7 Apps That Pay You for Walking (Make Money Walking)

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Thinking of building up your health and stamina by walking daily but lack the motivation or will to do so? Worry not! Because walking can become more exciting when you can earn money and rewards for your determination. But what apps pay you for walking? This guide will cover the 7 Best apps that pay you for Walking.

Every single person in this world is attracted to money, so getting paid a little extra for a lengthy walk is a terrific and excellent motivation. There are many such apps like Achievement App, Sweatcoin, Runtopia, myWalgreens Health Goals, FitPotato, PK Reward and Lifecoin. Most of these apps work on both iOS and Android devices.

apps that pay you to walk

So stop running and read on further to turn your steps into real money!

Best Walking Apps That Pay Real Money

This list initially only included five applications, but today, dozens of new ones claim to pay users for doing steps. While most of them are not particularly good, some of them are.

Some of the top apps that pay for walking are featured in this post. These applications will encourage you to exercise and walk while earning additional money to meet your fitness and health objectives.

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Achievement App

You don’t get paid to walk on Achievement. Numerous additional sports, including swimming, running, or even meditation, might earn prizes.

achievement app

You may use more than 40 health applications with the app. These include MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, and more! Don’t worry if you don’t use any of these applications. The app also functions on its own.

You may get points by tracking your daily activities by keeping track of how much water, food, and sleep you consume.

Also, you can receive up to 80 pts from Achievement for working out. You will receive $10 whenever you acquire 10,000 points. These may be cashed out using PayPal, redeemed via Giftrocket, or given to a good cause.


Walking earns you bitcoin rewards using Sweatcoin. Every 2,000 steps, it changes into money, which you may use to buy and sell things. The entry-level app is cost-free, but there is a daily walking step cap. 


The application aims to get you outside exercising, paying you coins. So you have to walk outside to grab your coins.

Because SweatCoin is a cryptocurrency, be aware that its market value is continuously changing. SweatCoins may be redeemed for numerous incredible features in the app. You may also choose to gift your friend these SweatCoins.

SweatCoins’ advantageous reward system varies periodically, so it will be wise to conserve your SweatCoins for the most enjoyable activity.

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Runtopia is also one of the apps that pay you for walking. A walking and step counter turns the activity into its own money, SPC coins, using GPS data. SPC may use these coins in the in-app store to purchase sporting goods, gifts, and services.


The app also has training routines that may help you bend, relax, reduce weight, and do other things. Although most of the services are free, some need a premium subscription.

There are a variety of features in this software that are unique. A running community and customized training schedules are two examples, as we all undoubtedly have questions.

Note: The SPC coins’ expiry date is March 1st.

myWalgreens Health Goals (Walgreens Balance Rewards)

If you shop at Walgreens frequently, you could already be a member of the network’s balance incentives. You might not be aware, but walking is one of the methods to increase your Balance incentives.


Moreover, you may earn up to 1,000 points each month. You may also gain extra points by using the app and monitoring your weight and blood pressure.

You may enroll in the health program myWalgreens (formerly known as Walgreens Balance Rewards) to earn up to $6 monthly in Walgreens cash. Although it’s not much, you can still save money on meals!


On the FitPotato app, you may challenge pals and other users to get paid for your steps.  


A percentage of the weekly award will go to those who accept the challenge and complete all three weekly sessions. You are entitled to the whole prize if you’re the lone winner.

FitPotato uses your GPS location and Apple Health Steps data to track your workout.

PK Reward

PK Rewards, formerly known as PK Coin, is an app that pays for walking, working out, or just moving in general and strolling. In short, you may earn with PK Rewards if you’re doing something.

pk rewards

With the help of the iOS software PK Prizes, you may accumulate virtual currency for rewards or charitable donations.

The app will calculate your time and effort under the “Effort Score” option to award your coins. 

With an Apple Watch, the PK Coin app tracks your workout and rewards you according to your heart rate. More coins are earned the harder you work. Then, you may exchange your pennies for gifts from companies like Amazon and Nike.


With the excellent software Lifecoin, you can get paid to walk. The app utilizes a GPS to detect your movement; hence, it is inoperable indoors. Keep in mind that GPS tracking might quickly deplete your battery. You don’t get paid in cash through LifeCoin. 


Lifecoin points may be redeemed points for gift cards or tangible products from retailers like Amazon or LuLulemon.You may purchase things with LifeCoins, including Beats Headphones, quadcopters, and Airpods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we truly get rewarded for walking using apps that pay for walking?

Certainly, you can. Just remember not to expect this to be your new job. You may make a little money here and there with these apps. The kind of app you download also affects the outcome. As you can see, specific applications can help you make money, while others can provide additional benefits like discounts at your favorite shops.

How will I get paid using the Achievement app?

10 dollars will be yours for 10,000 points. There are three ways you can use your points: through PayPal, Giftrocket, or by making charity contributions.

How does the Sweatcoin app work?

You will receive Sweatcoin for each step you take. 950 steps earn 95 Sweatcoins. Earning digital cash while receiving attractive benefits keeps you inspired to exercise more!

How will I get paid using Walgreens Balance Rewards?

Your Walgreens Balance Rewards account won't provide you cash in hand. Instead, you may exchange your points for savings on goods from Walgreens. You may get 10 dollars off your transaction at Walgreens for 1,000 points.


These apps that pay you for walking, such as Winwalk. We hope you’ve found this list of apps to be valid. This is a reasonably simple approach to earning money from a job you already have. You’d be wrong if you assumed these applications paid people to walk. Although many of these applications exist, we only looked at the finest ones in this article.

It’s essential to maintain your fitness, which involves time and effort to do both intellectually and physically. Due to a healthier lifestyle that lowers medical costs, walking helps minimize health hazards and even benefits financially.

Realistic expectations are the most fantastic course of action when earning at every stage. Start your journey, keep inspired to act healthily, and get incentives as a bonus. When you get bored of walking, you can make money on Meete app just by chatting with others.