Survey Junkie Review – Should You Use It In 2024?

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sThere is no better way to earn money online than by paid surveys. In fact, it has changed the complexion of money-making as it is sought-after by many. Some big firms in order to make their products or services more successful, have to address the people. It has then given rise to many websites that could help with such services. This is one of the prime ways to make quick money online.

It is not fraudulent. With more than 42,775 consumer ratings on Trustpilot, Survey Junkie receives a rating of 4.3 out of 5, while the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives it a rating of 4.26 out of 5 based on almost 1,700 client reviews. You won’t get wealthy conducting paid surveys with SJ, but you also won’t be scammed, so don’t feel misled.

When you roll down many, Survey Junkie stays quite popular and emerges out of many people’s mouths and heads. So how far-reaching it has been? Is it a scam-free one? Let’s take an elaborate look at the site and determine how good or bad the survey junkie review is.

Survey Junkie Review – Is it Good or Another Scam?

The layout of the SurveyJunkie

In a nutshell, Survey junkie is a survey website that pays you for your surveys and opinions, and it was established in the year 2013. In fact, the design plays a big part in the survey junkie review.

layout of survey junkie

If you look at the design, it is more an eye-catching one and uses white color for the backdrop while several other colors for the tabs and other options. Even naïve users find it more effective because of the user-friendly interface.

It bears a conventional display of the features with good graphics on the home page, along with the sign-in tab and help options. The fonts and format are way too convincing, while the navigation tends to be simple.

The focus of the SurveyJunkie

The site’s greatest intent is to pay for the online surveys conducted by the companies. They expect your earnest opinions and polls in return.

And the service stands out, and it excels amidst its multiple peers. Even people without prior knowledge can avail of this site for better use.survey junkie

Additionally, it is the hot spot for paid survey sites. Hence it is ranked as one of the highest priorities in the search engines.

And it is convincing enough for the users to approach the website for its standards, which makes the survey junkie review a positive one.

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Survey junkie follows the straightforward protocol keeping in mind the rudimentary consumers. Before jumping into the working process, let us acquire some basic knowledge of how the surveys are supposed to look on this website.

They are the general analysis of the user’s opinions. The objective is to understand their perspective from every possible angle, sometimes beyond, which could help them ease their difficulties and enhance their scope for the desired products and also makes the survey junkie review a positive one

Registering on Survey Junkie 

It only takes a snap of a finger to get started with survey junkie. The sign-in process requires your valid credentials along with your mail Id. You will be notified soon once you are on board.

For this, all you need to do is to press the Join Now tab given below the login option. Once your account gets verified, you can avail of the login option from there on. The important credentials include your country, zip code, and your city town and valid name and details.

As soon as you are on, there will be free points (around 30) awarded to you on joining. Besides, there are also perks to going through your basic survey models and completing profiles. It definitely intrigues you. Isn’t it? The awarded points will be put on your display.

Take Surveys

Here comes the integral part. You will find the take survey option below the join now tab. On clicking this option after the completion of your profile, you will find the surveys available. Normally you can choose the routine and the count, in fact, how often you want to avail the surveys.

survey junkie reviewBased on your availability, you can choose an option. If you are completely inclined to this site, select the surveys on a daily basis and allow more surveys as possible. Normally your profile will be on hold for more than 24 hours for validation.

After that, the stage is yours. The surveys will be of various fields, sometimes based on your interest and skill set.

Earn Rewards

As said before, the companies will examine your opinions and surveys. The questions often will be multiple choices, and you can pick a desired and relevant one.

Rating scales to pick the probable range of your desired answers, Likert scales, which is simple as bobbing your head or not(Agreeable or disagreeable).

There is a Matrix type for a similar bit of question for a long row, Dropdown ones for picking answers through the long scroll, and Open-ended questions. Requiring your answers to get typed in the box and demographic ones for the income information and appropriate ones.

Before every survey, there will be a small test to obtain your qualification, and you will be approved based on the results. Anyhow, you will have consolation points if you are denied.

Once you are done with your surveys, you will be acknowledged straightaway with the acquired points. The dashboard takes care of that always.

Here everything is virtual points which will be converted into rewards later. You can pile up more points as possible which eventually leads to huge rewards.

Here is the estimated money you can pull off with the surveys. Reaching a hundred points is equivalent to 1$, and most of the survey will take your valuable time of around 30 minutes. In fact, that’s all it takes. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then you can try other ways to get free stuff or free gift cards.

Get Paid

It is time for the curtain call after all your accomplishments. Yes, the whole world moved on with different vague payment modes. So it is time for you to get along with Gift cards, vouchers, and electronic cash.

Survey junkies ensure your secured payments through the Gift cards of various brands, including the infamous Amazon, widely accepted PayPal cash, and some room for electronic vouchers too.

survey junkie review - gift cardsYou simply have to collect more virtual points (around 1000 points) for 10$, can be done with more than two surveys. The payment information is explained precisely.


For the positive survey junkie review, the fundamentals have to work in unison. The basic operation of the survey junkie is to provide legal payment for the surveys.

Yes, it has done that well enough to engage a large number of users. And the hyperlinks within the website flow error-less.

The entire content is relevant to the services provided by the site and pertinent too. On a grammatical note, since it is a high-end website, there will always be less space for errors.


This is the phase that decides whether the survey junkie review is a good one. The information provided by survey junkies is authentic and scam free. And the effectiveness of the site reflects in the number of users it has gathered till now.

One could find easily find this above every other service as it is destined wholeheartedly to the surveys alone. The authors contributing to this website are of high profile, and you hardly find any dubious ones.

Talking about Help services, it has the best one ever they got. Every type of qualm gets answered instantly. The terms and conditions are explained beforehand, and you can opt out at your need.

The FAQ section, like many other sites, deals with your queries and responds to you instantly, even with the toughest ones. They also maintain a blog where everything is explained and simplified


  • Admission to this site is completely free, neglecting any other additional fees which most of the websites always follow.
  • There are prior instructions for all the actions you take
  • It offers a user-friendly interface
  • The rewards are sent to you instantly, causing no delay which further solidifies its reputation.
  • The payout is secured through certified payment apps like PayPal and availing free electronic gift cards and vouchers.
  • You can retrieve the rewards without additional charges (like allowing many points)
  • You can acquire more points even while you are signing in. And there are points for the completion of the profile and details and sample surveys. So you could have a handful of coins even before you start to survey.

Sometimes if needed, you can withdraw in cash, which this site provides additionally is seen as an optimistic option that solidifies the survey junkie review.


  • The website is completely inclined to the online surveys, which is also cited as a drawback, sparring additional services like other websites
  • Availability of this website is scarce, and hence the countries who couldn’t afford this service are left in dismay, thus giving the Survey Junkie review a setback.
  • Surveys are completely available based on your location and profile. There will be days you can get more in numbers. Sometimes there will be hardly anything
  • You can’t always count on the surveys because of their inconsistency. It must be seen as an extra way of making money.
  • There will be a prior evaluation (which is a sample survey) for starting a survey. Somehow if you couldn’t qualify, there would be nothing prolific made there.
  • The absence of an application renders you to seek the website all the time, unlike other services, which affects the convenience of the users all the time.

There will be less chance of technical difficulties, and if such is the case, the solution can take a considerable amount of time to get sorted out.

Survey Junkie – is it a legit one?

If you ask me this monotonous question, I will bob my head off 10 out of 10 times. It is the go-to website for paid online surveys and a prime alternative to Swagbucks.

Although it pertains to the surveys alone, the people are growing large in numbers. The company is starting to scrutinize the little mistakes that tends to develop as the day lapses.

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Critical Consensus

Like the users offer their opinions about the company’s products and services, there are general opinions too about the website, which matters the most for its credibility and also adds a lot to the survey junkie review. You can find more of their honest feedback on the Internet.

Apart from the nuances, survey junkie still remains a standard one. As a new user, who wants to endeavor this website, you can spare the negative issues. Staying modest with its appearance, providing some legal surveys as well as a reasonable payout, there are many things present with survey junkies to be beguiled.

Wait, I forgot to mention the payment methods, which definitely allure the users. Also, for the ones who had gone through all other reward websites and hadn’t set foot on this one, I urge them to try a hand at this one. You will eventually feel the difference. The efforts are way too less, and the benefits are high as aforementioned.

Clear Voice Surveys is also a paid survey site that provides a legitimate way for individuals to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes by simply sharing their opinions.


Does Survey Junkie use PayPal for payments?

Check out Survey Junkie if you're interested in taking online surveys. They are among the top panels available and have the highest Trust Pilot rating for a survey site. They'll also pay you using PayPal, allowing you to receive actual cash to spend whatever you like.

Does Survey Junkie offer instant payment?

Instantaneous PayPal transfers from Survey Junkie are possible. You can also exchange your points into digital gift cards when you're ready to do so.

Why can't I withdraw money from Survey Junkie?

Why can't I withdraw money from Survey Junkie? To cash out, you must acquire 500 points at the very least. Redeem your points for e-Giftcards or cash through PayPal or Dwolla once you've accrued at least 500. For further information, see redemption section.