10 Different Ways You Can Make Money by Drawing

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In this digital age, content creators and bloggers are all the rage. Not only have these people created niche communities, but they have also leveraged their platforms to earn money in innovative ways. Here, we have compiled 10 ways to make money by drawing!

There has never been a better time to follow your passion and make a living from it, and it’s time that artists jump on this train too. There are plenty of opportunities online for artists to sell their drawings and connect with their peers. 

In this post, we will discuss the 10 ways to make money by drawing.

Sell via Social Media

Social media can be a transformational tool in your journey as an artist. You have to set up an account and start posting content. Soon, you will have followers who appreciate and resonate with your work. 

Social media helps you build a loyal community with members worldwide, and such community members can soon turn into customers

sell art via social media
Sell art via Social Media.

Selling your work on social media may be accessible to everyone, but it is not easy. You may not start earning a steady income until you have a significant follower base

However, you can boost your social media presence and revenue by keeping the following tips in mind-

  • Work on establishing a style that is unique to your brand. It may be a particular drawing style or even how you click your photographs. Whatever that style may be, it will establish you as a brand that provides something unique. In a sea of many artists such as yourself, displaying your uniqueness is necessary.
  • Decide upon a posting schedule and stick to it. Maintaining consistency is essential to establishing trust and building a loyal follower base.
  • Post clear and high-quality photographs. 
  • Use your captions to tell a story and optimize them with keywords.
  • Use relevant hashtags to improve reach.
  • You can also display your commission work, share customer reviews, and post-behind-the-scenes videos to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Sell your Art on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for creative items like jewelry, home decor, prints, visual art, collectibles, etc. It is accessible, connects you to the right buyers, and is a reliable way to make money by drawing.

sell your art on etsy
Sell your Art on Etsy

All you have to do is follow simple steps to set up your Etsy shop. Then you can start listing your designs. There is a market for all kinds of art, so you can create whatever you desire. However, creating niche art will improve your reach and turnover rates.

You can sell custom drawings, create presets and sell them as prints, print your drawings onto t-shirts and mugs, or sell digital art. The possibilities are endless, and you can also take advantage of trends to cater to your audience.

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Consideration before starting an Etsy Project

There are a few things you should be aware of before starting your Etsy venture: 

You can Create a free Etsy shop. Etsy allows you to lay the groundwork for your store without feeling pressured to create listings. We’ll discuss the charges associated with operating an Etsy later.

With ETSY, you can sell 3 types of products

You cannot sell goods that don’t fit under Etsy’s three primary categories, Vintage, Handmade, and Crafted items. The fact that the most well-known stores offer digital prints, jewelry, craft supplies, vintage apparel, and wedding and party décor is noteworthy.

Sell on etsy

You must be 18 or older to sell on Etsy

On the other hand, anyone over 13 can buy and sell on Etsy with the direct supervision and monitoring of a legal Guardian. This is due to Etsy’s acceptance of four different categories of mature content, including profanity, explicit taxidermy, graphic violence, and sexual behavior or content (including things for sexual wellness).

The seller is in charge of packaging and shipping

Where you live and where you are shipping to may impact this. You can offer free delivery on Etsy, but you should consider shipping expenses as they can be expensive. Ultimately, the postage cost will depend on your shipping location. In particular, if their country requires them to pay customs on top, charging a shipping price may discourage buyers. Try including the shipping cost in the product price to increase sales. This will ensure the “free shipping” label attracts customers without leaving you out of cash.

Selling more than £1,000 lead you to pay tax

It needs to be registered, like with other businesses. Do your research instead of worrying too much about changing rules and regulations since the pandemic began. Since each country’s tax structure is unique and might change with age, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with it. 

Setting up your Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop

It can be not easy to make those initial sales, even when you think you’ve done everything correctly, as you may already know if you’re new to selling your art online but have previously set up an Etsy store. You’ll notice increased sales as soon as you start using these. 

Packaging of Artworks

Your top objective when creating 2D goods, like prints, is to prevent creases and bends while maintaining their low weight—Minimise situations where your shipping costs, as the artist, increase due to heavier goods.

Package Artworks

  1.  The first thing to do is to avoid smudging the artwork’s shiny finish with soiled fingerprints.
  2.  Place the two-dimensional object between some tissue paper, taping the pieces together. 
  3.  Attach a second layer of more robust material, such as foam board, to either side of the paper to hold the print inside.
  4. Pack the artwork securely in an envelope-like container, resembling Amazon’s thin cardboard boxes. 
  5. You may put a “Do Not Bend” label on the outside of your package to instruct couriers on handling it. 

Mailing tube for sending prints

Use cardboard tubes for larger 2D artwork (more significant than A3) to prevent unintentional bending damage.

Cardboard tubes

  1.  Gently roll the print up in brown paper to protect it, then slide it into a tube of the proper size.
  2. Fill the extra space with tissue paper to prevent the print from shifting within.
  3.  Tape the plastic cap on the end to keep it in place. Choose lightweight tubes to reduce shipping costs, and weigh them before visiting the post office.

Teach an Art Class

If you are confident and know how to market yourself correctly, you will have no shortage of students. You can leverage your artistic skills to take classes and even sell online courses

You will have even more opportunities to dive into specifics and attract the right students if you specialize in a niche art form. There are plenty of aspiring artists out there who would immensely benefit from your expertise.

teach an art class
Teach an Art Class

Moreover, teaching can also be a steady income source and will motivate you to keep learning.

Partnering with schools, local universities, and activity centers can build your reputation as an art teacher. You can then move on to taking independent classes as well. 

In addition to independent face-to-face classes, you can also take online courses. This way, you don’t have to worry about studio space and travel logistics and can teach faraway students.

Another great thing about online teaching is that you can prepare all the material simultaneously. You can create samples and videos and sell them as a course on Udemy or Skillshare.

Not only will you get paid for the course, but you will also build a community of students and prospective clients.

Collaborate with Businesses

Salons, cafes, bookstores, fashion brands, etc., often hire artists for designs. Collaborating with such businesses on projects can mean steady income and is a creative way to make money by drawing. 

collaborate with businesses
Collaborate with Businesses

Such opportunities can also enhance your portfolio and can develop into permanent partnerships. They are also a passive way of marketing your art.

The best way to get collaborations is to showcase your work online. You can also scope out local businesses to start. Your drawings should be very intentional so companies know what you can offer. 

Accept Commission Work

Someone always needs commission artwork done, and you can leverage that opportunity. Understandably, it all starts by showcasing your work on social media. But it is also beneficial if you actively look for commission opportunities.

accept commission work
Accept Commission Work

It would be best if you mentioned that you are open to commissioning work on all your socials. Actively looking for work on artist platforms is also necessary.

Building a portfolio cohesively demonstrates your style and expertise is essential to getting commission work. It is usually a matter of getting the first few clients who can spread the word about your art.

Sell Digital Art

In the modern world, drawing is not just done on canvas or paper. There are many online softwares and tools available for illustration and graphic designing. Thus, this also opens up many opportunities for artists to sell their drawings in digital format.

Bloggers, website designers, and podcast creators often look for custom artwork and visual elements. You can work as a graphic designer and illustrator to cater to their requirements.

sell digital art
Sell Digital Art

Whether it is a font, templates for Photoshop, vector designs, clip art, stock photography, branding kits, or website themes, there is a market for everything.

Mastering different drawing softwares will not only add to your skill set but will also give you access to a new customer base – those looking for digital artwork.

Sell your Drawings at Local Fairs and Festivals

Although online shopping is all the rage, selling art offline is another way to make money by drawing. Enough art enthusiasts and local business supporters visit art fairs and make purchases.

Catering to this market can build your reputation and account for extra income. Look online or visit local resource centers to enquire about upcoming art fairs and understand the enrollment procedures.  

local fairs and festivals
Local Fairs and Festivals

When you set up your booth, make sure you:

  • Bring calling cards with the brand name and logo.
  • Bring a good variety of art pieces to showcase your talent and collection.
  • Bring ready-to-be-sold pieces

Sell Merchandise with your Art

You can drop shipping and printing services and get your art printed on merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, invitations, phone cases, diaries, etc. 

sell merchandise with your art
Sell Merchandise with your Art

After your merchandise is ready, you can set up online stores and start selling the products. However, marketing, packaging, and branding are involved in selling such merchandise.

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Sell Home Decor Pieces

This is another way to earn money by drawing. Home decor is always in demand, and there is plenty of variety for you to sell.

home decor pieces
Home Decor Pieces

Canvas paintings never go out of fashion. They are handmade and are considered to be a prized possession. Use your artistic skills to create unique paintings and sell them through social media or online stores.

You can also sell custom wall prints. You can either digitize your drawings by scanning them or use softwares like Adobe Illustrator to create high-quality posters. The next step is to print and frame the artwork. Now, you are ready to sell classy wall prints.

Write a Blog

It might be a passive way of making money by drawing, but it is effective. You won’t be selling your drawings, but you will earn money by sharing your knowledge about art.

You can write blogs about art-related topics like trends, styles, tools, softwares, etc. Writing a blog will allow you to discuss art with fellow enthusiasts. 

write a blog
Write a Blog

You can use your art to supplement your writing and earn money through affiliate programs and collaborations with art brands. A blog will also help build your reputation as an artist, which you can leverage to sell your drawings.

Publish Digital Illustrations For Bloggers

For their websites and blog postings, bloggers often require graphic components. Typically straightforward, these images go well with blog entries or other online pages.

Free vectors and line drawings are straightforward or lack coherence, therefore, there is a desire for digital illustrations that are more consistent with bloggers’ branding.digital illustration

Therefore, if you want to earn money painting, you may develop infographics, social media graphics, and other custom pieces for blogs.

Additionally, more bloggers are starting podcasts today than ever before. Most people are willing to pay significantly for this service because they frequently need custom illustrations for their podcast covers.

Designing Clothing Graphics

There are numerous potential uses for your designs. Applying your drawings on clothing is one method to increase the money you may make from them.

Adapt some of your most impressive illustrations for use on clothing accessories including hats, hoodies, and t-shirts. If your designs work well in this format, you can decide to start selling clothing in a particular part of your online store.clothing

You can also use a service like Teespring to quickly apply your drawings on clothing items without having to worry about the practicalities.

Additionally, if you’re not interested in selling your clothing, consider offering your drawing abilities to a YouTuber or influencer that needs help creating their stuff.

On Sellfy, Sell Vector Designs

A whole new range of active and passive earning opportunities are available to you if you have a talent for graphic design.

One of the finest methods to earn money as an artist and reach your full creative potential is by selling vector designs.

You may sell a wide variety of artwork on Sellfy, including illustrations, logo designs, icon packs, character designs, and numerous graphics and template types. Your options don’t just apply to the visual arts; you can also sell music online, provide ebooks, provide knitting patterns, etc.

which is best? It only takes five minutes to put a product on sale.


 An easy and quick approach to selling your digital artwork.

You may create a consistent passive income stream by continually posting new products and offering a variety of styles.


 Simply offering discounts on your digital goods won’t be sufficient. Still, you’ll need to market them to increase sales. Fortunately, the Sellfy platform provides marketing options to assist with this, such as email marketing, upselling, discounts, and more.

Submit Grant Or Competition Entry

Grants for artists are available from numerous local communities, international programs, and nonprofit organizations. These either support up-and-coming artists, enhance culture or address a particular issue, and each has one of three purposes. Other times, neighborhood organizations need original artwork to adorn brand-new construction or lend a nice touch to an event.

How can one apply to these programs?

Try a quick online search for “artist grants” or “artist competitions.” You will undoubtedly find at least a few competitions or programs that you are qualified to participate in and enter to win money or other rewards as well as the opportunity to showcase your work.

Be careful to keep up with news on social media and in your artistic or professional circles, such as the college, artist association, or non-profit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get paid by drawing?

Yes, you can get paid for drawing. You can sell your artwork in the form of digital prints, canvas paintings, merchandise, etc.

How can I make money from drawings online?

You can sell digital and physical art on Etsy and social media, sell printed merchandise, provide drawing courses, and design e-book covers.

Which are the best-selling art themes?

The best-selling art themes are landscape, abstracts, still life, seascapes, and local views.

What should I do to get paid for drawing?

The first and most crucial step is to specialize in a niche art form so that you can market your drawings to the right audience.

Which social media platform is best for artists?

Instagram is the best social media platform for artists because it is a visual platform. It is also perfect for serving as a gallery for all your art.


Starting as a freelance artist can seem daunting at first. However, as you keep spreading awareness about your art via online platforms, you will witness an increase in followers and buyers.

Even though starting may be difficult, it is not impossible. Don’t sell yourself short; develop a niche style, and market yourself correctly. The Internet is home to thousands of well-performing artists, and you can be one of them.

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