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Did you know you can make money off of your chatting skills by joining a chat room? Discover the world of chat rooms to make money, where you can get paid to chat online and earn a steady income. In this article, we will explore 11 different ways for you to get paid to chat online. 

make money with chat

The best legitimate Ways To Get Paid To Chat & Earn Extra Money:
  • Preply
  • Cambly
  • PalFish
  • iTalki
  • Wyzanz
  • Upwork
  • Chatwee

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get paid for chatting online. Keep reading to learn how to leverage your communication skills and earn money through chat rooms.

Can you make money through something you love doing – like chatting?

Absolutely. There are quite a few ways to make money by chatting online. Become a customer service representative for an online company, offer online tutoring services, or even start a chat room business.

You could become a virtual assistant and offer administrative support through chat.

earn money

You could also join an affiliate program and earn commission from sales generated through your chat room. Let’s look below at some top ways to make money by chatting online.

Chat rooms for English Tutoring

Another great way to work from home and earn extra cash is by offering online tutoring services. You can work in chat rooms to make money by helping people better grasp English.

You don’t have to be a native English speaker to participate in these chat rooms; someone who speaks fluent English and can help someone with their English skills is enough.


Preply connects tutors with students looking to learn or practice speaking English. You can customize the platform by setting your pricing and working hours.


Create an account to get started teaching kids right away!


Does the teaching part scare you? On Cambly, you don’t even have to be a teacher. The platform connects people learning languages to English speakers who can help them practice their language skills.


If you are looking for chat rooms to earn money, Cambly is one of the best options, but –

How much does Cambly pay?

You can make 10 – 12 per hour on Cambly, which is decent compared to other online earning opportunities. It pays 0.17$ per minute of conversation with an adult and 0.20$ per minute with a child. You may go on their website to register.


PalFish is a service that helps children 3-12 years learn English. You must be certified, regardless if you or don’t speak English as your first language.


It would help if you also committed to working a minimum number of hours every week. The service pays certified teachers 11$ to 17$ per every one-hour class.


iTalki is a beautiful online platform for learning languages that enable users to hire native speakers. People will need you to improve their language skills in exchange for monetary compensation.


While you don’t need many things, you must complete an accredited 120-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate. The talk also allows you to teach many languages – not just English.

Online tutoring on specific subjects

The following websites connect tutors with people interested in studying a particular subject for a fee. You will need to complete some certifications to work on these websites. is a website that connects students with tutors to study a specific subject for a fee. To become a tutor on this website, you must possess various qualifications.

But this is the highest-paying one on this list.


You can communicate directly with students on Wyzant, one of the biggest online tutoring markets. You can tutor a student in video chat rooms to make money.


To work on Wyzant, you must also be a resident of the USA and possess a social security number. But you don’t need any certifications and can begin once approved.

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Making money through Chat Customer Support

The first way to make money from chatting with others is by becoming a professional customer service representative for a company that sells products/services online. An excellent approach to making money on the side while at home is through chat customer support.

You have two options. Either obtain employment with a customer service company or set your hours independently. To succeed in this area, you’ll need good interpersonal and communication skills and a working knowledge of computers. Additionally advantageous is prior sales or customer service expertise.


Companies on sites like Upwork will pay anywhere from $10-$15 an hour for you to work in their chat rooms to make money.


You will be helping their customers troubleshoot their problems and offer support for various issues that may arise.


You can sign up for Chatwee and create a similar freelancing setup. You can charge people to chat with them for specific amounts of time.


If you gain a large following, you can make serious money this way.

Amazon Service Representative

You can sign up as an Amazon Service Representative, putting you in a chatroom with customers shopping online. Then, you can solve customer queries on Amazon’s chat rooms to make money.

You do not need special qualifications to sign up for this job – usually, a high school diploma is enough that customer support can be lucrative if you have the requisite skills.

amazon customer service

But remember that this is not a job you can just set and forget. You’ll need to be dedicated to the job if you want to find success. You’ll also need to be efficient when it comes to problem-solving and resolving customer issues quickly.

Online Companionship

Many people are looking for an ear to vent to and someone to talk to. That’s where you come in. Forget. You can help individuals by paying attention to their difficulties and assisting them in coming up with solutions. You may be paid by the hour or person per minute you’re chatting online, and you can mainly set your rate. Let’s take a look at some websites:

Rent A Cyber Friend

This site allows individuals to sign up to be online companions and be friends with them. One of the top chat rooms to make money is this one.

rent cyber

However, keep in mind that every session will be a video chat. To join this website, you must be older than 18 years old.


This site is similar but has an exciting twist. You are not paid by the hour, but clients buy you “virtual drinks” for 0.35$ or so.phrendly


The chat can end whenever you like, and how you respond to this virtual bar situation is entirely up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to get into chat rooms to make money?

Have good communication skills and be well-spoken, as most customers will judge you on how you handle their questions and how smoothly you can provide answers. You also have to be able to solve problems quickly and provide assistance to customers in a quick yet courteous manner. Remember, customers will come to you when they have a problem, and if they feel you are not being helpful or helping them resolve their issue, they will become upset and may stop buying your product/service altogether. Hence, you will need to be well-accustomed to the platform and be ready to answer any questions they may have.

How much does Cambly pay?

You can make 10 - 12 per hour on Cambly, which is pretty decent if you compare it with other online earning opportunities. It pays 0.17$ per minute of conversation with an adult and 0.20$ per minute with a child. You may go on their website to register.

Can I make more than 100$ a day by working on chat rooms to make money?

Yes, you can make more than that if you make yourself available to as many people as you can during the day or as long as you want. Many sites allow you to set your rates so you determine how much you want to charge your customers. Try to gain popularity and serve as many clients as possible to get to 100$ a day. Furthermore, you can set up accounts on all the mentioned websites to increase your chances of getting clients.


You can work in chat rooms to make money online if you are interested in doing so. Accordingly, the options discussed in this post are some of the best and most well-known chat rooms you can work at to earn money. Although you can work in any chat room of your choice, stick to the ones with a good reputation that provides an excellent customer experience.