Best Beauty Side Hustles in 2024

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In 2024, the beauty industry is booming, and people are finding modern strategies to show their talent and turn it into a profitable side hustle. Beauty side hustle means some part-time jobs that can help you earn some money along with your primary income.

Whether you are a professional esthetician, a hairstylist, or someone with a knack for beauty services, there are numerous opportunities to make extra cash or even assemble significant earnings.

In this article, we can find some of the fantastic splendor difficulty hustles for 2024, specializing in how you could leverage your talents and ardor for splendor into worthwhile ventures.

Beauty Side Hustles to Do 

Let’s dive deeper into all the possible things that you can do apart from your main job: 

Freelance Makeup Artist

 If you have been given an inherent ability for make-up and expertise for boosting herbal splendor, remember to become a contract make-up artist, with the demand for make-up services at weddings, proms, and unique sports.

Freelance Makeup Artist

Additionally, this is an outstanding splendor side hustle.

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Beauty Blogging and Vlogging 

Creating a splendor weblog or YouTube channel can be a rewarding manner to share your splendor know-how and information. You could make money through subsidized content, affiliate marketing, and advertisements while constructing a vast following.

To get started, pick out a gap inside the beauty industry, like skincare routines, make-up tutorials, or product evaluations. Also, Consistency and exceptional content are crucial to achievement in this splendor side hustle.

Beauty strolling a blog and vlogging can be a profitable beauty aspect hustle for those obsessed with sharing splendor suggestions and product hints. 

Esthetician Side Hustle 

If you’re a licensed esthetician, there are numerous opportunities to provide specialized pores and skin care services.

Esthetician Side Hustle 

Consider supplying facials, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion treatments from the consolation of your home or by means of renting a small studio. You also can retail skincare merchandise to your customers, especially developing a similar profit movement.

Also, Proper certifications and compliance with nearby guidelines are essential in this hustle aspect. Your side hustle as an esthetician includes presenting skincare offerings that cater to the proper desires of your customers.

Beauty Services that Make MoneyEyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have emerged as increasingly popular, and there’s a growing demand for this beauty carrier. If you have the specified education and certification, you could start a side hustle providing eyelash extensions.

In addition, many clients decide upon the ease of extensions over applying mascara every day, which could be a high-paying splendor side hustle. 

As an eyelash extension artist, your side hustle specializes in improving your clients’ eye beauty. 

Side Jobs for Hairstylist 

As a hairstylist, you may flip your capabilities into a profitable side hustle. Beyond working at a salon, remember to supply cell hairstyling services. You can style hair for unique events like weddings and proms or offer everyday offerings in customers’ homes. 

Side Jobs for Hairstylist 

Building a portfolio and establishing a study online presence is crucial in this splendor side hustle. Your side hustle as a hairstylist includes turning in pinnacle-notch hair services to clients out of doors of the traditional salon setting.

Beauty Certifications that Pay Well

To raise your income potential in the splendor enterprise, spend money on certifications that set you apart from the competition.

Some certificates that can cause higher-paying beauty side hustles include becoming an authorized make-up artist, lash technician, microblading artist, or nail technician.

These credentials not only make you more marketable but also allow you to price top-rate fees in your services. Obtaining treasured splendor certifications can affect your earning capability in numerous side hustles.

Beauty Product Reselling

 If you’ve got a passion for beauty products and an eye for tendencies, remember to resell splendor merchandise online. You can begin small by sourcing popular and niche splendor products and reselling them through structures like Etsy, eBay, or your e-commerce site.

Beauty Product Reselling

This splendor side hustle lets you tap into the ever-developing splendor market and generate income by supplying sought-after merchandise. 

Reselling beauty products may be a beneficial side hustle for people with a keen feel of market developments and product exceptional. 

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Mobile Nail Technician

Offering mobile nail offerings is any other worthwhile beauty side hustle. Many clients opt for the ease of getting their nails done in the consolation of their houses. Invest in an excellent nail system and build a robust consumer base.

Mobile Nail Technician

You can offer manicures, pedicures, and even nail artwork. Advertise your cellular nail technician services on social media and local listings to draw customers. 

As a cell nail technician, your side hustle makes a specialty of supplying pinnacle-notch nail care and artistry any place your customers are.  

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Online Beauty Workshops 

If you excel in a specific splendor talent, which includes contouring, hair styling, or skin care exercises, remember to supply online workshops. Platforms like Zoom and social media are excellent equipment for website hosting digital splendor workshops.

Charge a rate for participation and offer attendees treasured information and arms-on enjoyment. Also, This beauty side hustle can reach an extensive target audience and generate income even by sharing your information

Hosting online beauty workshops is a side hustle that involves coaching others on your beauty abilities and techniques.

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Beauty Photography 

For people with an ardor for images, beauty pictures may be a unique and profitable side hustle. Specialize in capturing tremendous beauty photographs for make-up artists, hairstylists, estheticians, and splendor brands.

Beauty Photography 

In addition, A sturdy portfolio is vital to draw customers within the beauty enterprise. Also, You can charge for personal photo shoots or provide packages for beauty specialists trying to construct their portfolios.

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What are successful side hustles?

Successful side hustles may include freelancing, selling products or services online, coaching, dog walking, or subletting rooms.

What is the #1 side hustle?

Freelancing is a time-tested way to earn extra cash and merits being on the top of all people's smooth job listings.


The beauty industry offers a plethora of exciting and profitable side hustles in 2024 for people trying to tap into their passion and competencies. Whether you are a make-up artist, skincare enthusiast, or hair stylist, there are numerous opportunities to show your love for beauty in a thriving aspect agency.

Therefore, From offering online splendor consultations and selling handcrafted pores and skin care products to presenting mobile splendor offerings or turning into a splendor influencer, the opportunities are large.

Additionally, With the proper dedication, creativity, and advertising, you could transform your beauty side hustle into a profitable task. It additionally allows you to showcase your creativity and make an excellent impact on others.

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