Winwalk App Review: Get Paid By Walking or Get Scammed?

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Staying fit takes dedication, but finding time for exercise in our busy lives is hard. Psychology tells us we’re naturally drawn to rewarding activities. Winwalk is an app that rewards you for doing several steps throughout the day. It simply serves as a pedometer, counting your steps. This post will analyze Winwalk app reviews from around the web to determine whether it genuinely pays you to walk or is a fraud.

The Winwalk app is ideal for achieving your health objectives while earning money. Even if the program has a few drawbacks, such as a relatively low revenue potential or restrictions on how much a person may make daily, it is still regarded as completely legal software. This software includes several excellent aspects, including how you may reinforce your efforts to make them more exciting. Despite some shortcomings, this software is quite accessible and a must-try.

This article will outline all the details about the Winwalk app by surfing through the Winwalk app reviews around the web. It will also list the pros and cons of the app so that readers are aware of it before giving it a try. This article will analyze whether you should invest your time in such an online platform. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started.

Winwalk App Review: What is Winwalk?

Winwalk is an app that pays you for walking by counting your steps. With Winwalk, tracking your daily steps, calories, distance, and time is enjoyable and straightforward. Most importantly, you can use the coins you earn from your steps to purchase gift cards from popular food, entertainment, fashion, and wellness companies. If you want to know “what is the Winwalk app store,” it is Google Play.winwalk reviews

There’s more to this pedometer than counting steps. It’s also a fitness companion that encourages you to walk more, enhance your well-being, and earn money. This is the ideal step counter software for anybody looking to add enjoyment and satisfaction to their walking.

How Does Winwalk Work? 

The app functions as a pedometer. It rewards you by tracking your steps even when you cannot access a GPS. It is the finest app for staying active and healthy. The software allows you to make money in three distinct ways. The first method is to stroll. It gives you one coin for every 100 steps. It does not drain your battery because it does not utilize GPS to track your steps. So keep walking and gather points.winwalk app

The second way to earn money is by completing missions. When you finish 10,000 steps, the app will display additional missions. It may be as simple as watching a video or completing a survey. As you complete each objective, you will start to gain extra points. Each task will display a set of coins you may win by completing. The missions are mere promotions for different products.

The final and most crucial approach to making money from this software is recommending it to your close friends. To do this, invite the individuals you wish to suggest this app to using the app itself. As they accept your invitation, you will begin earning additional coins. 

Earning Potential with Winwalk

Winwalk is an excellent app for achieving your fitness goal, but its income rate could be much higher. The app places various limitations on the tasks that you can do to earn points. 

The first limitation is that you can only earn 100 daily coins for walking. So, if you plan on earning coins only by walking, it will take you 80 days to complete 10,000 coins, which is merely 5$ in cash.walking

So, even if you think about earning money through missions, you must first earn those 10,000 coins. The primary aim of all these apps is to motivate and encourage healthy habits in people. These apps pay you for walking and other essential activities.

Therefore, this app’s earning potential is relatively low compared to the other apps.

Additional Ways to Earn Coins 

As mentioned above, if you believe you can earn enough money just by walking, you are wrong. In this app, various limitations come with only earning money through walking.

As a result, earning coins through other methods is an excellent approach to increasing the load of your coin wallet. One method to make money is by suggesting this app to others. Tell your friends to download the Winwalk app and email them an invitation. You will earn prizes when they accept the invitation and use the app. However, you will only receive your commission after the person you referred earns their first 100 coins. It is a one-time incentive in which you receive 300 coins for one referral. This is a superior technique to gain significant coins at once.referring to others

Completing missions also helps you earn more money. However, if you wish to do so, you must first achieve your goal of accumulating 10,000 coins before attempting to perform missions.

Redeeming Coins for Rewards 

After accumulating a certain quantity of coins, you may trade them for thrilling rewards. The only disadvantage is that you cannot trade those coins for money. You may redeem gift cards by trading coins. You may redeem gift cards from the following websites.

  • Amazon amazon app
  • eBayebay app
  • Google Playgoogle play
  • Starbucks starbucks
  • Sephorasephora
  • Walmartwalmart
  • Target

targetRemember that you can only redeem these gift cards when you have collected a minimum of 10,000 coins, equivalent to $5.Therefore, even if this app cannot fulfil your financial needs, it can satisfy your fantasies. These apps are good for passive income. If you want to generate a passive income, these apps can help you make a passive income in 2024.

Winwalk App Review: Pros and Cons 

As you scroll through the Winwalk reviews, you will notice that there are various pros and cons to its features


  • It can be an excellent motivator to move closer to being fit and active.excellent motivators
  • It is a very beginner-friendly and easy-to-use app.user friendly winwalk app
  • You can fulfil your occasional desires through gift cards that you can redeem through this app. Storing gift cards or loyalty cards safely is quite a struggle. Therefore, if you want to know how to store them in one place, here are the best loyalty card apps for Android and iOS devices.


  • This app only tracks your steps; therefore, activities like bicycling, jogging, or running dont count in these
  • There is also a limitation to the app’s availability. It is not available worldwide
  • The earning potential of the app is pretty low in comparison to other app
  • It demands a lot of personal details during the login process, which raises various security-related issues.
  • You cannot run the Winwalk app on an iPhone
  • You cannot sync any fitness tracker to this app. 

User Reviews and Ratings 

If you look at the Winwalk app review, you’ll notice that users have praised the app’s unique purpose despite some minor flaws. If you go through the reviews of the Winwalk app on Google Play, you’ll find a strong 4.3 rating, showing that this app is popular among the public. customer careHowever, users have reported discontent with the software in certain situations due to its minimal earning potential. As a result of its poor income potential, Winwalk has received a 2.5 rating out of 5 stars on websites such as Trustpilot. Overall, it is a genuine and trustworthy software. Now, you may attain your fitness objectives without any concerns.


How does WinWalk app work?

Winwalk is a free step counter that offers gift vouchers from leading brands and websites like Amazon, Sephora, and Target.

Is the WinWalk app safe?

Yes, the Winwalk app is a 100% legitimate and safe app to use.

How much is one coin in WinWalk?

To earn one coin in Winwalk, you have to walk 100 steps.

Is the WinWalk app real or fake?

Winwalk is an honest and trustworthy app to earn money while achieving your fitness goals.


WinWalk is a good choice if you’re looking for an app to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives because, according to the Winwalk app review, their pedometer is helpful. However, you will be disappointed if your only motivation for utilizing this software is to make money. The revenue potential of this software could be better. It will take some time before you can use any rewards, and it doesn’t provide any monetary incentives. But even after that, it is excellent for all the fitness freaks. Therefore, redeem your favorite gifts from this app before any more about your health issues.

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