Clear Voice Surveys Review: Should You Try It?

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Have you noticed the invites to fill out the Clear Voice survey, and are you wondering if it’s worth your time? We took the plunge to check it out, so you don’t have to. In this review, we’ll share our experience with Clear Voice – the pros, the cons, and whether surveys with them could also be a good fit for you; let us pull back the curtain on what to expect so you can decide if Clear Voice is worth a try in this Clear Voice Surveys review.

Precise Voice Surveys provide a chance to earn rewards by participating in short surveys. Although legitimate, its low payouts, frequent disqualifications, and delayed payments may deter some. It suits individuals with spare time seeking supplementary income but may be better for those preferring more efficient earning methods. The outcomes could change based on your availability and location.

Precise Voice Surveys is an online platform that pays people for their opinions. The surveys typically only take a few minutes to complete. Once you finish, the points add up, and can redeem for gift cards from top retailers. Taking short surveys here and there could eventually lead to free merchandise or rewards. If getting rewards for sharing your views sounds appealing, read on for a Clear Voice Surveys review to see if you should try it.

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Clear Voice Surveys Review: Earning Opportunities

Precise Voice Surveys is a survey site that has existed for many years. They allow people to take surveys and earn rewards that can be exchanged for gift cards. We’ve heard some mixed things about how easy it is to make money here.

The primary way to earn cash is by completing online surveys. These typically pay between 25 cents to $1 each, with some reports of occasional higher paying $5 or $10 surveys. However, the surveys may take 10-25 minutes each to finish. When calculating your time spent, the hourly earnings usually remain relatively low. Some also say it’s common for surveys to disqualify you halfway through, so you save a lot of

Another way to earn is by entering sweepstakes when taking surveys. Your chances of actually winning big prizes are minimal. It’s not worth basing your earnings on luck or chance.

Clear Voice does let you start redeeming gift cards once you reach $10 in your account. However, saving enough could take a long time with the low-paying surveys. Some reviewers also mentioned issues with accounts getting suspended before being able to cash out.

While Clear Voice Surveys seem legitimate, the opportunities to make good money there seem limited. You’d better focus on other online income methods that provide higher and more consistent earnings. But it may still be worthwhile for some people to try out in their spare time for extra spending cash. So, now you know the answer to “Is Clearvoice legit or not?”

User Eligibility and Demographics

Precise Voice Surveys is open to people from all over the world. The main thing they look at is your age. It would help if you were at least 13 years old to join their surveys. Some other survey sites only allow adults 18+.

Clear Voice wants people from all kinds of backgrounds for their surveys. They ask you to complete a detailed profile during Clear Voice surveys login. Things like your location, age, gender, job, education level, etc. This helps them find the proper surveys for you.eligibility

The kind of surveys you’ll get is based on your demographics. For example, if you have kids, they may send surveys about products families use. Or if you work in an office, you could get surveys on technology products. Your hobbies and interests also affect what surveys you see.

Some people complained they had not received a few surveys since joining Clear Voice. This could be because their demographics need to match up better with what companies want at that time. Or the area they live in has fewer available surveys. But most members get at least a few monthly if they fill out their profile.

So, anyone aged 13+ from any country can sign up. However, filling out your detailed profile accurately is essential to receive surveys to complete for rewards. The more you match target groups, the better your chances are.

Personal Review

As per the experience, is a survey-taking platform where one can earn rewards by completing online surveys. This person created an account on the website to understand how it works.

After creating the account, the user was asked to complete a detailed profile, which took around 30 minutes. Then, the user had to wait for an email for account confirmation, which took longer.clearvoice surveys

Once inside, the surveys available paid between 25 cents to $1 maximum, which is relatively low. Most surveys took around 30 minutes to complete. The profile questions also did not guarantee suitable surveys; half were screened in between.

The user could not cash out money through popular modes like PayPal and could only withdraw the amount through gift cards once it reached $10, which is a long process.

Overall, this platform seems inconvenient and time-consuming for very little pay. Earning good money by spending so much time on surveys is a challenge. So, it is not a good option if one is looking to earn meaningful income online.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of ClearVoice Surveys in simple bullet points:

pros and cons


  • It’s free to join and complete surveys. You don’t have to pay any money.
  • They have surveys for teenagers as young as 13 years old. This allows young people to earn some pocket money.
  • The payout is quick once you reach the $10 minimum for an Amazon gift card. You get the money right away.
  • You still get 10 cents even if you don’t qualify for a complete survey. This is fair compensation for your time.
  • The surveys are short, usually around 5-10 minutes. This makes it easy to complete them whenever you have a few minutes.


  • You can only redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards. Some people prefer cash or other gift cards.
  • It takes 2-6 weeks to get paid after a survey closes. This is a long wait time compared to other sites.
  • They don’t have a mobile app, so you have to use the website on your phone. An app would make it more convenient.
  • The surveys are only sometimes available depending on your demographic details. You may get surveys only a few times a week.
  • Some users said the signup process needed to be shorter and more precise. It should be more straightforward to join.
  • A few people needed help with surveys stopping partway or the website needing to be fixed for them.

User Experiences and Reviews

Let us look at user experiences and reviews at different review platforms: 


As per the reviews on Capterra, Clear Voice Surveys have received mostly positive user feedback. Many reviewers have mentioned that it is a simple platform to take surveys. Some highlighted that the surveys are easy to qualify for and take little time to complete. A few users said the payment gets processed quickly once your earnings reach the threshold amount for payout.capterra

Overall, the variety of survey topics available is appreciated. With over 80 reviews and an average rating of 4 stars, Clear Voice Surveys is a trusted survey-taking site based on what honest people have shared about their experience using the platform.


As per the reviews on Trustpilot, Clear Voice Surveys have received mostly positive feedback from users. Many reviewers have mentioned that it is a simple platform to take surveys and earn rewards. Some highlighted that the payment process proceeds quickly once minimum earnings are reached for payout. Users have appreciated the various survey topics covering different industries, brands, and current affairs.trustpilot

With over 769 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, Clear Voice Surveys is a trusted survey-taking site according to what real people share about their experience using the platform.

Similarly, you can check survey sites’ actual reviews on such mentioned review sites, so whenever you are in doubt or may be thinking, “Is Survey Club legit or not?” or maybe of any other site, you can see here on the reviews page. 


What are ClearVoice surveys?

ClearVoice Surveys is a website where you can take surveys and share your opinion to help companies improve their products and services. You earn points for each survey that can redeem for gift cards.

How do I delete my ClearVoice survey account?

Log into your account page if you want to delete your ClearVoice account. Under the 'Account' section, you'll see an option to delete your account. Click on that and follow the steps to close your ClearVoice membership permanently.

Are branded surveys legit?

Branded surveys is another survey taking site like ClearVoice. Many people use these types of sites to earn a little extra money. If you stick to well-known brands like ClearVoice or branded surveys, they are legitimate ways to take surveys for gift cards and rewards.

Are Online Surveys Safe?

Online surveys can be safe if done correctly, but they also carry risks. Most reputable survey sites do not share private data without permission. However, it is still best practice to be cautious about what information you provide. Only participate in surveys from known, trusted brands. Be wary of requests for sensitive details like financial or medical records without extra security protections.


As Clear Voice Surveys review, we can say Clear Voice Surveys is not a scam and does pay users for completing surveys, it may require a significant time investment due to low pay rates and frequent survey disqualifications. Considering the extended waiting times for account confirmation and withdrawals, individuals seeking online earning opportunities might find better options. Precise Voice Surveys could be a suitable platform for those with ample spare time to earn a few extra dollars. In contrast, our Survey Junkie review delves into an alternative platform that offers a more streamlined experience and potentially higher rewards for users looking to maximize their online survey earnings.