25 Best Evergreen Gifts Under $10 | Most Cheapest Gift Ideas

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Looking for cheap gifts under $10? Gifts play a crucial part of everyone’s life and have become a major way to show gratitude towards your family, friends or someone who is very dear to you. It is considered to be an important element to have a healthy Social life.

Therefore you can make someone feel special by showering your love and affection through evergreen gifts. Moreover, this has become a usual trend and is considered to be an essential irrespective of the price of the gift.

Top Evergreen Cheapest Gift Under $10 

All that matters is a small gift that could be a way to strengthen your bonds with family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at some of the best evergreen gifts under $10 that we have for you:

Hanging Glass Candle Holder

This is one of the unique evergreen gifts that could be given as a housewarming present. It is elegant, enduring and classic. This is available at a very low price and could be a very good gift to your dear ones.

Approx price: $5 – $6

Cookie or Brownie Mix Jar

If your friend or a special person is a foodie, then you could think of going to a local store to purchase necessary stuff like a jar, flour and sugar ( for cookies) and ribbons to decorate them. Jars are not very expensive, you could think of purchasing mason jars that are usually available in package of 12 for over $10.

cookie jar - cheap gifts under $10

In addition to that, you can look for desirable recipes online for cookies. Ensure that the ingredients for each jar do not cost you more than a dollar, if you’re planning on gifting quite a number of people and if you’re buying flour, sugar, etc. in bulk.

You could include a greeting card too along with the jar that is decorated using ribbons. This is one of the useful and beautiful gifts under $10.


Currently, there are a lot of websites that provide t-shirts of your choice at a reasonable price. Personalized t-shirts are trendy that includes funny comments or quotes.

This could be an amazing birthday or anniversary gift to your dear ones. T-Shirts will cost you less than $10. If your friend loves shopping online, then you can also give them gift cards.

High-quality Pocket Notebooks

If your friend or a relative carries pocket notebooks on a frequent basis to note down important stuff.

Pocket notebooks are available in a lot of styles – dot matrix, graph or lined paper. It is available for less than $10.

Coffee Mug

If you know anyone who is a caffeine addict, then you should definitely think of gifting this to them.

Personalized coffee mugs are available these days with cute messages on them. There are a lot of coffee mugs that are available for less than $5.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps will be considered a great gift if it looks as appealing as a delicious food item. You have a wide range of options on Etsy or at some local craft store.

A great deal of websites offers such attractive handmade soaps at a decent price.

Approx price: $4.75- $9

Fancy Scented Candles

An elegant scented candle could be a great gift to lighten up any space. If you are planning on shopping for 20 or more people, then this gift would be suitable for this. It is an appropriate gift for many people and is worth the price, that is – $5 per candle.

Compact Ceramic Dish

Ceramic dish is very pretty to look. Therefore it could be used for serving food items or for any other desired purposes.

Websites like Etsy provide beautiful customized ceramic dishes, which could be a great housewarming gift. Handmade items, custom, and unique ceramic dishes are available in easy and various other websites at jaw-dropping prices.

Approx price: $9

Good Chocolate

If someone dear to you is a chocoholic, then do not have a second thought before gifting them good chocolates. You can look for a good chocolate package from Amazon or maybe you could head to a local store to get the chocolates for a decent price.

But if you want to gift really fancy chocolate, then there are a lot of websites like Amazon where you can find them. Well, it is worth the price, and it is a great gift for chocolate lovers!

Approx price: $10 or less

Fresh, Natural honey

Good honey is one of the best gifts under $10 that could be given to someone who is health conscious and prefers to consume honey over sugar. There’s this amazing website named Stubbees which is well known for raw, creamed and flavored honey. It was started by a 20-year-old beekeeper in

Jacksonville, Florida where he would sell this in local stores. It got really popular because of its delicious honey, and therefore it could be a great gift to foodies.

So if you are planning on gifting this, go for cinnamon flavor out of all the flavors. You may also try out the seasonal flavors including vanilla, bean, pumpkin, and many more.

Approx price: $8-$10

Themed Stationary Stuff

These are one of the most adorable gifts under $10 that could be used to gift your young friends who go to school. Quick and cheap stuff whenever you wish to gift.

Approx price: $5-$7

USB Flash Drives

Almost everyone relies on portable devices these days, and for such people, there are some really appealing flash drives.

You could make it even more special by adding some personal stuff like childhood photos, favorite songs of the person you’re gifting it to.

Approx price: $7

iPhone Cases having unique patterns

When people are already investing so much money on their iPhones, it becomes necessary to keep the phone in a proper condition. So, to such people, a great birthday gift would be an iPhone case having unique design or patterns as per their Choice.

Customized phone cases are also available these days with beautiful designs or photos of your best friend or quotes, or it could be anything that you like.

Approx price: $9.99

Golden Heart Ear Studs

This is a perfect gift for someone who is a party freak as it looks classy and gets along with any clothes that you wear. It is one of the most adorable gifts under $10 that could be a perfect birthday gift to your best friend.

Approx price: $8.20

Cable Management System

I’m sure most of them are tired of seeing wires everywhere. Therefore, a cable management system could be given to your workaholic friends who deal with wires every single day.

This can help them manage the wires easily and in a well systematic approach. This would definitely reduce the frustration in their workplace!

Approx price: $9.96

Fingerless Gloves

This should be helpful to someone who lives in cold places like Alaska.

cheap gifts under $10

Not only it gives a stylish look, but it can also protect the hands from brief winters and still lets you use your touchscreen phone.

Approx price: $6.08

Personalized Keychains

For the die-hard Game of Thrones fan on your friends or family list, these personalized keychains could be a perfect gift to make them happy on the special occasion. This is pretty cool and one of the cheapest gifts under $10.

Good Tea

For all the caffeine lovers on your list, this could be a perfect gift with their favorite choice of flavor. Know their taste and shop around accordingly to look out for perfect flavors for them.

These days, a lot of teabags come in attractive, reusable tins that is again an added advantage while gifting it to someone. All this is available for $10 or even lesser than that.

Seven-Year Pen

Do you know someone who takes a lot of notes? If yes, then buy them this long-lasting pen that they could use for seven long years.

No more buying pens on a regular basis. All they need to do is carry the seven-year pen, and they are good to go! If it’s your friend’s birthday, then you can even get them free birthday freebies too.

Approx price: $8.95

Infinity Scarf

These scarves are available on popular websites like Amazon. They are fashionable and are available in various colors. Therefore, if you have a fashionista in your list, then go ahead and gift them the infinity scarf in less than $10.

Approx price: $8.52

Cheese Knife

These are given to ones who eat cheese a lot as they use it frequently. No more randomly picking up a spoon or fork to do this task. You can rather gift them a cheese knife to get their work done easily.

Approx price: $9.94

Attractive Succulent Plant Display

If you are planning to go on a housewarming party, then it would be advisable to carry a cute succulent plant as it could fill any void at home. This gives an amazing look to the area where it is kept.

Approx price: $9.95

Scarf Hanger

A lot of people face a storage problem in their wardrobe, and therefore they don’t have space left for a scarf. This hanger could be of great help to those who wish to keep their clothes in a well-organized manner so that it is easily accessible and there is no more of struggle to find them.

Moreover, it will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, therefore reducing your additional task of ironing them.

Approx price: $8.10

Recipe Rock

Have a friend who loves cooking and tries out new dishes every day using the printouts of the recipe?

If yes, then it’s high time you gift them this magnetic recipe stand that will not spoil the printout when he is kneading the dough. It is small enough, but a bit expensive and could be used anywhere, either in the kitchen or office to preserve documents or printouts.

Approx price: $10.85

Starry Night Light Projector

This is one of the perfect gifts under $10 for kids or adults too. Know anyone who gets fascinated by looking at starry night or planetarium?
Then it’s high time you help them create their bedroom into a planetarium. Cool, isn’t it?

Approx price: $6.30

Final Words

These are some of the best evergreen gifts under $10 that are creative as well as cute. You could give them to anyone on any occasion and make them happy. Make the right choice and surprise your dear ones!


Are these gifts suitable for all ages?

Yes, most of them are suitable for all ages. However, a few, such as a Cheese Knife, Studs are sharp and can cause harm to more minor aged children.

How to make the gifts more creative and fun?

You could pair these gifts up with a handwritten letter, a good gift wrap with ribbons,etc., and an excellent way to surprise them with the gift.

Where to buy the gifts?

Make sure the place you buy these gifts is well known regarding product quality and service. One could get lousy and good quality products in the same range, so one should look out for that and avoid scamming.