How Can Single Moms Make Money? 10 Best Ways

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Taking care of the money as a single mother might be challenging. Your budget could be significantly affected by even a minor monthly increase in income. This is why we have compiled a list of the top side businesses on how can single moms make money.

This article explores several methods, including home baking, organizing children’s parties, online teaching, subletting a spare room, internet sales, blogging, vlogging, and photography.

The finest part of it all, though? Most of them are things you can do at home! So there’s no need to look for a babysitter for the kids; forget about that price.

This list has been divided into manageable sections for your convenience. Pick the single-mum side business that best fits your income and schedule demands.

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10 Ways for Single Moms to Make Money

Let’s discuss all the possible ways to make extra money for Single mothers:

Home Bakery

Starting a home bakery may be satisfying if you enjoy baking and making tasty goodies. Sell your baked products on websites like Treatmo or Etsy.

Home Bakery

Maintaining high hygiene standards, coming up with original recipes, and offering top-notch customer service are essential for the success of this business.

Social media advertising your bakery may also help you draw in new clients.

Designing a Kid’s Party

You probably already know how much work and effort goes into organizing a successful birthday party, children’s church event, or baptism.

Designing a Kid's Party

Many parents would also want to have the entire procedure outsourced.

Referrals are an excellent method to start your side business. Therefore, if you can host a memorable party in your community, word of mouth about you will travel quickly.

Educating & Teaching Online

Another way on how can single moms make money through a side business that may be run from home is online teaching.

Instructing online

Platforms like and Chegg Tutors link teachers and students to provide music lessons, language classes, and other types of instruction.

This allows you to make additional money and impart your expertise and enthusiasm to others.

Finding your teaching specialty, being patient, and remaining dedicated to your student’s educational journeys are essential for success in online education.

Renting out a spare room

This option could be the best for single mothers with only one child. At first, renting out your property on Airbnb could seem a little intrusive.

But if you live close to a college campus, you could host a college student while making additional money and getting to know intriguing individuals traveling for business.

Renting out a spare room

You may produce money to make rent simpler or pay off your mortgage faster if you do this at least once every month.

Online resale

Reselling goods is one of the best side hustles for single moms online and has become simple and profitable with the rise of e-commerce.

Online resale

You may earn more money from a virtual store through online retail. Even the ownership of the items is optional.

Via Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon Bigcommerce, etc., you may easily resell goods from manufacturers on websites like AliExpress, Amazon, and Alibaba.


Blogging is not a way to become wealthy quickly, but if you’re keen to establish a money-making blog, it might be among single mothers’ most lucrative side hustles.


For single mothers who enjoy writing and seek a unique way to generate money, blogging is a terrific side business. Although there are some challenging moments, most of them are incredibly enjoyable!

Earn Money through Crafting

As a sole parent, do you possess a creative side and a talent for crafting? If that’s the case, you may make money from your hobby.

Earn Money through Crafting

Websites like Etsy or Handmade at Amazon allow you to promote your talent and sell to a worldwide market. 

YouTube video

You’re undoubtedly accustomed to watching YouTube videos of parents playing with toys, opening presents with their children, and engaging in daily activities with them.

Some parents make thousands of dollars daily, believe it or not, through YouTube.

YouTube video

Even while your YouTube videos might not be all that popular, it might be a lucrative side business for mothers who already know what their children enjoy viewing.

YouTube has unlimited earning potential, although you might start off making little. YouTube uploaders typically make roughly $2000 for every 1,000,000 views. But YouTube keeps 45% of the revenue.

Visit: YouTube Video


If you have the skill, photography is an art form that can grow into a successful side business. Selling landscape photos on websites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock is an excellent idea.


You may sell everything from your trip images to your event photography to your portraits for money.

Selling pictures of feet on websites like FeetFinder is a unique but lucrative photographic market. You can also check out the article businesses you can start with $1000, to have a similar experience!

Become an Online Assistant

Great communicators are in high demand right now for positions as virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants offer a variety of services, including setting up meetings, taking phone calls, sending emails, and organizing job interviews.

Being able to work from home makes being a virtual assistant a terrific job. If you do well, you may get paid consistently. Additionally, the job is frequently flexible enough to be done as a side business.


Can a single mother launch a business with little funding conceivable?

Yes, a lot of enterprises can be launched with little money. Think about low-startup-cost possibilities like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or freelancing.

How can single mothers guarantee the long-term financial security of their offspring?

By setting aside money, making smart investments, and getting insurance, single mothers may safeguard their kids' financial future. Seek out individualized advice from financial advisers.

What can single mothers do if they run into financial problems?

Look for support from regional nonprofits, government aid initiatives, or advocacy organizations. To properly control spending, consider financial planning and budgeting as well.

Are single mothers eligible for any tax breaks or benefits?

Depending on your nation's tax regulations, single parents may be eligible for tax benefits or deductions. To investigate these alternatives, speak with a tax specialist.

Can single mothers make a good living working from home?

Yes, many single mothers make good money working from home, doing freelance work, or running an internet company. Although it involves commitment and skill development, it is possible.


In conclusion, The 9 greatest approaches on “how can single moms make money covered” here offer a successful road map by highlighting the value of using abilities, embracing internet platforms, and looking for flexible work arrangements.

While difficulties may occur, persistence and adaptation are essential for getting through them.

To make their trip easier, single mothers should also keep in mind to utilize the services offered, such as community programs, government help, and childcare support.

Single moms can not only ensure their financial futures by starting on these income-generating pathways and using the resources at their disposal, but they can also set a positive example for their kids.

Through perseverance and hard work, they may create the foundation for a better and more secure future for their family. New moms can also try various ways to make money while on maternity leave. This will ensure they stay productive and earn a lucrative source of income.

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