Best 10 Places For Cell Phone Recycling

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How to sell my old phone? Whenever that question comes up, multiple answers exist, just like most other questions in this world of variety. One of the most obvious answers to this question is to sell offline, which is cell phone recycling. That’s probably the safest way to do it.

You go to a local mobile shop, show the shopkeeper your phone, he quotes a price, and you sell your phone off with some or no negotiation. This is one way to do it offline. The other way is to ask the help of your friends and family to spread the word and eventually to sell it off to a friend or a friend of a friend.

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But here comes the dicey part: you might not get the price your phone is worth because of the fewer options you have for buyers. The more buyers, the more you can negotiate with them and finally seal the deal with your satisfactory price. One way to have access to more buyers is to sell the phone online.

Apart from getting more buyers, another perk of online selling is that it is completely hassle-free. You don’t have to go anywhere. It is all done right from your comfy bedroom. It might sound risky but fret not. All your doubts will disappear once you read the list of online platforms where you can sell your old cell phone without worrying about fraudsters. 

Top 10 Best Places For Cell Phone Recycling

So, let’s travel through the list of cell phone recycling places.


Cashify is one of the most popular websites to sell your phones online. It is a single platform that lets you Sell, Repair, Recycle, and manage your phone at the best possible price and in a simple manner. The website deals in Desktops, Laptops, Tablet, Gaming Consoles, Accessories, New Phones, etc

You can sell your Old Phone in 3 simple steps:  

  • Check Price 
  • Schedule Pickup 
  •  Get Paid 

The Pickup is FREE- Device pickup from your home or office for free. It deals in almost all the cell phone brands.


Let’s review each website for the price it quotes for my iPhone 6s:

Once you select the model, you need to answer some simple questions regarding the condition of your cell phone. (This step is common for all the websites).

You have to make sure that your device data is erased.

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Budli means ‘Change’ in Hindi. This website is for buying and selling old gadgets (Laptops, phones, tablets) or anything else.


You can enter the details of your phone and get the cash value for it, or if your phone belongs to some older version, you can still get a quote, and they will revert to you within 72 hours. After you accept the quote, you will get a shipping label to attach to your parcel; the package is collected from your doorstep, shipped, inspected, and within 24 hours, money is transferred to your bank account.


At Sellyt, you can sell your Old Phones, Laptops, iPads, MacBooks, etc. You can recycle your old smartphones, laptops, and tablets with free doorstep pickup in India.


The payment was processed on the same day. They have tie-ups with many banks, so the payments are instant or in cash when you sell your phone with a price promise. One of the best cell phone recycling places.


RecycleDevice is another good website that allows you to sell your old phone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, fitness device, etc.

recycle device
recycle device

After you get the quote for your device, you need to schedule a pickup from your address, and the executives will pick up your device and pay instantly. After collecting your devices, they will recycle, refurbish, or reuse them.


OLX is a viral website where you can sell a wide range of products. You can list your product on the website, add photos, add descriptions, etc. You will soon receive calls from prospective buyers. It is a C2C portal. You will be responsible for the negotiation and decide when and where to meet the buyer to deliver your product and receive the payment.


Cash For Phone

Cash for Phone is another great option to sell used phones online. The entire selling process at Cash for Phone is as simple and quick as on Cashify.

cash for phone
Cash for phone

You have to go to their website or install their app, enter your phone details, and they will quote the best price. Once you agree with the price, you can schedule a pickup from your home. Payment is given soon after the pick-up of the phone.


Togofogo is another option to sell your used phone online at good resale value. The procedure is super simple: log in on their website or app, fill out the form for resale, and you are given the resale value.

You can proceed with the deal if you agree to the quoted amount. The procedure is the same, just like Cashify and Cash for Phone: your phone will be inspected at your doorstep by a trained engineer, and once the inspection is done, you can have the amount quoted in either cash form or digital money. Togofogo deals in refurbished phones and tablets. They also provide maintenance. Hence, it is one of the great places to sell your phone.

Karma Recycling

With a vision to reduce e-waste, Karma Recycling offers money for cell phones in any condition.

karma recycling cell phone recycling
karma recycling

The organization closes the loop by refurbishing, reselling, and recycling cell phones, eco machines, and gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and laptops. Since its inception, Karma Recycling has collected over a hundred thousand cell phones through its trade-in programs and successfully restored 95%. Another great place for cell phone recycling.

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While the drill of selling phones for instant cash remains more or less the same, the add on is the personal touch exercised by executives during a pick-up, who ensure that the standard operating procedures are followed to ensure all data, sensitive or otherwise, is wiped out in front of the seller before the device is collected.

instacash cell phone recycling

Digital money transfer ensures that money debits into the wallet or bank account before the device is handed over during pick up. The company operates in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


This platform adds a new dimension to selling old devices by allowing the seller to quote a price.

swappa cell phone recycling

Then, negotiation happens through buyer counteroffers until a negotiation occurs. This e-commerce platform offers good communication and customer support, making the customer journey delightful.

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So, these were some of the best places to sell your old cell phones for the best price possible. Go through each one of them and select the best quote available. You can also try websites like Moswap, Atterobay, Karma Recycling, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your phone on one of these websites. Don’t just throw it away or settle for what your local vendor says.

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How do you know if it's time to recycle your phone?

Once your phone's performance has slowed down, or the phone is outdated, you could go for recycling it and purchase a new one. However, it's always advised to sell it once the company has stopped its support to avoid lesser resale value.

Which is the best place to recycle phones?

There is no such place as the best. All the websites have their rates and services. Before recycling, you should consider the shop giving you the best price and services. Also, make sure it's a legit place. All the ones mentioned above are legit

Is trade-in a better option?

Not really, because trade-in usually gives a lesser resale value for your phone. Hence, it's always advised to sell your phone first and buy a new one.

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