7 Best Jobs for Night Owls (Make Money at Night)

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Are you scouring the internet for the top night shift positions? Many excellent night shift jobs are available in the growing market if you don’t mind working through the night and when most of the world is asleep.

A night owl can reap the benefits of their sleeping patterns by having a job for a night owl, which frequently pays more than an identical task during the day.

Due to the difficulty employers often have in locating employees who desire to work late into the night, certain night occupations may not require a college degree.

Businesses that operate around-the-clock need jobs for night owls. Employees may be in entirely different time zones from one another or their main office due to the increase in internet alternatives for working from home.

The average hourly wage for the jobs of a night owl is listed below. It includes information on the level of experience needed and the projected growth in employment over the following ten years.

Best Jobs for Night Owls

Anyone prepared to work odd hours has a decent chance of finding employment and earning a respectable living.

Here is a list of some of the jobs for the night owl that are open to employees that prefer evening, night, and graveyard shifts. There are also many choices to consider, whether you’re searching for weekend employment or a part-time nighttime job.

Air Traffic Controller

  • Mean Salary: $61,681
  • Necessary Requirement: Long-term on-the-job training and an associate’s degree or higher
  • Duties to perform: Must keep an eye on how planes fly in the air and around airports. Further, to discuss proper airport approaches and departures with the aircraft crew.

air traffic controller

You might be shocked that one of the best jobs for night owls is air traffic controller. They keep an eye on how planes are flying both in the sky as well as around airports. Air traffic controllers inform flight crews about safe landings to and diversions from airports.

They update pilots on the status of the airport, the temperature, and any obstructions.

Front desk clerk

  • Mean Salary: $27,627 – $43,510
  • Necessary Requirement: Job-based training.
  • Duties to perform: Collaborate with coworkers and maintain contact with consumers. Plan deliveries and shipments while organizing your inventory. Take calls and leave messages on the phone.

front desk clerk

Among the most unexpected jobs for night owls are as a front desk receptionist. Even though most front desk employees work during the day, many establishments that accept shipments overnight or are open late need someone to monitor the front desk.

For instance, hotels and other service organizations require staff to remain on duty around-the-clock at the front desk to respond to calls and meet customers’ requirements.

Police Officer

  • Mean Salary: $55,137
  • Necessary Requirement: Long-term on-the-job training and a degree to advance.
  • Duties to perform: To conduct neighborhood and road patrols and respond to wrecks, assaults, and other crises. Additionally, to keep up ties with locals to gain leads when conducting criminal investigations and aid in crime prevention.

police officer

To maintain the safety of our surroundings, police officers are on duty 24/7. No two shifts will be identical. 

The more straightforward duties of issuing traffic fines and monitoring the neighborhood to the more serious duties of answering calls, arresting people, and carrying out investigations! The police carry it out.

Flight Attendant

  • Mean Salary: $69,669 – $97,366
  • Necessary Requirement: A high school diploma and some job-based training.
  • Duties to perform: The flight attendant’s responsibility is the care, security, and convenience of aircraft passengers. Before, during, and after each trip, the Flight Attendant offers passengers customer service while fostering a friendly atmosphere.

flight attendant

Working as an airline employee is another fantastic opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the world.

Not all airports permit takeoffs or landings in the middle of the night, typically because of noise regulations. You’ll be working late due to time zone changes and red-eye flights.

Security Guard

  • Mean Salary: $31,199 per year or $15 per hour
  • Necessary Requirement: GED or high school diploma, some work experience, and physical fitness
  • Duties to perform: Security officers are required to patrol the area where they operate and keep an eye on activities. Visitors are screened, and they ensure that no harmful materials are brought into the facility. Security officers create reports regarding infractions, hold offenders, and watch video feeds of activities.

security guard

Many significant commercial and industrial complexes, whether office buildings or retail malls, need 24-hour security to monitor and safeguard the property all night. 

Although security guards are also required throughout the day, things are simpler late at night when there are typically few to no visitors.

Although you are frequently the first line of defense, it is ultimately your responsibility to alert the police if there is a real threat.

Healthcare Worker

  • Mean Salary: $75,040
  • Necessary Requirement: a doctoral or specialist degree, a medical license, and years of training.
  • Duties to perform: Make sure patients take their medications as prescribed. Maintained accurate notes of patients’ conditions and health concerns while changing bandages and tracking patient progress. Assist patients with regular activities, including showering

healthcare worker

Hospitals are one of the great jobs for night owls because they seldom sleep. In the healthcare sector, many physicians, nurses, surgical personnel, paramedics, and administrative assistants are available on call around the clock.

They deliver emergency treatment and confer with doctors remotely regarding complicated cases. When necessary, EMTs transfer patients safely to medical institutions.

This is an excellent option for anyone wanting to work late-night hours because most prefer to be employed during the day.

Cafeteria Staff

  • Mean Salary: $25,206 
  • Necessary Requirement: None.
  • Duties to perform: Make wholesome meals. Serve meals and take orders. Maintain a spotless kitchen and dining spaces, accept payments, and make every client interaction delightful.

cafeteria staff

Cafeteria workers are crucial to many organizations and play a crucial role in places like hospitals. Many hospital cafeterias serve meals and snacks to physicians, caregivers, and other hospital workers around the clock. 

The typical requirement for cafeteria staff roles is a high school diploma. However, they may be highly gratifying, and the workforce is frequently close-knit.

In addition, various positions are available, including servers, caterers, cooks, drive-thru operators, cashiers, washers, and shift managers in the Cafeteria.

Frequently Asked Question

Is night shift jobs easy to find?

Yes, you could easily find night shift jobs.

What are some benefits of working the night shift?

Most businesses offer their staff a bonus for working the night shift. The attractiveness of this income disparity is undeniable, and over time, it may substantially influence the family's financial situation.

What are the problems in jobs for a night owl?

Working the night shift might affect one's mental health. It may result in melancholy, tension, worry, rage, impatience, disorientation, and frustration. Due to memory issues, one may also start to forget things.


Not everyone is cut out for night shift work. As a result, your relations and well-being can suffer.

If you enjoy working late hours and are searching for a career, think about using the services of a reputable temporary staffing agency. 

Temp employment is a terrific chance to test new roles, pick up skills you can use in many other occupations, and determine which industries suit you.