21 Best Online Jobs for Moms (Stay-at-Home Jobs)

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Do you want to earn extra income but still wish for the flexibility to stay at home with your kids? If yes, there are many online jobs for moms available out there that allow you to watch your children while also making money.

The main objective of this is to spread positivity and change the lives of all the moms who toil so hard to look after their families. By grasping the power of the Internet, you can connect with partners and a client base to create work-at-home opportunities for moms without sacrificing your commitment to your kids.

Thankfully, these days, you can earn money while staying at home because of online jobs for stay-at-home moms.

online jobs for moms

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There are tons of legitimate work at home opportunities for moms that require no fees or investment on your part. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best stay at home jobs for moms:

Top 21 Best Online Jobs for Moms (Stay at Home Gigs)

Taking Surveys with InboxDollars

To start off with the list, we have a really popular method you might be already aware of. Yes! Surveys are still effective and high-paying.

InboxDollars has more than $40 million in total payout, dominating the survey website scenario. As a mother, you just have to invest 40-50 minutes daily into the platform, and you can cash out an adequate amount on a daily basis.

To begin with, you have to register on InboxDollars (Sign up with our link to get an extra $5 bonus). After this, starting your work-from-home journey will be effortless as you can make money while watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, and much more.

Graphic Designer

Design digital things like invitations, websites, or cards. You can earn up to $34,000 to $45,000, and it is one of the creative online jobs for moms.

You might need samples of past work along with which appropriate hardware and software can come in handy. Because graphic designing is all about computer work, you can even work when your kids are around.

Passionate about teaching? Become a tutor

If you’re knowledgeable and think you’re a pundit in a particular subject, then it’s high time you make decent money by teaching people you’re good at. These days, many students rely purely on online tutorials for subjects like maths, English, and various other subjects.

Therefore tutoring is one of the paying online jobs for moms. Depending on your proficiency, you can work with Elementary or High School students and college students or graduates.

In addition to that, many adults might be in need of special training. Being work-from-home moms, you can tutor them as well.

You can also use extra resources like websites that connect tutors with students. Apart from that, posting ads on places like Craigslist will also help. Of course, don’t forget about our strength of mouth advertising.

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Good at interacting?

If you really enjoy interacting with people around you, then you should definitely consider this kind of online job for moms, one being a social media consultant. Nowadays, every business needs public recognition through various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

That’s exactly why they hire managers to keep up with the task, give regular updates about business-related stuff, and ensure there’s a flow of interaction everywhere. You can even become a virtual assistant for someone who wants to handle their social accounts.

You can have a look at these general job sites containing a couple of online jobs for moms where you can apply for the position of social media consultant :

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Mashable

These sites will be absolutely helpful as there are a sufficient number of stay-at-home jobs for moms to make money using their social media skills.

Love kids? Be a Babysitter

You’re the right fit to babysit for people who love children over adults. These days, working mothers and fathers prefer to leave their children in a friendly home instead of a nursery or kindergarten. You can contact these sites for this particular job:

  • Care
  • Sitter City
  • Care4hire

Great at writing? Be a Product Reviewer

Writing is definitely one of the initial online jobs for moms. This may be the premier choice if you have a knack for words. If you’re skillful at writing, then this could be the ultimate choice to earn money.

Product reviewing is all about good written communication. You may have voluntarily posted some reviews on Amazon or other sites, basically reviewing a product. I’m sure you know what it takes and how much a customer review helps sell (or destroy!) a product.

Companies such as SharedReviews will give you money or gift vouchers in exchange for a product review, in a way, earning money through product reviews.


Passionate about clicking great pictures? There are hundreds of online publications, blogs, and websites that need pictures every single day. Stock image sites have become the go-to place for companies when they stand in need of pictures.

And to cater to this immense need, stock image sites reckon on photographers out there to supply them with all kinds of images.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro or an amateur. All you need is interest and skill. And the best part about that is that you don’t even have to travel and leave your house if you don’t really want to. You can take photos of objects that are around you, like windows, doors, toys, gardens, and so on.


If you’re the kind of person who likes to raise your opinion, then this job is certainly done for you to earn some cash. This job won’t get you rich, but this is one of those online jobs for moms that you can take up during your leisure time.

Companies and manufacturers use online surveys to gather information about their products and services from real consumers like you and me. They then use this data to improvise their products or services and come up with better ones.

You can find n number of websites, use any one of these and sign up for free. When they come across your profile, they send you an invitation to participate in the survey.

Each survey can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes or more. The longer the survey, the more money you earn.  On average, you can earn up to $2-$5 for a 10-20 minutes survey, which is pretty decent.

Some sites reward you with points for each survey you take that you can later exchange for cash and prizes such as gift cards for PayPal and Amazon. Else you may get cash instead of this.

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Massage Therapist

People prefer massage centers to relieve stress and pain these days. Helps heal injuries and assists in good blood circulation. All you need to do is talk to clients about their symptoms and medical history and locate the painful areas in their bodies.

You can get specialized in different massage modalities. You can earn up to $30,000-$35,000. But to do so, you need to have a license to open a message center at home, and you can schedule clients at your convenience.

You can also create a website to get more clients, making it one of the customer-facing online jobs for moms.

Love baking? Bake Stuff!

If you’re really fond of baking cakes and stuff, then it’s high time you run a home business or open up retail outlets showcasing special bakery products.

Once your business prospers, you can start taking more orders for your expertly decorated party cakes and desserts, making it one of the available online jobs for moms. Start baking commercially as a professional Baker and earn a lot of money!

Start an online spoken English course

Many of us English-speaking folks don’t really understand the importance of being a fluent speaker. English has become the international language, which is why there are thousands of people trying to learn the language in the most effective manner.

If you have a good handle on the English language, you could be a great help to non-English speakers out there. You can think of advertising your service on Craigslist (many foreigners would love this golden opportunity to learn English the right way).

Also, you can put it up on the neighborhood bulletin boards, or you can easily use specialty websites that connect you with students wanting to learn English. This is one of those online jobs for moms which could be beneficial to society.

Craft Maker

If your interest in arts and all sorts of crafted items, such as handmade jewelry, has remained, then you should take up this job.

You can utilize one of the many online storefronts created especially for selling handmade stuff. This is one of the online jobs for moms that could be done for enjoyment and get higher pay.

By far the biggest website for this is Etsy. In addition to that, there are many other good sites like Amazon handmade available to sell your handmade goods at a reasonable rate.

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Freelance Work

Freelancers are basically self-employed skilled workers that aren’t committed to any single employer. The role is particularly suited to stay-at-home moms who have chosen their family as their top priority but don’t want to let go of their talents.

It can be hard to make remarkable money as a freelancer at first. Initially, you’ll have to rely on lower-paying jobs to build a reputation and portfolio.

However, with time and perseverance, you can hone your craft, flourish a list of loyal clients, and establish a decent income making it one of the elementary online jobs for moms.


Tons of languages already exist or are in the making, and the Translator is someone we always look for when we want to know more languages.

If you’re a writer and are really keen on learning more languages, you can definitely choose this kind of online job for moms, where you have got to work as a translator.

There are hundreds of freelance companies hiring writers who hire translators. You also have an option to apply to translation companies all over the world looking for online translators. This is in fact, one of the best flexible online jobs that you can try.

Salon Stylist

Beauty stylists are in great demand these days who’ll have to perform a broad range of beauty services, from cutting hair to performing pedicures and manicures. Also, you should have knowledge of shampooing, cutting hair, styling, hair treatments, nail shaping, etc.

All you need is a legal license to run a salon, maybe at home. You can schedule your clients at your convenience. Earn up to $20,000 to $30,000.

You can also make your beauty salon website so that the clients can contact you easily as everything is done online these days, which could be considered an undemanding online job for moms.

Tech Support Provider

Tech support providers are basically one of the unique online jobs for moms, like customer service representatives. Apart from good communication skills, you should have a knack for troubleshooting.

However, you will also get higher pay, therefore is the most deserving job for all the geeky work-from-home moms out there.

Both software purveyors and hardware builders necessitate tech support employees. Telephone and online chat support places are available, too. You can search for posts on job-sourcing platforms like Upwork.

Online Reseller

Have the skills of a saleswoman? If yes, then this definitely is the apt job for you to sell goods using your exceptional talent and to get the cut of profits for doing so. All you need to have is a bit of shrewdness and convincing ability to get a commission.

Most online resellers these days work for themselves as it is one of the straightforward online jobs for moms. If you really want to get the hang of it, you can apply for this post via Upwork and similar platforms.

Magazine Writer

For many writers out there, a well-established magazine is a roaring success. However, even the infrequent magazine publication is an amazing way to build name recognition and audience.

If you want to see Magazine work in the best possible light, you must try being informative and telling entertaining anecdotes without losing focus on the article topic.

I can’t think of a better person who’s so connected with life, and family and more observant than mothers, making magazine writers one of the best work-from-home jobs for moms and effortless online jobs for moms too.

Finding magazine work can be a tedious job, though. Be calm and always stay optimistic. You have to wait for an editor to say yes!

Be a Copywriter

Freelance copywriting jobs are exemplary for mothers who have a knack for words and who are really creative. Copywriting jobs typically involve working with online businesses to produce enthralling web content making it one of the semi-skilled online jobs for moms.

The aim is to market services to readers. Employers who want to hire copywriters to hunt for freelancers who are native English speakers and writers in brief, incisive language. Again, freelance platforms like Upwork are an incredible place to look for work.

or an Author

Being a stay-at-home mom is the perfect opportunity to get to work on that novel that’s been residing in your head since you started copying in the exams in your grade school!

Or maybe a collection of hilarious true-life anecdotes that purely describes your motherly life.

Becoming a published author today is simpler than ever, making it one of the plain sailing online jobs for moms, thanks to the Amazon Kindle.

Think Creatively!

Stay-at-home jobs for women are more accessible than ever, thanks to the number of online jobs for moms. You also have a choice to work for enjoyment as there are plenty of voluntary online jobs for moms.

The best part is, that you can search for a couple of work-from-home jobs for moms with no fees. There are dozens of small-scale business ideas that you check out.

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Ending Note

While we have covered up most of the usual work-from-home jobs for women, there are a hell lot of opportunities beyond that. Think creatively! People are even making money by filling Captchas. You can even try that if you don’t want to invest much time.

If you look around, the most profitable ventures are the ones that are unique, and no one’s come up with that yet. Use your life experiences and your family as the best innovative ideas to become a successful work-at-home mom.

The top of the range of work-from-home jobs is the ones that harness your passion and get the best out of you. And there’s definitely nothing a mother is more passionate about than her creationism.