8 Ways to Recycle Cardboard for Money

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Did you know that you can recycle cardboard for money? Yes, you heard it right, and this article will show you the 8 ways to recycle cardboard for money.

Here are 8 ways to recycle cardboard:
  • Sell to Recycling Centers
  • Sell to Paper Mills
  • Create Recycled Cardboard Products
  • Partner with Local Businesses
  • Host a Cardboard Recycling Drive
  • Use Cardboard for Packing Material
  • Donate to Non-Profit Organizations
  • Start a Cardboard Recycling Business

recycle cardboadIn all these ways, you can utilize your thrown-away cardboard to make money. So, now clear your junk and earn some extra money.

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Method 1: Sell to Recycling Centers

One of the easiest ways to recycle cardboard for money is to sell it to recycling centers. Recycling centers are always looking for cardboard to recycle and are willing to pay for it.recycling center You can check for recycling centers in your area and find out their buying rates per pound of cardboard. To ensure you get the most money for your cardboard, sorting it properly by removing contaminants such as plastic or metal is essential.

Method 2: Sell to Paper Mills

Another way to recycle cardboard for money is to sell it directly to paper mills. Paper mills are the end-users of recycled cardboard, and they’re always looking for a steady supply of it. paper millSince you cut out the middleman, selling directly to paper mills can be more profitable than selling to recycling centers. To sell to paper mills, you need to have a large quantity of cardboard, usually in tons, and negotiate the price directly with the mill.

Method 3: Create Recycled Cardboard Products

If you’re creative and crafty, you can turn your recycled cardboard into new products and sell them for profit. Some popular products made from recycled cardboard include jewelry boxes, picture frames, and home decor items.diy with cardboad You can sell your products on online marketplaces such as Etsy or at craft fairs and local markets. Creating recycled cardboard products requires some creativity and skill, but it can be a fun and profitable venture.

Method 4: Partner with Local Businesses

Local businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores generate a lot of cardboard waste. You can partner with these businesses and offer to collect their cardboard waste for recycling.partner In return, you can negotiate a fee for your services or sell the cardboard to recycling centers or paper mills. Partnering with local businesses can be a reliable source of steady income if you establish good relationships with them.

Method 5: Host a Cardboard Recycling Drive

Hosting a cardboard recycling drive is a great way to collect a large amount of cardboard quickly. You can advertise the industry in your community and ask people to bring their cardboard waste to a designated location. recycling driveOnce you’ve collected enough cardboard, you can sell it to recycling centers or paper mills. Hosting a cardboard recycling drive can also raise awareness about the importance of recycling and encourage more people to participate in the process.

Method 6: Use Cardboard for Packing Material

If you sell products online or run a small business, you can save money on packing materials using recycled cardboard. Instead of buying expensive bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you can shred the cardboard and use it as packing material. packingThis helps you save money, reduces waste, and creates a more sustainable packaging solution. You can even offer your customers a discount for choosing eco-friendly packaging.

Method 7: Donate to Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations, such as schools, community centers, and shelters, accept donations of cardboard for various projects. donationFor example, schools may use cardboard for art projects or bookshelves, while shelters may use cardboard to create temporary housing.

By donating your cardboard to non-profit organizations, you can not only help your environment but also support your local community.

Method 8: Start a Cardboard Recycling Business

Consider starting your cardboard recycling business for a more significant and long-term venture. Starting a cardboard recycling business requires capital and planning but can be profitable and fulfilling. businessYou can collect cardboard waste from companies and individuals and sell it to recycling centers or paper mills.

Expand your business by creating recycled cardboard products or partnering with local businesses. You can build a profitable enterprise from your cardboard recycling business with the proper plan and execution.


Can cardboard that has been contaminated with food or beverages be recycled?

Recycling cardboard that has come into contact with food or beverages is best avoided. Contaminated cardboard can contaminate other cardboard and make it difficult to recycle. However, some recycling centers and paper mills may accept contaminated cardboard if adequately sorted and cleaned.

How much money can I make by recycling cardboard?

The amount of money made by recycling cardboard depends on several factors, such as the quantity and quality of the cardboard, the current market demand, and the buying rates offered by recycling centers or paper mills. Per ton of cardboard, you can typically expect to earn between $50 and $100.

Must I remove tape or nails from cardboard before recycling it?

It's recommended to remove any staples, tape, or other non-cardboard materials before recycling them. These materials can contaminate the cardboard and reduce its quality, making recycling difficult.

Can I recycle cardboard boxes with glossy surfaces?

Yes, you can recycle cardboard boxes with glossy surfaces. The glossy surface does not affect the cardboard's recyclability but may affect the quality of the final product made from recycled cardboard.

What is the difference between corrugated cardboard and paperboard?

Three layers of paper, one wavy in the center and two flat on the outside make up corrugated cardboard. On the other hand, paperboard is a single layer of thick paper used for items such as cereal boxes and shoe boxes. Corrugated cardboard is more durable and commonly used for shipping and packaging, while paperboard is used for retail packaging.


Recycling cardboard for money is environmentally friendly and a lucrative business opportunity. You can turn the cardboard waste in your trash into cash by using the strategies described in this piece.

Whether you sell it to recycling centers or paper mills or turn it into new products, there are many ways to profit from recycling cardboard.

Recycling cardboard also helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources, making it a win-win situation for you and the environment.

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