Where To Get Knives Sharpened Near Me? 6 Places

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Wondering where to get knives sharpened near me? Well, it is one such obvious question that doesn’t only bother cooks but also householders; however, not anymore because we have brought you this article containing a list of specially curated knife sharpening services.

Knife sharpening is a service that not everyone can do at home. That is why we are providing you following knife-sharpening services: 

  • KnifeFlight
  • Korin
  • Sur La Table
  • Seisuke Knife
  • Togu Knives
  • Knife Aid

If you want to know more secret tips on knife sharpening and how to use them best, please read along.

Where to Get Knives Sharpened Near Me? 6 Best Places

6 best places to get knives sharpened are given below:


If you are looking for expert knife smiths, then KnifeFlight is exactly what you need. They are one of the most popular knife sharpening services available out there.

KnifeFlight provides professional and high–quality sharpening services with loaner knives. They use low–speed water stones to sharpen your knives and pay attention to even minute finishing.

knife flight

Therefore, you can trust them with your knives; their reasonable price will not let you regret it either. KnifeFlight offers mail–in service to offer ease to their clients.

In this new method, you must request their website to sharpen your knives. Then you will receive a parcel of your knives in a few days. They will even provide a protective case for your knives; you must pack them.

After you send them your knives, you will receive them again from KnifeFlight within one or three days.


It is another option you can consider while juggling where to get knives sharpened near me. Korin is a Japanese company that is well–known for importing Chef’s knives.


However, you can use their services to sharpen your knives through the mail. So you don’t need to go anywhere and will receive your sharpened knives at your address.

Korin’s are experts in knife sharpening, and they can sharpen Western–and Japanese styles. So whatever type of knife you have, you can ship them to Korin for getting sharpened.

Sur La Table

If you are wondering where to get knives sharpened near me, this is for you. Sur La Table is one unique option that is noteworthy here.

It may suit your interests if you are looking for the best value knife sharpening service near me. Sur La Table has gained popularity for sharpening knives with excellent efficiency and care.

They use a modular pull–through sharpener technique to sharpen the knives.

sur la table

While comparing, you will find their pricing plans are as much as half of other knife sharpening services. It makes them really budget–friendly if you don’t want to spend much on knife sharpening.

Unlike other knife sharpening services in this list, they have stores where you can sharpen your knives. So you can’t avail of the mail–in service with Sur La Table knife sharpening, but you can rest assured.

Also, with them, you need to send or receive parcels; you need to visit their store nearby and drop off your knives. They will sharpen them in a couple of days, and then you can go and pick them up.

Super easy, right? That is why people love Sur La Table, for its services in such a price range.

Seisuke Knife

This knife sharpening service will charge its users different amounts. How much you need to pay for your knife sharpening will be decided by its size and type of service.

Also, if you want, then they offer the best knives in the country and have limited branches only. So you can understand how premium quality their products contain.

seisuke knife

To begin with, you need to take a few pictures of your knife and specify how you would like to get it sharpened, whether you want basic, medium, or fine sharpening.

Based on these factors, Seisuke Knives will send you an invoice and ask you to pay in advance. When you pay for Seisuke knife services, you can ship your knives to them. You will again receive your knives through mail service after they get sharpened.

Togu Knives

It is the best solution for getting knives sharpened near me to eliminate your worries. What makes Togu Knives unique from others is that they don’t sharpen knives.

Instead, they require a subscription plan and will send you two specially honed knives delivered to you. Togu Knives delivers Japanese knives, so you can use them if you want Japanese knives.

togu knives

The knives they will deliver will be high–quality Japanese knives made to glide even through the steak. Their knives include one 3.5-inch paper and the other 7-inch santoku-style knife.

When you receive a new set of knives, you must return the old ones to them. And again, you will receive new sharpened knives in the next eight weeks.

Thus, you will never lose your sharpened knives with a Togu Knives subscription.

Knife Aid

What makes this knife sharpening servicing company different from others is its policy that doesn’t require purchasing their knives first. Even if you haven’t bought kitchen accessories from them, you can get your work done here.

You can use their services at your convenience without even leaving your home. To avail of their services, you need to request them. Then, they will send you a protective envelope, pack your knives, and return them.

knife aid

The expert knife smiths there will sharpen your knives and send them to you again. It is a process of 4 to 7 days but will guarantee the best sharpening of your knife.

Even more interesting is that if you are satisfied with their new sharp edges, you can ask them again. And it will be free of cost, without asking even a penny.


Is sharpening knives cheap?

There is no absolute answer to this question because every knife has unique properties. That is why their sharpening methods may also vary; based on that, their sharpening service costs are also different.

When do I need to sharpen my knife?

There is no fixed duration for knives under which they should be sharpened. Some knives may require sharpening in six months, or some may in years. It all depends on the material from which the knife is made and how much it is used. So whenever you feel like your knife is not cutting correctly, you can get it sharpened.


His knives and spatulas are precious for a cook or chef, and he didn’t want to lose them at all costs. Even in some cases, they like to carry their tools wherever they go rather than work with what is provided.

That is because, like any other art, cooking also requires sincerity. And cooks have a special connection with their kitchen items.

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That is why they always care about their kitchen accessories. Getting their knives sharpened is also one such worry, which is quite bothersome.

Therefore, this guide on where to get knives sharpened near me is the best thing for you.

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