27 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos (Free Money)

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you started getting paid to watch videos? What if I told you there are super easy ways to get paid for watching videos and earn free money? This article will explore simple methods to get paid to watch videos.

Discover how to get paid to watch videos with these 26+1 super easy methods. They are Swagbucks, Viggle, Perk.TV, Netflix, Nielsen, Reward TV, Nielsen Digital Voice, Apptrailers, You-Cubez, Paid2youtube, Successbux, QuickRewards, InboxDollars, Slidejoy, AppNana, Adfun, etc.

get paid to watch videos

Also, we have discussed some alternatives for earning money from watching videos. Stay with us to discover a variety of platforms and apps that offer payment opportunities for watching videos. Don’t miss out on the chance to turn your free time into a source of earning money.

26+ Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos


Swagbucks is one of the most popular sites where you can get paid to watch videos. You can watch various videos, from commercials, sports, music, and news clips.


For watching a video or a collection of videos, you earn SBs, i.e., Swag-Bucks, and you can exchange these at 100SB = 1$.

You can watch videos on Swagbucks on a computer or mobile phone and install Swagbucks watch as an extension to your Chrome. The SBs can be redeemed as gift vouchers or merchandise instead of cash.


Viggle makes getting paid to watch videos while watching your favorite TV shows is easy.

Download the Viggle App and tap the app when you are watching TV or streaming Netflix or Amazon.


By this, you will earn one point per minute plus any bonuses, as some shows offer you a 10x bonus, i.e., earning 10 points per minute of viewing.

Viggle even offers extra points for watching new shows in addition to your favorites. A prepaid debit card can redeem points for gift cards, prizes, and cash.


Perk.TV is a sister App to Viggle and a better and upgraded option if you want to get paid to watch videos.

Now, there are different sections through which you can watch videos, trailers, TV clips, play games, etc.; for every video, you earn Perk points and extra points by watching ads.

perk tv

The exchange rate of Perks Points to cash is 1000 points gets you $1.00 in cash; you also get 100 PP on signup. Perk points can be redeemed as gift cards, prize drawings, and cash; you can also earn a Perk token to be redeemed to enter sweepstakes.

Perk.TV is a family of apps that enable you to download only those activities you wish to participate in.

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Do you love videos? Are you a Netflixer or want to become one? Then, become a “Tagger” and watch videos for money.


Netflix publishes openings labeled as taggers whose basic role is to watch videos and tag them into categories. This helps Netflix to sort their inventory and also helps them make recommendations to subscribers.

The position is posted on their job boards and is rarely vacant; the only drawback is they are not financially lucrative and require long hours. But such can be compromised when you can watch anything on Netflix and earn from it!!


Regarding Nielsen, you can become a media panelist or a TV watcher.


Look out for the opening on the company’s website; if you are selected and agree to be monitored, you will be sent a device that connects to your computer, mobile phone, or TV.

Then, the main requirement is to track your viewing habits by keeping a diary. Now, there are different products by Nielsen that you can also try to earn more out of watching videos like:

Rewarded TV

Rewarded TV website is a product of the Nielsen Company, which provides ratings for TV programs. You go online to play games that test your knowledge of various movies, game shows, comedy skits, etc.

If you answer the questions correctly, you are awarded points. Also, it takes 30,000 points to equal $1, which seems steep. However, remember that answering a Reward TV survey or quiz can earn you 7,500 points. Those points can be redeemed for either gift cards or cash.

Digital Voice by Nielsen

As many households stream TV shows and videos online, the methods used to measure TV viewing habits have changed. By downloading the Nielsen app, Nielsen Digital Voice lets you tell the world what you watch on your computer or mobile device.

nielson digital voice

In addition to earning rewards for watching videos, you also get rewarded for your additional web activity and be entered into the monthly cash prize drawings. Nielsen gives away at least $10,000 each month.

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Apptrailers work like any other app we have discussed till now, and you can get paid to watch videos.


It enables you to get paid to watch movies and trailers for new apps and watch promos, the latest videos, movie trailers, and the TMZ channel.

For each watch, you earn points, and for every 1000 points, you earn 1$. Normally you earn 7 points from a trailer. These points can also be redeemed as Amazon, Starbucks, and other gift cards. The cash can be cashed out via PayPal. Also, check out its review. 


So, You-Cubez is an Ad company that guarantees its clients a certain number of views. To achieve their targets, they outsource and look for people to be hired and pay people to watch ads.


They also have amazing referral programs; after you refer your friend, you can get 15% extra commission from their activities. Other activities on this site include getting paid to watch videos and filling in paid surveys. Payments are received via PayPal.


This is another site where you get paid to watch videos, and it pays you for watching YouTube videos. You watch videos posted on YouTube, and they pay half a cent for every video watched.


You can rate videos, leave comments, subscribe to channels, and refer them to your contacts to maximize your earnings.

After earning 10$, Paid2youtube lets you transfer payments through PayPal.
This is the best site to make money by watching YouTube.

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Successbux is another site that lets you get paid to watch videos while viewing adverts. The viewing of adverts is for additional rewards.


The best part of this site is that it has a very low threshold pay-out, i.e., after you earn $1.10, you can transfer your cash out of your payment via PayPal.

Along with earning money by watching videos and listening to music, you will also get paid to fill out surveys, surf the web, try out products, and refer friends. A user-friendly site that lets you earn PayPal money by watching videos.


QuickRewards rewards you to get paid to watch videos, but the only restriction is that you should be a US, UK, or Canadian user.


You can cash your earnings through PayPal or via a voucher for Amazon, Walmart, or the Disney Store.

In addition to watching videos, you can perform other tasks like daily surveys, reading emails, and a daily shopping opportunity that allows you to earn at least 25% cashback.


Now, InboxDollars is an alternative to Swagbucks and allows you to get paid to watch videos by watching various short videos daily.


You can also make money by completing surveys, playing online games, performing web searches, and signing up for promotional offers.

You get paid your first 5$ just for signing up, and you can start to earn money by watching videos.


Slidejoy is the easiest and most fun way to get paid to watch videos. All you must do is let your smartphone get bombarded with ads or news stories and get engaged with them.

These ads include watching YouTube videos, browsing the advertiser’s website, activating a digital coupon, or earning Google Play credits.


If you swipe left, you engage with an ad; if you swipe right, you dismiss the post. To ensure fair play with the users, whether you swipe right or left, you get paid in points, which can later be cashed out via PayPal.

You can also earn points for referring friends and linking your Facebook account. You can download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

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AppNana is a reward App that does not directly let you get paid to watch videos but to perform different tasks like trying out new apps, playing games, or looking at advertisements.


You earn “Nanas” for each activity completed that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards, things from the iTunes store, paid apps, or paid games.


CreationRewards is another site for earning gift cards by completing various tasks, and the main activity is watching videos, so you can get paid to watch videos here.

creations rewards

You can choose from various options like watching videos, viewing video trailers, clips from TV shows, and advertisements.

The earnings opportunities are virtually limitless, and your rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal cash. New members can also earn a $5 signup bonus.


This is also an App available on the Google Play store, which allows you to get paid to watch videos. You can increase your earnings by sharing videos on social media with friends.


The more friends you get to share, the more points you rope. The payment process is also unique to Adfun.

You get paid by bidding and redeeming points for prizes. On select auctions, your chances increase if you get other friends to bid with you. Join Adfun and make money watching videos.


Earnably is another site that lets you get paid to watch the video. Here, you can earn 1$ per day if you watch the assigned number of videos for the day.

You have to watch videos manually as there is no autoplay feature.


To increase the amount of money, you can invite friends, and if you can rope users from the US and Canada, there are chances of earning faster and more money from the site.

Payments are made via PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.


On this site, you can earn easy cash online by completing offers, referring friends, clicking adverts, and watching videos.


But the videos are not passive, but you can still get paid to watch videos. You need to have a PayPal account that you can link to InstaGC.

Earning Station

Earning Station is free to join, and you can earn fast cash here and get paid to watch videos. Just sign in and start streaming and watching videos. You can earn cash and cash out through PayPal or gift cards.

earning station

The advantage of this site is that the video is on autoplay, so you don’t have to watch all the videos; they keep playing.

Now, you can earn more if you prefer; if you are a US user, the earnings tend to be higher than other country users.


Cashcrate is like all the sites mentioned above, where you get paid to watch videos and complete different tasks.


You can watch videos, too, and earn cash, which can be received via PayPal. You earn 2 points each for every video viewed. You can redeem your points for many gift cards, and you can get paid in Bitcoin currency, too.

You must watch the videos manually, so there is no auto-play feature.


Checkpoints is another site where you can get paid to watch videos. Like Earning Station, the videos on Checkpoints are streamed in auto-play mode, and you can easily earn a lot of cash by streaming videos all day.


Just make sure that the video keeps playing and doesn’t stop in between. The site also pays you for completing surveys and offers.

The only problem with the site is it requires continuous updates. The rest of the payments can be cashed through PayPal.


Using MyPoints, you get paid to watch videos. You can earn by viewing ads, clipping coupons, and completing surveys on this online rewards program.


You can earn additional MyPoints by watching the news, educational, sports, and other video clips.

Also, watching a video set on MyPoints nets you 4-5 MyPoints, and the exchange rate for MyPoints is 150-200 MyPoints per dollar.

GiftHulk TV

Gifthulk TV lets you get paid to watch videos but has a different system. At this site, you watch TV Rounds consisting of 10 videos each and earn 10 Hulk Coins.


You can watch up to 30 TV Rounds each day or the equivalent of 300 videos. Some rounds do pay out additional HC (Hulk coins), like TV Round 5 – 40 Hulk Coins, TV Round 10 – 50 Hulk Coins, TV Round 15 – 60 Hulk Coins, TV Round 20 – 90 Hulk Coins, TV Round 25 – 60 Hulk Coins and TV Round 30 – 60 Hulk Coins.

Once you have accumulated at least 5,000 HC, you can cash them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Get Paid to Watch TV as a Professional TV Watcher

You can get paid to watch videos as a job by becoming a TV Watcher. Professional TV watchers do things like watch different shows and identify clips that can be used in other programs.

The amount you get can vary a lot. So, a job posting on Entertainment Careers said that the starting pay would be $8 per hour; Jimmy Kimmel’s show used to offer $500 – $600 a week back in 2005.

Another website you can look at is WorkInEntertainment, or you can look at the general job boards and search for the keywords “TV watcher.”

Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers and commercials

You can get paid to watch videos and movie trailers for research companies to help movie companies figure out which trailers work best before they are put out for publicity.

Unlike some of the other programs, in this case, they are interested in your opinions and do not just want you to log in for hours and hours of viewing. They are the same companies that offer you to take surveys for money.

Some of the market research companies you can check are our Global Test Market, My Survey, My View, and Survey Spot.

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Alternatives for Earning Money from Watching Videos

The websites and techniques mentioned above are excellent resources for making extra money. But they won’t ever make you rich, as we said at the start. Additionally, earning more than $25 monthly is challenging, even with frequent usage.

The alternatives listed below are solid side businesses with a lot more potential.

Verify movie theatres

Do you adore watching movies and regard yourself as a movie enthusiast?

You can research Market Force, a renowned mystery shopping company focusing on theatre audits. Although many jobs in the movie industry involve visiting a theatre at a given time to guarantee the appropriate movie trailers are playing.

Some of the various assignment kinds are listed below:

Trailer Check

Usually, each task earns between $8 and $15. You don’t have to stay for the entire film when watching a trailer. Additionally, doing so is forbidden by the terms of service for Market Force. Therefore, you can get paid an excellent hourly rate if you can schedule several assignments close together.

Open checks

At the times of the shows, count the viewers. Since the theatre knows your actions, it is dubbed “open.”

Blind checks

Subtly count the number of spectators present at the scheduled showtimes.

Advertisement checks

 Make notes about the advertisements before the trailers are released.

Sneak checks

Go to a movie’s advance showing. Make a note of the audience’s responses. 

Script subtitles

You probably already know how much regularly created video material there is if you’ve spent time on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Content producers must add subtitles to their videos so that viewers who browse with their device’s audio muted can access them (as well as make them accessible for people with hearing challenges).

Many creators use independent contractors to handle this activity on their behalf. 

You can earn approximately minimum wage for the most straightforward assignments using straightforward video editing methods. Suppose you offer something of value in addition to the captions, such as the ability to translate the audio into another language or provide video images. In that case, you can charge much higher prices. 

Film and television reviews

With this option, you can view anything you want, with the highest earning potential of any on the list.

It’s a harsh industry, criticizing movies and television. Because of this, especially if you’re thinking about writing freelancing, you should start by setting lesser costs to reflect your experience level.

Remind yourself that you deserve to be compensated for your writing. You shouldn’t be pressured to accept less than what you feel is fair because you are starting.

Presenting potential cinema and television article topics to editors

It’s beneficial to start a blog if you want to start being hired as a freelancer to evaluate films or television programs. Also, you can demonstrate your writing abilities and flair.

After that, seek out magazines’ commissioning editors. Email them and directly contact them, using their names to address them.

Link to your online portfolio or blog after your pitch to let the audience know what you can do.


Can you get paid for watching videos?

Yes, you can get paid for watching videos through certain websites and apps. These platforms may offer rewards, points, gift cards, or cash for watching videos online.

Which apps pay for watching videos?

Several apps offer rewards or gift cards for watching videos. Some of them are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Viggle, Perk TV, etc. These platforms allow users to earn points or cash by watching videos.

Ending Note

So, this is our guide on how to get paid to watch movies or earn money by watching videos. Day or night, you can watch videos from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for money.

The flexibility is the biggest advantage of this and involves less creativity and just your love for binge viewing. Keep streaming and earning. Good Luck!