22 Best Apps that Pay Real Money via PayPal

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Are you looking for ways to earn some extra cash? Have you heard of the apps that pay you through PayPal? There are a bunch of apps that pay you PayPal for gaming, completing surveys, or doing some other jobs. 

Some of the applications that pay you PayPal include Solitaire, Spin to Win, Gift Wallet, Find the Answer, Find the Money, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Whether you are looking to save up for a vacation or want to have some extra spending money, these applications will help you to achieve your financial goals. 

So, grab your phone and get ready to dive in and explore the world of apps that pay you PayPal.

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22 Simple but Useful Apps That Pay

There is a myriad of apps that pay you real money. Paypal cash is one of the widely used terms at present. All you need is a Paypal account, which receives the Paypal cash. Yes, It looks obscure and impossible for you at the start.

So let us dive in deeper about the apps that pay you through PayPal. You can even use apps like Field Agent to earn cash through PayPal!

Fiverr App

Have you ever imagined of having everything under the roof? Then Fiverr platform gives you a chance. It is one of the android apps that pay you money by freelancing. Well, you have to choose the domain where you can showcase your skills.


Normally, It would be about Digital Marketing, Writing, Music, and Programming. If you believe you can succeed in any of these, then you can make money Online.

The instructions are simple. Download the app, select the domain and link the PayPal account. Start earning the free PayPal money. Fiverr is in fact, the most suited platform to get online jobs for moms.

Visit Fiverr.

Become a Host

Can you afford an additional room at the moment? Then Extra space is for Extra money. You could be your own host and rent your best of the second houses for the guest. there are apps that pay you and provide you such spaces like your home.


Airbnb is such an application. Start decorating your room and make it available on Airbnb. You can also become a tour guide for your guests. Then hurry, link your account to get the PayPal cash.

Visit Airbnb.

Healthy Wage

Here comes the physical challenge of all. Use your body weight to get the free PayPal money. Still trying you to figure out? Yes, the HealthyWage is one of the pays you for body transformation.


You have to lose your body weight within a given time limit, which is set by the Healthy Wage. Yes, less weight for more money. There are also brighter chances of making 1000$ per day.

Visit HealthyWage.

Spin to Win

Let’s spin your worries too. The effort needed for this is little. Spin to Win Cash is one of the apps that pay you instant and huge money in some snap. You will be given a spinning haggle, and it ends up with a random number.

Those numbers become coin in return. Isn’t it escalating you? I hope it does. Go start spinning the wheel. If you’re intrigued by real user experiences and want more insights, consider checking out some words to win app reviews to make an informed decision about the app. Turn the fortunes into dollars. Everything is limitless here. Extract the free pay pal money.

apps that pay

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Scratch your fortunes with Lucky day

It’s another instance where you have to rely on your fortune completely. LuckyDay is one of the apps that pay you real money just by scratching cards. Just scratch all along to acquire money. the application will provide you with multiple lotto and scratch cards daily.


It is a free-download app that offers multiple rewards along with PayPal cash. Without any ado, start scratching your cards and luck. Sometimes, you can make over $200 in a day , and you can also explore whether a match win is legit. 

Get LuckyDay.

Find the answer, Find the money

Are you looking for the biggest answer of the question, “what are all the android apps that pay you money ?” Then start probing the answers for the questions given in the Qooh its app. It is one of the several apps that pay through PayPal.


It’s more like a quiz app that pays you money and rewards for every answer. start garnering the knowledge and the dollars too. The rest will be taken care by Paypal.

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Make Money with your Brain

It’s time to provide some food for your brain. Are you much fond of playing video games? Then you are the likely ones to make the most out of this one. But this time there will be some serious rewards.

Brain Battle is such an app that pay you unlimited cash prizes with free registration. All you have to do is play the games and unlock the tickets for further cash prizes, which will be given as Paypal cash. Go toggle your phone and make real cash for playing games.

Get Brain Battle.

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Straighten it with Sudoku

It’s for you if you have the knack of solving puzzles and playing sudoku. You might have played and tried it in the journals and got nothing in return. Sudoku-Make Money Free gives you the chance to earn some real cash for your efforts. So never waste a dime.

Get Sudoku.


Most people are adherent towards playing solitaire including me. How about Playing it online? And also with some rewards? Solitaire Make Money Free is an app that pays you money for it. The instructions and interface are very simple.

You just have to log in and play the game in your account. If you are too good at playing solitaire, then you can win from a dollar to more than a thousand dollars as free PayPal money, over a quick period of time.

Get Solitaire.

Gift Wallet

It is the cheapest way indeed to acquire money. Gift Wallet is a superfast app that pays you for the simplest of the tasks. You have to earn points by completing all the offers such as downloading certain apps given by them.

gift wallet

After downloading, they consider into rewards later. Just reach out the hands for your phone even while you are in your bed. it’s as easy as that!

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Survive with Surveys

The bigger companies nowadays beseech people who could take surveys for money in order to concentrate more on their internal business and paying them with rewards in return. These kind of jobs are ubiquitous and growing in numbers.

google opinion rewards

The task involves collecting statistical data on demography. And you will be paid after the successful surveys. There are apps that pay you money for it. Do Surveys 4 Cash is one of the best.

Alternatively, if you want direct money in your Google Play Wallet, then Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best apps for Android users.

Get Google Opinion Rewards.

Cook and Earn

This one gives you food for thought. Have you made some really good food other than baking loaves of bread? And if you are an exponent in this field, you could make some whopping amount of Paypal cash in days or less.

Cooking for important events, designing menu are the required skills. you could be a freelancer in this and can work at the desired time. Become a renowned chef using Cook N Earn, the app that pays you, unlike others.

Puzzle it and Earn Money

It is another lucrative way of earning just by playing video games. Puzzle Ball is a free app that pays you instant money. You have to unlock each level and earn the tickets which are further converted into rewards. Fasten your hands and snap up you’re without any more delay.

Get Puzzle Ball.

Sell your Photos with AGORA

The best chance for shutterbugs to showcase their skills. And if you are an exponent at this, then the stage is yours. There are several android apps that pay you considerable money through Paypal for selling your photos such as Dreamstime, AGORA.

In the short span, even it could be less than a day, and you can achieve more free PayPal money. Now you can have a shot with every shot you take.

Get Dreamstime, AGORA.

Throw off the Junks

Worried about your unwanted items around you? Even you could turn them into money. Apps that pay you for the newest items do also pay you for the junks.


Bookscouter (books), Letgo(old stuff), Thredup (clothing) are some of them who provides you PayPal cash. Even there is a pile of stocks left in your backyard, Spare a moment for them.

Get Bookscouter, Letgo, Thredup.

Make Money playing Trivia

There is always an ongoing demand for the contents online such as quiz and Trivia as it is easy for everyone who steps up for the task. The number of users and players increase with every passing day. Haven’t you still played yet? Then hurry up!


It normally ranges from all kind of sports quiz to the current affairs and general knowledge. Zupee and Swoo are such apps that pay you free money playing trivia.

Get Zupee and Swoo.

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Become a Teacher Online with Upwork

Have you ever thought of teaching apart from a conventional one? Then Its time to break the conventions. There are several apps that pay you money for Teaching online.


Upwork and Udemy enable you to choose your desired subject where you want to excel at. And if you are an exponent in this and desired by many, then the chances of making 1000$ per day using Paypal is possible.

Get Upwork and Udemy.

Start Writing with Freelancer app

If you are willing to be a writer on your own terms and want to shrug off the conventional writing environment, then it’s time for you to lay back and you will definitely have deep pockets soon.

You would be given the tasks to write articles, blogs, contents for the website, journals at your convenience. the famous apps that pay you are Freelancer, Upwork. Write till you make it a dime.

Get Freelancer.

Translator at Work Hana

Have you acquired any skills of speaking multiple languages? Then you will be the most overlooked ones for this jobs. There are several apps that pay you online for translators, and Workhana speaks for them in particular.

It pays you real money through PayPal. Build your skills strong. Within a day or two, you could reach the payout of a level, and even many others couldn’t. This is one of the best-suited work from home jobs.

Trade with the Stash

The online trading has flourished the business scenes forever. Investing and trading online have taken its toll unlike before. It’s indubitable that the proceeds you gain are considerable and at the same time for the appropriate people, every day is an appropriate one.


What about all of these things compressed in a box? Yes, there are apps that pay you for all the investments and trade. In particular, the Stash App does care of everything with the help of PayPal. Hurry! start stashing your cash.

Get Stash App.

Stash Wallet-Bitcoin

Here is the luxurious way of money making. Ever since the bitcoin’s arrival, there were polarized views about it. It was often seen with a spate of uncertainty — nonetheless, the ones who got reaped paved the way for many.

The central part is none other than the mining. The numbers are very less for the successful miners. If you want to push your boundaries, then here is your chance.

Stash Wallet is one of the android apps that pay you money for bitcoin mining. Stop and Start building block chains.

Get Stash Wallet.

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IQ Option Broker – stocks and online investment

IQ Option Broker is one of the apps that pay you for online investment and stock trading and also teaches the basic skills of the stock market. It provides an easy Interface and is for the needs of many investors. From stocks to commodities, everything around the world doesn’t evade your eyes.

It is certainly suitable for long-time investments and gives everyday updates about the world economy. Most importantly the rewards are lucrative too. Are you pondering over the best stock trading and investing platform? Then snap up this IQ app.

Get IQ Option Broker.

Bonus App – Big Time Cash

Have you ever dreamt of making $1000 fast effortlessly? There are not many ways too rather than gambling with your fortunes.

But Big Time Cash allows you to be more hopeful about on this one. It is one of the android apps that pay you money online for doing some simplest of the tasks.

Get Big Time Cash.


Which App Gives Real Money in PayPal?

Apps like gift wallet, sudoku, solitaire, and Qooh pay real money via PayPal.

Can I get Free PayPal Money?

PayPal itself doesn't give you free money, but there are plenty of sites and apps where you can earn extra cash for free, which is then paid out to your PayPal account. This means that the way you instantly earn free PayPal money will depend on the different methods attached to each of the sites and apps.

What PayPal Games are Legit?

The best PayPal games that pay real money are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, etc.

How can I utilize PayPal to make money?

PayPal can be used in a variety of ways to generate income online. Use cashback websites and apps. Upside, Rakuten, Top Cashback, Mypoints, Ibotta, Drop, Pogo, Fluz

How can I get ten dollars on PayPal for nothing?

To receive $10 in rewards, use PayPal to make your first $5 Google Play purchase. We'll repeat it since it's so catchy: Spend your first $5 on amazing games to receive a $10 prize for being awesome.


There are also several iOS apps that pay you through Paypal. The simplest and rudimentary thing is to keep a PayPal account. And there is a legion of applications to yield money out of everything. You can make money without a job if you can get the most out of these apps.

Alternatively, you can make money on Meete or on Winwalk by walking and conversing with people.