8 Best Ways To Sell Used Tires Online For Cash

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No one likes cluttering things around, and the level at which things get obsolete these days is something that we cannot understand so easily. Recycling is what is the in thing today. But not everything can be recycled by the commoner. Thus, the best possible options one has is to get rid of all those unwanted things as soon as possible. It gets even better if one gets to exchange the clutter for cash. That’s when the pound of rubbish becomes gold for us, sell used tires. And who wants to lose that opportunity to earn that extra penny?

These days everything is available on wheels. We have this new upcoming concept of even having dates in moving food trucks. Today’s motor industry is coming out with several vehicles that rely totally on wheels. The tire industry is doing a booming business worldwide because of the rise in the usage of cars, bikes, Large Motor Vehicles, etc. We are going back to our roots and using cycles in these eco-friendly times, which have tires. The early men developed the wheel, but soon we saw an improved product in the late 1880s, which gave birth to the huge tire industry we see today. The question, arises where to sell used tires? How to sell my used tires?

Selling used tires completely depends on the quality of the tires, the quantity of the tires, the life of the tires, and much more. And keeping all this in mind, there are several options available for tire users.

How much could I earn by selling used tyres?

The typical selling price for used tyres( United Tires) ranges from $25 to $75 per tyre. As a result, a whole set of used tyres for $100 to $300.

But how much money you can make from selling used tyres relies on a few things, such as

  • Tire condition
  • Market demand
  • Season
  • Local laws and guidelines
  • Make and model

Additionally, your old tyres are subject to a recall and must recycle or dispose of them.

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Some Advice on Selling Used Tires

Now that you know where to sell used tyres, bear in mind these pointers to make the transaction as easy as possible:

  • Consider Storage & Transportation: Make sure you have a secure location to keep the tyres if you can’t sell them immediately. Also, think about transportation. Additionally, attempt to set up local sales, and you won’t have to worry about shipping fees.
  • Truthfulness Regarding Tire Condition: Don’t advertise tyres as “virtually new” if they are nearly bare. You may sell tyres more quickly by being upfront about the condition.
  • Verify Local Rules and Regulations: The resale and disposal of worn tyres govern by rules and regulations in some towns and authorities. It’s a good idea to research the laws in your area before you buy something or try to sell something. You may generally find recommendations at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Include Rims: Tires with rims will typically sell more quickly and for a higher price than those without.
  • Study Disposal Choices – In addition to being aware of the regulations governing the sale of used tyres, research the recycling and disposal options available in your neighborhood. Even though recycling tyres might not be as profitable as selling them, some money is better than none.

How Do I Locate Nearby Businesses That Buy Used Tires?

Here is some advice for you:

  • Look for local businesses.

This can be done online or in the newspaper, by word of mouth, phonebooks, etc. But more local companies love to take in the tires and possibly pay you for them. 

Just remember to be honest while discussing the brand and condition. Some places will pick up your tyres but charge you for them. To save some more money, the journey might be worthwhile.

This is a great way to make money, support local businesses, and help the world.

  • Contact your preferred companies. This is a great way to build a connection and continue a successful business. Make sure to discuss their requirements. Then once you have the conditions, go hunt for those exact tires. 

It could also benefit you to talk about transportation. They could provide the vehicle to take the drive off your hands. Or you can save some money and do the driving yourself. It’s all up to you and what you work out with them.

  • Figure pricing and narrow down what tires are worth it. Call different companies to work out deals and get the tires. 

This will also help you find what the company will pay you more. For example, Company A will only pay you $3 for your tire, and company B will pay you $10. It’s all based on their needs.

You can also talk about bundling tires, so instead of 1 tire for $5, you’ll give them a trailer full for $250. It could be an excellent way to get rid of many tires for a solid price.

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How To Sell Used Tires

These are the best ways to sell used tires in 2024:

Local Shops Near You

Every corner of the street has at least one tire repair shop these days. Who are desperate to collect scrap because, in today’s world, it is the scrap that can make one a millionaire. Look to buy used tires near me.

local shops
Local shops

Moreover, there are tire shops in almost every locality that hold the dealership of several big companies like – MRF tires, Apollo tires, JK Tires, CEAT, and many others. Finding a shop nearby and exchanging the tire for cash becomes the easiest way for anyone to earn that extra pound. Moreover, with the change in connectivity, finding a shop is just a click away.

Exchanging Vehicles

Every household has a vehicle in today’s times, and no one wants to take the trouble of hitching with others or using public transport.

exchange vehicles
Exchange vehicles

Some wish to flaunt their luxury, while others find it a mere necessity. Vehicles with tires, due to wear and tear, often need to be exchanged. Thus, we often see people exchanging their vehicles’ tires for a fresh tire, paying just the difference amount. This helps only in a swap-like condition.

Selling The Rubber and The Rims Separately

Scrap these days proves to be very profit-making these days, and several companies and shops buy scrap easily.

tire rims
Tire rims

In several parts of the world, people don’t sell the entire tire but sell its different parts to different people, which helps them earn more. Though it is a task in itself, selling the rubber, the rims, and the air valve separately is also a great way for people to sell used tires.

Selling Online

These days, the times have changed, and we no longer have to make an exchange physically. The online boom has changed everything, and everyone can be purchased and sold online, including tires. Olx, eBay, Alibaba, and mainly tiremarket.com in India particularly have the provision for people to sell the used tires online. Sitting at home, one can earn money out of the used tire in no time. Thus, the internet proved to be a great source for people worldwide, and they thought they could even sell used tires online.

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Selling To Companies

With the rise in startups worldwide, several projects have been dedicated to making the best of the waste and converting everything into something usable. Tires have not been spared either.

companies Sell Used Tires
Sell to companies

Swings, chairs, tables, flowerpots, and even dustbins are made out of tires these days, which has changed the game of tires. Thus, several companies, mainly furniture companies that are always searching for tires these days and selling the tires to them, often pay off the party bills for the weekend.


Recycling is the noblest activity these days, particularly when even breathing fresh air has become a luxury. Selling my used tires can do good in terms of the environmental aspect. But that’s when Recycling companies come in handy.

recycling tire Sell Used Tires
Recycling tire

Though they may not always pay well or may not pay, it seems to be a great option to commit a moral act and get something in exchange.

Create Art From Used Tires

Sell used tires to cafes, restaurants to replace chairs, giving a stylish look. You can sell the creations online or locally.

Art from Tires Sell Used Tires
Art from Tires

You might have driven somebody’s house and seen a used tire used for lawn art or even a tire swing for a child. The person may have the item themselves or have purchased it from an artisan like you. We can also use it to build playgrounds creatively.


Craigslist operates differently: to get the seller’s attention, you must post a free ad of your products. The company also provides easy forums where you can discuss the type of tires used. Selling old tires was not feasible to people many years ago. But it won’t be so in 2024. Who thought that decluttering would pay our bills. Old tires have different ways of being used and recycled, and it’s time for us to make 2024 a luckier and wealthier year.

Visit: Craigslist


Not only are tires used more competitively pricey than new tires, but they help the environment as well. Suppose everyone went out to buy new tires, so many tires that barely used. Old tires are used in farm countries to keep the plastic tarps down on silage piles. That keeps the wind away from blowing out the tarp.

Many farmers use only the tires and sidewalls to prevent water accumulation in the tires (which make excellent incubators for mosquito eggs). I don’t know what tread component they do. For certain cases, tires are such a waste issue that they are mostly burned for disposal. It is a major environmental issue, as poisonous gases emit. Consider using them again for a good cause. You can recycle used tires for cash instead of carrying your tires off to the landfill. Besides not filling up your nearby landfill as fast as possible, you are also getting money. So the idea to sell used tires is beneficial to the environment as well.



What is the best way to sell old tires?

There are many ways such as Craigslist,Local Shops,Companies etc. But the best one differs from person to person based on the tyre and its rate.

How to know if it's time to sell tires?

That can be known based on how the car has been handled during driving and also by the look of it. However, if you're not sure you could always visit a garage and get it checked.

Is recycling tires worth it?

In a few cases, yes, it can be used for multiple purposes, such as wall art, or it can also be used as a swing for kids. However, if you do need money, you could sell it.