Online Verdict Review – Scam or a Genuine Opportunity for Online Jurors?

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Being part of a jury is a dream for individuals pursuing a career in law. If you are interested in freelancing and have aspirations towards law, you found the right place. Online Verdict is a website that hires people as mock juries and pays them for their opinions on jury cases. In this article, you will analyze Online Verdict review from all over the internet.

Online Verdict provides a genuine opportunity for individuals interested in law to serve as mock jurors and earn money by sharing opinions on jury cases. While some users note occasional drawbacks such as irregular case availability and technical issues, the platform is generally regarded as legitimate, with positive reviews highlighting its compensation and accessibility.

This article aims to inform the readers about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this app. It will also help the readers navigate the app’s use. This article will analyze whether you should invest your time in such an online platform. You will also learn the pros and cons of using this website and whether it will benefit your career growth in the long run. Therefore, let’s dive into online judgment without further time.

Online Verdict Review: How Does It Work? 

Adrienne LeFevre founded Online Verdict in November 2004. This website makes individuals act like mock jurors and pays them for sharing their opinions. Many websites pay you for providing reviews or your views. 

To access the app, you must first sign up or create an account on For that, go to the website and click sign up. Put your username and password and other demographic details and make an account. online verdict

After creating an account, you must be patient and wait for the cases. This website automatically sends you emails and notifications if the case requirements match your qualifications. As you get a case, you have to accept it immediately. Before accepting it, make sure you review the case-related details and history. You will find a questionnaire at the end of the case-related information. You have to go on answering the questions mentioned in the questionnaire. There are no correct or wrong answers, depending on your opinion. 

As you submit the questionnaire, according to the website protocols, you will receive your payment between 1 and 2 weeks. These are some of the best work-from-home jobs. If you want to land a work-from-home job, a complete guide on how to get a remote job can be helpful.

Compensation and Payment Structure 

The compensation rate for Online Verdict is relatively reasonable. The compensation rate will vary according to the intricacy of the case. Typically, a single case costs between $20 and $60. Onlineverdict usually pays via check. The problematic case will pay you more than the primary, straightforward case. This is because the work required to solve a complex case is more than for a simpler one. Online judgment generally pays within 1-2 weeks of the filing

The payment is usually made by cheque. After completing a case, you will get a check by mail. Each case will require you to devote 40 to 50 minutes to it. Therefore, according to the Online Verdict review, the pay rate for this website is relatively high compared to the other websites. Arranging equipment for a job can become expensive. 

Legitimacy and User Experiences

The majority of Online Verdict review state that it is a reputable website. This website was developed in 2004 by the founder of LeFevre Trial Consulting (LTC). A real Facebook account supports its credibility. Even though it’s not that active, it demonstrates that this website is lawful. Because the proprietor of this firm is a well-known figure, there is a low risk of encountering fraud when visiting this and regulatory compliance

Online Verdict has a 5-star rating on Facebook, showing its people are pleased with its service. According to the Online Verdict reviews, it is an excellent website for improving your opinion-passing skill sets. The only drawback of this app is that, in many occurrences, the app fails to provide new cases regularly. Therefore, users must wait for a case to express their opinion. Thus, if you ask, “Is OnlineVerdict legit?” the answer will be yes, it is a legitimate website.

Pros and Cons

Even though the Online Verdict app is an excellent app for law aspirants, there are specific Pros and Cons to it:pros and cons


  • This app is fantastic for testing your intellectuality and creativity levels regarding passing opinions. 
  • It helps you to earn a decent amount and support your finances.
  • It is convenient for law students as they apply their knowledge in real-life circumstances.
  • This app is highly accessible and user-friendly.
  • It is a work-from-home job. If you are a stay-at-home person, this is how you can work for Google from home and still get paid.


  • Enough cases may not be available regularly
  • This website has significantly less social media presence
  • Only people who have US citizenship can access it.
  • Technical difficulties may hinder active participation
  • The website demands various personal details during the signup procedure. This can result in multiple fraudulent cases.

Alternative Mock Jury Sites

Other than Online Verdict, many websites offer similar services. They are as follows:

Mock Jury Services

This platform connects potential law aspirants with renowned attorneys.mock jury services

They offer services across the US and allow both online as well as in-person participation


They form groups of 40-50 mock jurors to generate different opinions for a particular legal case.eJury

Both eJury and OnlineVerdict provide similar services.

Resolution Research

This is very similar to Online Verdict.resolution research

Not only this, but individuals can earn up to 400$ dollars also from this website. 

Civicom Mock Jury Trials Online

This allows participants to give their opinions on legal cases.civicom mock jury trials online

Also, without any judgment of right or wrong answers.

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Is Online Verdict legit?

Yes, it's a 100%legitimate website. It pays people to provide opinions on different legal cases.

Is the jury test legit?

It enlists individuals to act as mock jurors.

Are online juror jobs legit?

Yes, online juror jobs are legit and serve as an excellent side hustle.

How to log in to Online Verdict?

To log in, first sign up through the website. They will ask for specific demographic details. Fill in the details and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.


As a result, whether you want to start a side business as a freelancer or an aspiring lawyer, Online Verdict is a great place to begin. Also, it will provide you with experience in managing legal matters in real-world circumstances. The only necessary modification is that the app should bring in enough scenarios for users to give feedback regularly. This will assist people in the long term if they can express their thoughts on a sufficient number of situations. Otherwise, this website meets all the standards for a decent mock jury website.