14 Trustable Ways to Sell Used DVDs Online

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In the world of Netflix & Amazon Prime, DVDs are dying and there’s nothing you can do. Do you have a collection of your own DVDs? Are the used DVDs are taking dust and of your no use? Do you want to Sell Your DVDs Online? You are in the best place.

We present you the best places to sell used DVDs online. Who buys DVDs nowadays? That is quite a question when you think of selling DVDs.

How to Sell used DVDs Online in 2019 

DVDs are the trend of yesterday, today we can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and what not. We have a torrent to bring joy to us. We can download movies anywhere anytime. DVDs are now only used for gaming on PlayStation and Xbox.

There is no harm by making money by letting some old memories go away for some good cash. However, if you’re way too sentimental for your DVDs, there are other free ways to make money.

We bring you the best ways to sell used DVDs online and near you.


SecondSpin will allow almost any DVD only if it is a Region 1 or All disc. Moreover, the artwork and DVD should be in mint condition with the least writings or stickers so you can get sufficient value.

sell used dvds online
don’t let your dad do this 🙂

Here you can sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

You can observe how much the possible trade-in amount by inputting in the name of the movie or its barcode into their online portal. They will also refund you for shipping once they receive your items!

You got the choice to receive payment with store credit, PayPal, or a paper check.

If you stay around a SecondSpin store, you also have an option to sell used DVDs, tunes, and games personally. SecondSpin accepts more titles than any other DVD buyback options.


Bonavendi got a slightingly distinct take on the sale procedure as they compare the values from 20 diverse buyback buyer. This value search engine can be the fastest way to obtain the best cost for your DVDs.

Here, you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle. You can begin comparing rates by inputting every barcode number independently or scanning the barcodes with the mobile application.

After receiving the quotes for every DVD, you can choose the buyer(s) that you wish to use. The particular vendor will pay you as per their policy once the DVDs collected.


Decluttr enables you to trade your owned DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for cash. Moreover, they will even buy your owned phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and textbooks.

Sell your used DVDs; you insert the barcode of the items you want to trade and mail them for free. This is also the best place to sell DVDs online.

sell used dvds online

When you prefer to get paid through PayPal or direct deposit, you may get paid the next day. Otherwise, Decluttr will send a paper check.

If you need to trade on the go, it’s also possible to trade your movies using Decluttr’s mobile application. All you got to do is scan the barcode to start the listing process. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

SellDVDs Online

SellDVDs Online will purchase your DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and gaming consoles. You will get a quote when you input the UPC barcode in the website.

DVDs must be in excellent playing condition, and not the case neither disc should have scratches, chips, nor missing parts. Freighting is free, and Sell DVDs Online will instate payment in three days of collecting your parcel. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

PayPal or paper check can be a mode of payment. While other buyers might have similar policies, sell DVDs Online will never accept brand-new movies that are in its original box.

They can’t confirm that the latest movie hasn’t stolen and the considered seller is attempting to make fast money.

Eagle Saver

You can trade new or almost new DVDs and Blu-Rays at Eagle Saver. Just input the 12-digit barcode placed below the UPC barcode to get an on the spot quote for every movie you want to trade.

It’s even possible to trade movie or television series with Eagle Saver. Here you can sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

Sending the DVDs is free as Eagle Saver receives USPS and FedEx lots. Once your titles are accepted, you will get your payment the next day through PayPal or a paper check.

An added perk of trading to Eagle Saver is that they have free return freighting for any DVDs they choose not to buy from you if they don’t meet their quality criteria.

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Half.com is eBay’s alternative option to Amazon. All listings are of third-party sellers, and you can trade every DVD from satisfactory condition to mint new. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

Listing on Half is another excellent option for the DVDs you want to trade that don’t suffice the trade-in requirements of the other sites suggested in this article.

For example, the disk or packaging might have too several flaws or you just never got a DVD out of the shrink cover.

It’s also worth examining into Half because their charges can be cheaper than Amazon. (But you may not get as high of a freight credit as you would from Amazon.)

You will need to reduce the estimates to see if selling on Amazon or Half will provide you with a more significant deal.


Go to a mall; you must have presumably been at an FYE (For Your Entertainment) store at least one time. Insert the barcodes to receive a quote and FYE will give you with a freight credit after your DVDs are received.

Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle. After collecting and accepting your movies, FYE will give your payment electronically with PayPal or by sending a paper check.


If you want to sell used DVDs to the largest bidder, why not sell them off on eBay? You will have to give your product photos and item information, but this can be a great way to trade items separately or as a bunch. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

Moreover, you get to choose the opening bid and freighting fees. In addition to auction listings, you can also attempt “Buy It Now” costs too.

sell used dvds online

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You have a few of various trading choices with Amazon. The most profitable chance is to put your DVDs as a third-party listing. The DVD buyback services, you don’t get payment until your film bought and you send it to the client. sell used dvds online

Although Amazon will have a share of the sale cost as a commission, you may be able to earn extra money for DVDs that don’t match the quality criteria of the buyback buyers, or you can trade it for higher than sell-in value.

Another option is to trade-in your DVD or Blu-Ray right away to Amazon. It isn’t ever the most cost-effective idea as Amazon’s trade-in value can be significantly inexpensive than if you sell the product by yourself.

Payment is prompt meaning you receive cash as soon as Amazon gets your DVDs and you don’t have to deal with the trouble of listing and anticipating for a buyer to come along and buy.


Sounds weird, right? But if you don’t want to deal with the hectics of shipping your DVDs and expecting to receive pay, you can also trade them nearby with a Facebook buy and trade crowd. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

You can list for free, and you make money once you meet the buyer in person. So, just make sure to read the group guidelines to make sure you can trade all your DVDs.

Pawn Shops

Another option to trade DVDs locally is to visit your region pawn shop. To sell used DVDs to a pawn shop, take them to the place, and their team will evaluate your collection and give you a value. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

If you accept the price quoted, they will give you cash instantly, and they will trade the DVDs in the store. Also, being aware of the online trade-in prices can help you bargain the best price.

If you don’t want their offer, you can trade them to receive more cash.


Another option is to visit your locally owned bookstore. In addition to buying owned books, many will also accept movies and video games.

The amount you will get paid depends on the local demand for the DVDs you wish to sell.

To maximize your profit, you might consider selling your DVDs for store credit as most bookstores give a better rate when sellers don’t want cash. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

Yard Sale

If you want to sell used DVDs without leaving your home, another alternative is to start a yard sale. Advertising your DVDs on a local yard sale app will improve the exposure to die-hard customers who are preparing their weekend plans.

If you own some precious DVDs to sell, be sure to specify them in the listing to also create more attention in your sale. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

Having a yard sale can be the dullest option to trade DVDs as you have to be on-site to finish the deal, maybe wrangle with potential customers that wish to pay less than the price you are asking, and there’s no guarantee your DVDs will retail.


Another proposed, and clean method is to trade your owned DVDs on Craigslist. Whether you have a particular movie, a specific tv show season, or the entire series of a film or TV franchise, it will trade on Craigslist or a Craigslist alternative so as Letgo. Here you can simply sell used DVDs online with very less hassle.

As with Facebook, listing each movie is free of cost, and you get to save all the profit. All you require to do is meet the buyer at a preferred meetup point, and they pay you in cash right away.

Here is some advice to follow while selling DVDs:

  • Be upfront about the shape of your DVDs. If the disk is all damaged up, don’t worry attempting to sell it.
  • It’ll merely get refused by the seller when they get it. Universal Studios and some other studios offer a cheap replacement for DVDs that have been scraped or cracked.
  • You must have the original cover and artwork to sell used DVDs to resellers. They refuse any DVDs that come without these conditions.

Summing Up 

DVDs are now simply taking dust in the corner of people’s home. There is no harm in getting a few bucks over old stuff. This is one way to earn some extra cash for our own happiness. With the extra money, we can bring joy ourselves.

DVDs used to bring joys to us in the past but no more when everything is on the space age technology called the internet. There are many ways you earn by selling used goods, DVDs are used goods, and we can sell them to make some money for our own joy and pamper.

Selling your used goods is your choice, there are some DVDs that are a little close to our hearts, but it is your choice to make money off it.

If you have a rare DVD in mint condition, don’t sell it right away. Wait a while you might get some extra. Sometimes there are some rare DVDs that go up to more than their retail prices.

Enjoy and go out there and make some money by selling all the crappy DVDs in the attic of your house which have no more use to you. Get some money and happiness!

Hope you learned from it! Hope you earned some extra cash!