How Does Jackpocket Make Money? Business Model Unveiled

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Earning money from lotteries appears attractive. But have you tried earning by guessing the outcome of a Lottery? is a renowned website that allows individuals from all around the world to wager on high-prize lotteries. Now, you can earn money by guessing the outcome of the lottery. This article will outline the business strategy of Jackpocket to explain “How does Jackpock make money?”.

Jackpocket’s business model and strategy is very unique and impressive. Jackpocket generates revenue through a service charge and commissions paid by the states where it is available. The firm’s business model approach primarily depends on obtaining the requisite licenses to sell lottery tickets in the different nations where it operates. These apps, like Jackpocket, allow many people to earn money even by staying at home. They also set an example of how single moms can earn money to support their finances.

This article aims to unveil Jackpocket’s business model and strategies and disclose its funding or revenue structure. As you read this article, you will learn how and why this app was developed. Apps like Jackpocket can help you create a great side hustle. If you want to earn money through side hustling, here is a way to earn cash by fishing. Other than that, you can make money on Meete in 25 different ways.

How Does Jackpocket Make Money?

Jackpocket usually makes money in 4 different ways. 

Service Fee

Jackpocket charges a 7 to 10% service fee in return for providing courier services (purchasing and holding tickets on the user’s behalf). service feeThe charge is dependent on the total purchase price. If a customer purchases tickets for $10, the service cost will range between $0.70 and $1.


In addition to service fees, Jackpocket gets revenue via commissions shared amongst the retailers it partners with. The state-funded lottery program pays a fee to its distributors for traditionally distributing lottery tickets. commissionsJackpocket and the retail operator divide the commission when a ticket is sold through the app. Users can utilize the Jackpocket Promo code to increase their earnings. This process will facilitate both the users and the company.

Product Expansion

Jackpocket revealed a $210 million Series D financing round in November 2021.CEO Peter Sullivan stated that they will utilize a portion of the funds to expand Jackpocket’s primary line of business, which is the sale of lottery tickets via mobile games.product expansion Capital would also be dedicated to technology to invest in efficient processes from the eCommerce, subscription, and mobile wallet service industries. 


Jackpocket partnered with several prestigious institutions and sports organizations in 2021 and 2022.

Dallas Mavericks

Jackpocket and the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks have a multi-year collaboration. dallas mavericks    Jackpocket will hold contests throughout the season where fans can win VIP experiences, game tickets, and gear. 

New Jersey Devils

Jackpocket also announced a multi-year collaboration with the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils to serve as its official lottery jersey devils

Rutgers Athletics

Rutgers Athletics and Jackpocket came to a multi-year deal in January 2021  rutgers athletics

ESPN NY Sports

In August 2022, Jackpocket announced that it had become ESPN New York’s exclusive digital lotteries partner.


A Short History Of Jackpocket

Peter Sullivan, Leo Shemesh, Eric Parker, and Matt Silber co-founded Jackpocket in 2013. The objective was to provide consumers with a simple, engaging, and responsible method to play the lottery. Before starting Jackpocket, Sullivan was the creator and CEO of Tripl, an online tool for social travel. Although he could obtain $700,000 in capital and participate in several accelerators, the firm never took off. After three years of operation, he shut down it in 2012.history of jackpocket

Following his failure, Sullivan was a freelancer for several technology firms in New York City. Most of his work was done from a WeWork office, where he met Shemesh, who later became his co-founder. The inspiration for Jackpocket came from Sullivan’s family. His father is an ardent lotto player. Sullivan was occasionally late for football practice because his father needed to buy a ticket. 

The Jackpocket app, which was first accessible for Android smartphones, debuted in December 2013. Initially, the program was only offered in New York. Jackpocket quickly gained almost a thousand subscribers as individuals rushed to buy tickets for the $636 million Mega Millions jackpot.

In the ensuing years, the Jackpocket team concentrated exclusively on enhancing the standard of its product. The team’s strategy was (and continues to be) to collaborate closely with state authorities. This collaboration enabled Jackpocket to frequently become the first and only licensed third-party app to provide online lottery tickets in the states where it operates. The epidemic increased demand for remote lottery ticket purchases, which benefited Jackpocket. Jackpocket is a reliable and trustworthy app to earn money. If you want to earn money using your artistic nature, here is how to earn money as an artist

Jackpocket Funding, Revenue & Valuation

Crunchbase reports that Jackpocket has raised $199.6 million in venture capital investment over ten rounds. Notable investors include BRV Capital Management, Greenspring Associates, Evolution VC Partners, The Raine Group, David Blitzer (owner of the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers), and others.funding

Jackpocket raised $120 million in a Series D funding round in November 2021, bringing its current valuation to $620 million. Unfortunately, Jackpocket is not required to reveal income data publicly because it is a privately held corporation. If the company (or anybody connected to it) shares those metrics, then subsequent investment rounds could make them visible.

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Who invented Jackpocket?

Peter Sullivan invented Jackpocket.

Is Jackpocket legal in India?

Currently, the legality of Jackpocket in India is uncertain.

What is the mission of Jackpocket?

The main goal of Jackpocket is to transform the lottery market by providing players with more accessibility, security, and convenience through their cutting-edge mobile app.

Is Jackpocket legal in NY?

Jackpocket is New York's first licensed lottery courier service, fully complying with state regulations.


Jackpocket is a North American third-party lottery app, the first of its kind in the United States. Jackpocket features a straightforward revenue-generating mechanism. It doesn’t impose a monthly subscription fee or deduct a portion of the winning entrant’s cash award. On the contrary, Jackpocket charges an intermediary fee for purchasing and then holding the tickets in a safe vault on behalf of the participant. It also divides the commission income from each ticket sale with its retail partners. According to various Jakpocket reviews, Jackpocket is safer for all age groups above 18. If you are a student, there are multiple ways you can make money as an undergrad student on apps like Jackpocket.

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