How to Make Money as a Grad Student: 10 Ways

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Establishing a side business might help you manage your money more effectively if you have student loans. This article will discuss how to make money as a grad student.

You’ll need to be a budget genius and think of original ways like campus work, tutoring, freelancing, delivery business, selling unwanted stuff, discovering fellowships, engaging in assistance work, becoming a pet caretaker, selling books, and working as a substitute teacher to make money while in graduate school.

Read on to discover more about earning money while a graduate student.

10 Ways on How to Make Money as a Grad Student

Here are the ways for how to make money as a grad student:

Campus Work

You can work various part-time employment opportunities on college campuses to supplement your income as a graduate student.

Students are frequently hired as assistants to administrators, assistants for research, student advisers, or even clerical employees at various educational institutions’ offices, coffeehouses, and libraries.

campus work

Working on campus has several benefits, including the possibility of temporary employment closures around holidays, which will allow you to take time off while traveling home.

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Take up Tutoring

If you specialize in an area of study, you should seek tutoring. You may earn money virtually by providing private tuition or joining an online tutoring workplace.

Take up tutoring.

Your graduate school could also provide a tutoring service to assist in tutoring first-year students. Since you can pick the subjects you want to instruct and set your own time, this is one of the finest side businesses for graduate students.

It is a method of “how to make money in grad school.”

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Take up Freelancing

Freelance writing is one of the most sought-after occupations throughout graduate school. Thus, many businesses and writing agencies adore hiring authors enrolled in or recently graduated from a higher education program.

They may relax knowing that their authors are well-versed in English and have effective research techniques.

Take up freelancing

If you’re strong at writing, search for freelance writing employment on internet job boards and apply. To locate job prospects in the writing industry, you may also leverage those of your acquaintances or alumni connections.

Numerous writing positions are available, from site design and social networking administration to copywriting and article development.

Visit: Take up Freelancing

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Bring Snacks to the Pupils in your Class

Joining a meal delivery business is a terrific method for Ph.D. students to increase their income. Due to the popularity of convenient applications, ordering food from cafes has grown significantly among college students who are frequently too busy to prepare supper or go out to eat.

You may use this by registering with nearby meal delivery services and bringing meals to your classmates whenever you have free time.

Bring snacks to the pupils in your class

Of course, to be considered for this position, you must own a trustworthy car and have a current driver’s license. If you don’t have one, you can try out different ways of making money without a car.

It’s also crucial to ensure that bringing meals complies with the rules of your graduate program. Additionally, it is a method for “how to make money during grad school.”

Visit: Bring snacks to the pupils in your class.

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Online Marketplace for Unwanted Stuff

Selling stuff you no longer want or use makes for one of the simplest and most effective methods to earn money while attending graduate school.

It might involve selling your Pokemon cards, clothing, furniture, gadgets, novels, and other items.

Online marketplace for unwanted stuff

You can offer homemade goods or handicrafts if you want to make money. Nowadays, it’s much simpler to open a storefront and begin selling your goods, thanks to the abundance of online markets like eBay.

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Discover Fellowships

Fellowships that grant allowances or cash for study assignments or internships are available from universities, corporations, and charitable organizations. Investigate and apply for companies that match your passions and professional goals.

Discover fellowships

It is a fantastic method to make money and advance your career.

Engage in Private or Virtual Assistance Activities

If you’ve got organizational or clerical expertise, you may utilize your abilities to find employment as a private or virtual assistant to earn additional money.

Numerous professionals, including business people and entrepreneurs, require assistants to support them with activities like making meetings, composing emails, or conducting research.

Engage in private or virtual assistance activities

Online, there are virtual assistant positions that let you operate from home. You may also leverage your connections to find nearby professionals who need assistance with administrative duties.

Tell prospective employers that you’re simply looking for a part-time job so you can continue to concentrate on your education.

Become a Dog Walker or Pet Caretaker

Being a dog walker or pet caretaker is the ideal side gig for you if you like to spend moments with your furry pals and are an animal lover.

You may register with pet-sitting services to contact nearby pet owners who require a sitter for their animals while traveling.

Become a dog walker or pet caretaker

You’ll get compensated whenever you take a dog for a walk or look after a pet for a few hours at its owner’s house. You will benefit from this job’s ability to maintain your physically fit and encourage outside time.

It is the ideal diversion after a hard day of studying.

Sell Books

Furthermore, it is a method for “how to make money as a grad student.” With graduate school costs, including textbooks, it might be challenging to maintain a living standard.

However, selling books you don’t use or don’t require anymore will bring in a little more cash.

Sell books

You may earn additional cash by selling your secondhand books to peers in person or via the Internet. Additionally, you may offer your books to the university’s bookshop. Although this is the most practical option, you could receive a smaller profit than selling them online.

Work as a Substitute Teacher

Think about working as a substitute teacher if you’re seeking a highly-paid position that gives you freedom with your education. Many educational institutions require substitute teachers for unplanned absences.

Work as a substitute teacher

Per the laws of the educational district, you may be paid per day or hourly. Getting exposure to the classroom and earning additional money while still having time to concentrate on your academics is possible through substitute teaching.

So, these were how to make money as a grad student.

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How to make money as a graduate student?

Freelance writing is a desirable side job for graduate students since it gives you the flexibility to work whenever it suits you and finish tasks on your schedule. You may work as a freelance writer in a variety of ways.

Do we have financial issues paying for graduate school?

You will be on a tight budget when you're in graduate school. Even when your finances are in order, the bulk of your stipend can still be spent on basics like housing and food. Therefore, it is not unexpected that most graduate students express some financial stress.

How much does attending graduate school cost?

The average cost of graduate school is $66,340.

How can we enroll in graduate school?

Discover a job that will support graduate studies. Obtain a fellowship or scholarship. Look for graduate programs without tuition. Doctoral programs come to mind. Work for the graduate program. Contact the admissions department.


We hope this post on how to make money as a grad student is helpful. Grad school may be fulfilling, but getting by with a meager stipend or scholarship that doesn’t cover living costs can be challenging.

Things rapidly get complicated when you include that you need more free time for part-time employment.

It has always been possible to work part-time while attending university or college, but it is much simpler today that you may earn money online with an additional job or two. Now you have the answer to the question, “How do graduate students make money.”