilver credit cards?

Although both Savor One and Quicksilver cards are the best choices for student credit cards, there are specific categories based on which we can decide if we are fit to get either of the credit cards.

why you should buy credit cards

They are;


  • Students who wish to purchase products from different categories. And those who prefer to keep track of their spending in each category can opt for Quicksilver credit cards.
  • International students who prefer to avoid foreign transaction fees for every transaction and purchase can also opt for Quicksilver cards. 

Savor one

  • Those students who wish to spend a lot on dining, entertainment, groceries, and more can apply for Savor One credit cards. They have a cashback rate of 3% for every purchase a student makes, which is an excellent deal compared to other cards that provide only 1% cash back.
  • With the help of Savor One crest cards, students can attend different concerts and shows. Further, gain more cash back rewards and offers. 

Questions to consider

Previously, we learned about Savor One vs. Quicksilver and a glance at the comparison between both. However, there are specific questions to consider. They are:

Is Savor one better than Quicksilver?

No, when you compare Savor one and Quicksilver, the latter (Quicksilver) is better because it consists of a flat reward rate of 1.5% cash back on all our purchases.

Can we have both Quicksilver and Savor one together?

Yes, we can both Quicksilver and Savor one together, and both credit cards come with a 'no annual fees' feature. This means there is no annual fee charged for both cards. Further, their complementary earnings will ensure we can earn more rewards than ever.

Is Savor one student credit card worth it?

After going through the benefits, pros, and cons of both Savor One and Quicksilver, we might end up thinking that whether having a Savor one credit card is worth it. But Savor one is an ideal credit card for dining, entertainment, and more. Further, it offers unlimited 4% cash back on all eligible purchases.

How is Quicksilver the most preferred credit card?

The Quicksilver credit card is the most preferred choice for student credit cards. Because most people prefer to spend their earnings in multiple areas, they also provide multiple reward rates. Thus, it is the best option for such people.

Which is better, the Savor one or the Quicksilver credit card?

Choosing the best student credit card depends on each student's personal financial preferences and goals. If they prefer a credit card suitable for dining and entertainment purposes, then the Savor one is the ideal choice. On the contrary, if they wish to get the same rate of cash back on every purchase they make, then Quicksilver is the best.


Overall, Savor one and Quicksilver are the best student credit cards. But when you go for Savor one vs. Quicksilver, the latter is the preferred student credit card.