12 Best Jobs That Pay Weekly

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Numerous occupations that pay weekly and let you work from home are available.

jobs that pay weekly

The following categories’ top online jobs with weekly compensation are listed below:

  • Writing jobs that pay weekly
  • Customer service jobs
  • Personal shopper jobs
  • Reviewer jobs
  • Part-time jobs that pay weekly

So Let’s start with each of them along with the approx payouts: 

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Top 11 Jobs Pay Weekly

Do you know what a loan signing agent is?

The remuneration for this little-known internet job ranges from $75 to $200 per visit.

With this profitable career, you may earn six figures without going to college or getting work experience.

I adore this online job since you may work and be paid every single day. You can work on the weekends or during the evenings because the work schedule is flexible.

Work Online And Get Paid Instantly

Have you given a book flipping a thought?

If you have a used book, such as an outdated textbook, consider selling it on a site like BookScouter.

book scouter

Want to step it up even more?

Without stocking, packing, and most definitely without shipping, you may sell used books online!

That is good, to be accurate; however, there is a way to resell inexpensive books already listed on Amazon for more money. With this job, you may work from home and get paid immediately. 

Many people flip books online for over $10,000 a month.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the top websites for online survey research that accepts PayPal.

survey junkie

Online surveys with a $50 maximum payout are available through Survey Junkie, as are paid research studies with a $150 maximum payout.

You get to respond to inquiries about items and services to aid businesses in reviewing and enhancing their offerings.

It has a minimum age limit of 16 years and is only open to UK, Canadian, and Australian residents.

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For utilizing Swagbucks, you can receive daily payments in the form of PayPal cash or e-gift cards.


On this rewards website, you may earn money for watching videos, using the internet, and completing surveys that can pay up to $35.

You can shop online at your favorite retailers like Target and Walmart through the Swagbucks platform and receive money.


An online tutoring position can be ideal if you enjoy teaching but prefer a different teaching schedule.


Different from traditional tutoring, Studypool is an online platform for tutoring. Once hired, you’ll earn money by assisting students with their schoolwork. 

Utilize your computer skills and knowledge to earn weekly payouts! 

Easy Shift

Easy Shift is a rapid job search app for iOS or Android that is available for free download.

easy shift

Simple tasks include:

  • Submitting a photo of the storefront.
  • Taking images of objects and products.
  • Checking prices in-store.

Complete your responses using the app paid by PayPal within 48 hours after acceptance. You should think about Easy Shift if you want to work today and receive the payment today.

Field Agent

Field Agent is a different short-task website offering money to express your opinions on products, finish surveys or even work as a mystery shopper.

field agent

Pictures and responding to inquiries about the products and costs are more ways to earn money.

Although cash outs are typically handled within 24 hours, the money can take 3–5 days to arrive at your bank. This means that with this job, you can strive for weekly payments.


What is your “gift of gab”? An opportunity to work as a Cambly tutor can be ideal for you if you enjoy communicating with others.


You may speak with individuals from all over the world from the comfort of your home with Cambly, a fun and rewarding work-from-home opportunity.

Every week on Mondays, they pay each other via PayPal, For a comprehensive analysis of this work-from-home possibility.


Textbroker is a terrific location to make extra weekly money, whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting.


Every word you write will get rewarded, and there are a variety of projects you may work on (for example, you can select from open orders, deal directly with clients, or collaborate with other authors on a more significant project).

It’s also easy to sign up to be a Textbroker:

  • You’ll verify your citizenship by registering.
  • Send a writing sample.
  • Begin choosing your writing assignments.

Payment through Textbroker is subject to the following conditions:

You will be paid a certain amount based on your initial writing sample. Your material quality will get you a star rating, and be compensated accordingly.

In addition to weekly payments, Textbroker offers an author appreciation program called the “Textbroker Thank You (TBTY).” By doing what you do best—writing—you can earn benefits like extra cash and rewards. One of the three bonus categories includes receiving a free trip to Las Vegas; now, that’s what I call a “thank you” program.


What if watching videos could earn you money each week? Being a transcriber or closed captioner on Rev is the ideal way to get weekly money if you enjoy watching movies and typing.


As a transcriptionist, you accurately type what is stated after listening to audio or seeing a video. When working as a captioner, you watch videos, transcribe the dialogue that is being spoken, and imaginatively translate the noises you hear on screen.


Real people (like you!) who enjoy discussing client experiences on the phone are hired by Upcall


You will receive training as an Upcaller at the beginning, a script, and call tasks from the business you are calling for. You must work approximately 8 hours each week to receive your weekly salary from Upcall, and approval to start working there takes a few days (see below).

This fantastic job can pay you weekly, depending on how much you work, even if it takes some time to get accepted, and there are payment stipulations. Other information about being an Upcaller is provided below:

$12.00 is the hourly wage, and uses PayPal to pay out. 


Rover is the ideal flexible job with weekly income if you love dogs. Make money, play with pups, and set your schedule! There are few things better than that. 


You can select the best environment, from in-home overnight dog boarding to flexible dog walking (lunch with a pup, anyone? ), doggie daycare (bring the puppies home with you), and drop-in house sitting. Just TWO days after you’ve finished your service, payments are available for withdrawal!


In addition to the mentioned roles, the position of a content creator has become increasingly popular, providing the opportunity for weekly earnings. This is particularly true when utilizing tools such as Adobe Express Video Editor, which offers a user-friendly and adaptable platform for creative expression. By mastering this tool, you can create compelling visual content in high demand in the digital world.

This role allows for generating a steady weekly income. It enables you to engage in continual or project-based contracts with clients who appreciate a unique combination of creative flair and technical skills. Furthermore, platforms like FlexJobs offer numerous opportunities to find such engagements for those interested in freelance video editing work.”


What are some job options that provide weekly pay?

There are a lot of jobs that pay on a weekly basis. There are some examples, such as content writing, blogging, video editing, and many more.

Can jobs that pay weekly be done remotely?

Yes, there are remote job opportunities available that offer weekly pay. With the rising popularity of remote work arrangements, many employers pay every week that the employee can work anywhere that makes him comfortable, such as at home.


Numerous work-from-home job options pay weekly, whether you are just beginning your hunt for remote employment or are searching for more cash.  

Finding a work-from-home job that suits your lifestyle is easy because of the flexibility of this employment. 

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