15 Best Side Hustles for Social Workers

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Social workers are the unsung heroes of our world who spend their entire lives helping others. They provide support and help to those people who are in despair and require assistance.

It is a very morally rewarding career, but it does strain your financial needs. This article will list the top 10 best side hustles for social workers.

Many social workers struggle to meet their day-to-day needs. This article will take you through some side hustles for social workers, like consultation services, life coaching, online classes, freelance work, private practice, and many more hustles. 

Social workers continuously work for the betterment of other people, but this job is often challenging to maintain as it is welfare work. Most social workers struggle to make ends meet and often do side hustle to supplement their lives.

This article will take you through some of the best side hustles for social workers.

Understanding the Side Hustle Scenario

Before we dive deep into the side hustles for social workers, we should be aware of the concept of side hustle. A side hustle is an additional income source for people to supplement their lifestyle and needs.

In the case of social workers, it is a welfare profession where people continuously work to help other people. Most of the time, this job demand leads to financial constraints.

So, a side hustle benefits people like social workers by helping them earn extra income. Social workers can quickly find side gigs that will help them bring in additional income if they put in a little effort and are creative.

Social workers have many side income options, from writing for a living to offering online counseling services. Let’s look at the 15 best side hustles for social workers.

15 Best Side Hustles for Social Workers

Here are the best side hustles:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is the best side hustle for a social worker, as a person with a lot of experience and knowledge can quickly write about them.

Freelance Writing

They can easily convert their experiences into articles and blogs to make people more aware of topics far-fetched from the mainstream public.

This not only gives a side income to the social worker but also enables knowledgeable people to share insights about a specific topic, making them experts in that domain.

Online Guidance or Mentoring

Post covid, many people have opted for online coaching and teaching. It makes teaching much more accessible for both the students and teachers. Online education is one of the best side hustles for social workers.

You can work from home while catering to your primary job as a social worker. It helps your main job as it is a flexible mode of income.  Social workers can reach a wider audience with this side business while making extra money.

Workshops and Guidelines

Organizing training sessions or workshops on subjects like conflict resolution, communication techniques, or stress management can be a rewarding side business.

Workshops and Guidelines

Social workers can share their knowledge and aid in others’ personal growth by providing these services to organizations, educational institutions, or neighborhood associations.

Individual Practice

Creating a private practice is one of the options for side hustles for social workers if you’re looking to advance your side gig. This gives you the freedom to choose your hours and fees while still applying your expertise in the industry.

It provides flexible work time and serves your profession of helping people. It also serves as a huge help in giving a good side income.

Speaking in Public

You can use your expertise as a social worker to deliver lectures and participate in public speaking events.

Speaking in Public

You can talk to groups on various related subjects, such as parenting, social development, substance abuse, and mental health awareness. This is a fantastic way to meet people in the community and earn some extra cash.

Tutoring or instructing

A social worker’s journey entails ongoing education and development. Social workers can assist students or individuals interested in a career in social work or related fields.

Tutoring or mentoring services can help students excel academically and provide them with extra income. It is one of the social workers’ best and safest side hustles.

This side business offers a rewarding mentorship experience in addition to developing the next generation of professionals.

Event Management

Event planning could be a fun side gig if you have good organizational abilities. Social workers can provide their knowledge to organize conferences, workshops, and social gatherings.

Event Management

This offers a chance to connect people for meaningful and uplifting experiences and diversifying revenue.

Social Media Management

Because social media is so widely used, people and companies always seek help managing their online presence. Social workers can help clients create and maintain a positive digital footprint by using their social media skills to provide management services.

Services for Bookkeeping or Accounting

Providing bookkeeping or accounting services can be a lucrative side gig for social workers with a finance background or who have a thing for numbers.

Services for Bookkeeping or Accounting

Freelancers and small businesses frequently need assistance in this area.

Sales of Arts or Crafts

Selling artwork on websites like Etsy can be a lucrative and therapeutic side gig for social workers who are also talented artists.

Through this business, social workers can showcase their artistic abilities and generate extra revenue by selling handcrafted goods, paintings, or other artwork.

Community Engagement

Social workers can utilize their expertise and knowledge to assist organizations in community outreach initiatives. This could entail organizing events, running workshops, and giving the community access to resources.

Community Engagement

Community outreach can help you earn extra cash, build relationships with locals, and provide them with necessary resources.


For social workers who want to impart their knowledge and experience to others, blogging is a great side gig. It is one of social workers’ most flexible and convenient side hustles.

One of the best things about blogging is that it lets you comfortably work from home at your own pace.

You are free to write about any topic or subject matter that is associated with social work, including family therapy, addiction recovery, mental health, and substance abuse.

Your blog can be made profitable in a variety of ways, such as through affiliate marketing or online advertising.

Mental Health Guidance

You can use your expertise as a social worker to support people’s mental health.

Mental Health Guidance

On a range of cognitive health-related subjects, including anxiety, depression, stress management, and more, you can offer direction and counsel.

Online Counseling

Teletherapy, or virtual therapy, is swiftly becoming one of the social workers’ most sought-after side gigs. Through phone calls or video conferences, you can conduct counseling remotely as a social worker with virtual therapy.

For those clients who are unable to attend in person because of illness, a disability, or distance, this kind of therapy can be beneficial.

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Launch a Podcast

The subject is one of the most crucial things to consider when launching a podcast. You can research many topics because, as a social worker, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

Launch a Podcast

Examples might include social development, parenting, substance abuse, mental health awareness, and more.

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Social workers can benefit from side gigs in more ways than one. They can enhance their professional and personal development and significantly influence the communities they work in.

While social workers manage the responsibilities of their main jobs, these side business ideas offer chances to make varied uses of their knowledge, enthusiasm, and abilities.

Social workers can open up opportunities through writing, counseling, teaching, and consulting.

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