Fetch vs. Ibotta – Which one is Better?

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Due to the ease and convenience of purchasing from one’s home or business, online shopping using apps has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. Consumers can save time and effort by making online purchases of discounted goods. 

If you want to earn gift cards for supermarket shopping, Fetch Rewards is a better app than Ibotta. However, if you want to earn cash rewards and see more offers, Ibotta is a better option than Fetch.online shopping (1)

Here, you will know the better one in the battle of Fetch vs. Ibotta.

Fetch vs. Ibotta Overview

One of the finest shopping apps for grocery shopping is Fetch Rewards, but is it superior to Ibotta?


Ibotta takes longer to use, whereas Fetch Rewards is quicker. On the other hand, Ibotta offers

  • A bigger welcome bonus.
  • A better choice of deals.
  • Flexible redemption choices.

These applications are legitimate, free shopping tools that reward customers who buy the listed items and upload their receipts.

We are contrasting Fetch Rewards vs. Ibotta today to show how they both operate, how much money you can make, and which App is the most significant rewards program overall.

Ibotta vs. Fetch Rewards

There are simple ways to earn rewards on your regular purchases with Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. For instance, you could scan a grocery receipt and receive rewards with either App.

Additionally, you aren’t restricted to utilizing a single app at a time, so you could use two different applications to scan the same supermarket receipt and earn prizes from each.

While simultaneously using two apps might be very beneficial, it might not be the ideal choice for everyone. How much money you can save with cashback applications depends mainly on your shopping habits and purchase, and one App might better fit your spending preferences and way of life.

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Significant Difference – Fetch vs. Ibotta

Potential for income

With its numerous earning potential, Ibotta surpasses Fetch Rewards. For instance, you can automatically earn points without scanning receipts if you shop at a qualified merchant and link your loyalty account to the Ibotta app.

The Fetch Rewards app does not offer this functionality, and receipts must always be scanned using Fetch.


Fetch Rewards excluded the Ibotta browser plugin. You may earn cash back from some online retailers, and the Ibotta extension will notify you if a cashback promotion is available. Once activated, you can make purchases and collect rewards.

Ibotta demonstrates how it can outperform rival apps like Fetch Rewards in these two areas.

Your chances of saving more money increase when you have more opportunities to earn incentives.

Scanning invoices

You can scan store receipts to receive rewards on Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. The only way to earn with Fetch Rewards, a key component of Ibotta, is in this way. The procedure is different for the two, though.

Fetch Rewards can be used quickly. You may earn rewards by scanning a store receipt. You will receive more benefits if you purchase items that include bonus offers.

And you can use eReceipt to link your Amazon and email accounts for online shopping. For purchases, you get rewards.


Before making purchases, you must add offers to the App using Ibotta’s receipt-scanning tool. Therefore, you must search for the deals you wish to add before visiting the store.

You might have to scan the barcodes on the shopping receipts for particular products, depending on the retailer.

Ibotta won’t pay you for scanning a receipt if no offers are available.

Ibotta doesn’t partner with every business, so you might shop at establishments with no deals and no benefits.

Scanning receipts and collecting rewards with Fetch Rewards is much simpler than doing so with Ibotta. Fetch Rewards eliminates the need for searching and adding offers, saving you a ton of time.

Minimum cashout limit

Earning awards is beneficial, but only if you can quickly receive a payoff. If not, they will remain in your account and provide you with no benefit. This can frequently happen if you use a cashback program but haven’t accumulated enough points to use them.

Ibotta and Fetch Rewards have different minimum cash-out amounts. To begin redeeming, Fetch Rewards needs 3,000 points, equal to $3, but Ibotta needs a minimum payout of $20.

This significant difference has an impact on how soon your incentives become essential. It won’t be a big concern if you’re patient about when you can use your rewards.

When it comes to being able to redeem your rewards more quickly, Fetch Rewards is the obvious choice.

Pros and Cons Fetch Ibotta
Easier scanning Receipts, Yes No
Easy to use  Yes No
Redemption options, No Yes
Gets you more Money No Yes



Can you combine Fetch and Ibotta?

You can upload the receipt to Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and other shopping apps. Deals for the products are available on the Fetch and Ibotta apps. This is a great way to improve your money, and you may get even more by clipping paper coupons.

How many fictitious invoices are required for Fetch Rewards?

You can get free points by uploading fictitious receipts to Fetch Rewards, but it's improbable to succeed and will get you immediately banned. I don't advise anyone to try this, and even if one or two phony receipts work, you will eventually be discovered and banned.

Do Fetch Rewards steal credit card numbers?

Your information isn't actually 'stolen' by Fetch Rewards. Your details are the requirements to process your receipts. Although they keep that secret, they sell the information from your scanned receipts to businesses.


You may save money on typical purchases from grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores, internet retailers, and more with Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. Although they operate in slightly different ways, both have the same ultimate objective—to assist you financially. You can save much money over time if you combine them with your loyalty card for grocery shopping and one of the top cashback credit cards. Fetch vs. Ibotta is an exciting topic.

Try utilizing both apps if you’re unsure which one would be best for you. There is no need to invest any money to test them