Wooden Pallet Recyclers Near Me: 6 Places To Recycle

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Freeing up some space from your warehouse feels like a tough task where you must think about how to dispose of your stuff. Especially wooden pallets, leaving you struggling with wooden pallet recyclers near me. But not anymore, because with us, you can free up space and recycle wooden pallets.

In this article, we will talk about wooden pallet recyclers near you and what services they offer. Some top wooden pallet recyclers are as below,

  • Alpha Packaging
  • Herwood
  • Palletone
  • Kampspallets
  • FALM 
  • Combined Resources

Also, we will discuss the benefits of wooden pallet recycling in the last section. So please read along to learn more about wooden pallet recycling.

6 Best Wooden Pallet Recyclers Near Me

The top 6 best wooden pallet recyclers are mentioned below:

Alpha Packaging

Whether you are a small or large business, you must have a warehouse, and there will be a pile of pallets. Sometimes it may also have spoiled your mood and acted as a hindrance.

And that is when you decide to free up space from your warehouse; however, it is difficult, unlike being sad. However, with Alpha Packaging, you don’t need to worry about that because it provides its customers with customized dimension pallets in various materials like wood, plastic, and metal. Moreover, with that, it offers recycling services for free.

So, with Alpha Packaging, you just need to order the pallets you want. And when they are not in use, you can request recycling services, and they will pick up your pallets.

alpha packaging

Even in recycling services, they have so many options like paper recycling and metal recycling. In addition to that, Alpha Packaging also has benefits for cardboard recycling and plastic recycling.

Thus, you can recycle your wooden pallets and other materials for your business. In this way, you will aim at various goals. You can recycle your office materials that are not in use and free up space.

Also, you can contribute to our nature and become an environmentally friendly business.


Another prominent name among pallet recyclers is this, which has been in the market for a long time. However, earlier, they were just providing packaging and pallet services. But now, with changing times, they have taken one step ahead towards our earth.

Now, Herwood is a leading name for wooden pallets and recyclers and provides various services to its customers. Here, you will get unlimited wooden pallets customized for every need.


Before placing an order with Herwood, you will get a quotation, and if you like the deal, just lock it. They have arrangements even for special orders, thus catering to every small and big need.

And when your wooden pallets are not in use anymore, just contact them and request recycling services. Herwood will happily serve you and pick up your wooden pallets.


One more solution for your wooden pallet recyclers near me is this, which is one of the best wooden pallet providers. PalletOne has a vast range of pallets that are available in several categories.

You can order the normal ones if you want common-designed or dimension pallets. However, you can also request that if you wish to tailor pallets personally.

pallet one

All the pallets PalletOne makes are sustainable and come with recycling services. Thus, you can repair your wooden pallets or recycle them whenever necessary.

They know that every business is different, as are their recycling reschedules. That is why they offer customized recycling schedules and plans for your business according to your needs.


You can rely on this for a local wooden pallet recycling service with national-level features. Many things make Kampspallets different from others.

For instance, they have more than 400 centers nationwide with recycling services, making them a nationwide company. So it doesn’t matter where you live or your business is located; you can request their services.


Their local teams are super active and deliver and pick up pallets daily, making it a routine. For every need, they have excellent solutions and are fully customized. So whether you want normal pallets or some special pallets, they can be your number one partner.

Kampspallets also has a wide resource base, making it easy to manage such bulky tasks, and is the premium recycling solution.


While talking about recycling wooden pallets, we can’t afford to miss this one out. Also, it is the best answer to the wooden pallet recycler near me.


Its full form is First Alliance Logistics Management company, which provides packaging and pallet recycling services. It doesn’t matter what you want to recycle: plastic or wooden pallets or cardboard and metal pallets.

They recycle all the pallets mentioned above and offer various other services to their clients. FALM is not just a pallet removal company but also provides other services, like scrap metal. That makes them truly environment–friendly.

Combined Resources

For clients that are custom–driven and want special solutions for wooden pallet recyclers near me, Combined Resources is the best.

It is a premier wooden pallet provider that also deals in plastic pallets and offers recycling services for both. If your business needs extra large pallets, they are perfect because they have recycled hybrid pallets.

combined resources

With Combined Resources, you can also buy used pallets that are cost–efficient; however, they work the same as new ones. They have different varieties of wooden and plastic pallets that are further divided into grades.

You just need to contact them and order whatever pallets you want. They will drop the shipment at the earliest. Also, when not in use, you can request their recycling services.

And they will come with the same lightning speed as before and pick up your pallets for recycling.


Is a wooden pallet expensive?

Well, we can't say a wooden pallet is cheap or costly because it depends on the quality of the wood and its dimensions. Also, the pallet manufacturers decide the cost of their products. However, wooden pallets are not expensive to fall under the unaffordable category.

Is a wooden pallet better than a plastic pallet?

Wooden and plastic pallets both have their perks and limitations. They are different in their purposes, dimensions, and various other things. But one thing that makes wooden pallets better than plastic ones is that they are easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.


Therefore, we can see that if you intend, then finding wooden pallet recyclers near me is not difficult. Instead, it is a very good step towards our nature and environment.

Since the Industrial Revolution, industries worldwide haven’t looked where they stood in the past. With digitalization and other technological advancements, they are blooming like never before.

However, this unprecedented growth has been like havoc on our environment; now, everyone is witnessing the results. That is why environmentalists emphasize and continuously remind us of the need for sustainable development.

Under such development, it is necessary to appropriately change the attitude towards various things. It includes how industries worked before and must change to save our environment.

Thus, today, pallet providers and sellers are shifting their attention towards wooden pallets that are more environmentally–friendly. In addition to that, they are also offering recycling services to their clients to reduce waste.

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