How to sell your iPad? What is the best place to Sell?

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Trading one old iPad is a fantastic way to help pay for their upgrade. However, you need to figure out where you’ll get the most money before heading to the Apple Exchange Program and exchanging your iPad for an Apple Store gift certificate.

The value of a Mac iPad exchange varies from retailer to store, making it difficult to predict the exact amount you’ll receive. Similarly, iPad exchange schemes frequently offer you shop gift cards rather than cash in exchange for your used iPad.

We’ve combined the trade-in rates and selling prices for all currently supported iPads from 2014 forward to see how they compare to help you decide where to sell your iPad.The simplest way to sell an iPad is to trade it at a website shop in exchange for cash or gift cards. With the help of a free delivery label, you mail your iPad. After a final inspection of the iPad in the stockroom, you get paid within a few days.   

This article will answer all your questions regarding how to sell your iPad, where to sell the iPad and the best place to sell the iPad.

Best places to sell your iPad

following are the places where you can sell your iPad.


On the off chance that you require a single tool to look at buyers and are in haste, SellCell is ideal. You can sell your phone on the website and other items like an iPad, wearables, and more.


To find the most excellent price for your iPad, go to SellCell and choose Tablets. Select your tablet after that, respond to a few questions, and SellCell will display your highest offer.

The list of customers is accurate because SellCell includes each customer’s TrustPilot rating, BBB rating, and delivery options. 

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Swappa is a well-known and often-used hardware retail location. It does not provide exchange-ins, but you can increase your cash flow.


You choose your price and transfer photos from your iPad. Try looking at recent sales and active postings to determine the exact value of your device. Any electronic device with a cracked or broken display or water damage cannot be sold on Swappa.

When your product sells, Swappa will pay you via PayPal, and you will then ship the item directly to the buyer. Swappa allows you to make an offer to nearby customers in a few U.S. cities. With the Swappa Nearby option, you may reduce transportation costs while still getting paid through PayPal.

Reasons we enjoy Swappa

  • Can choose your price
  • Every payment is made via PayPal.
  • Swappa Nearby enables you to sell to local customers.


OfferUp is one of the best tools for buying and selling locally. Post your posting after downloading the flexible application. Buyers have the option of accepting your offer or putting forth their own.


It pays you through direct bank transfers. When selling to local buyers, cash installments are also an option.

OfferUp differs from other apps like Craigslist because it enables cross-country delivery for items that cost $500 or less. Although buyers typically cover shipping costs, cross-country transactions require businesses to pay a support fee.

Reasons we enjoy OfferUp

  • Can sell locally or nationally
  • For local transactions, there are no dealer costs.


  • BBB Rating: Certify – A- Decluttr 
  • Trustpilot rating: 6 stars – Amazing

Customers carefully review the highly regarded selling website Decluttr. There are many different iPads you may buy and sell, like the iPad Ace 9.7 and the iPad Star 2.


You can acquire a report for your iPad by just visiting the website. You may send your device to Decluttr for free, and PayPal or the direct store will send the installment.


  • Certify – B BBB rating: 1 – 
  • Amazing on Trustpilot

At BuyBackWorld, you may sell your device for cash as well. Go to the website to acquire an iPad statement.


If you agree with the statement, you can use the provided prepayment transport name or transit unit to deliver your device to the company to receive it for free.

With options that anyone can find, such as PayPal, check the direct shop, pre-loaded credit card, and gift cards, you can choose the payment method that best suits you. Installment is sent after the item passes review, which takes about two days.


eBay is a fantastic option if you are okay dealing with buyers when selling an iPad. You may trade any type and condition of iPad on eBay, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for IT products. 


Similar to closeouts, eBay posts allow you to establish an introductory price and let buyers compete to be the first to buy it by making increasingly generous offers.

It’s easy to list something on eBay – take a few pictures of your item, describe it precisely, and wait for the offers to pour in. You will ship your item and take your payment in a few days after your haggling has ended.

How to sell your iPad?

Guidelines for Selling Your iPad:

  • Adding to your device’s information.
  • Close your iCloud and iTunes accounts.
  • Delete all personal information.
  • If ready, disable Find Your iPad and the initiation lock features. These security devices should be disabled via a complete wipe while also undergoing a double-check. The exchange website will provide additional setup instructions if you are exchanging your iPad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could you ever sell your iPad back to a Mac?

It's simple to exchange your eligible device for credit toward your upcoming purchase or to obtain an Apple Gift Card that you may use at any time. 1 If your device is not eligible for credit, we will reuse it at no cost. Whatever the model or state, we can make it truly beneficial for you and the environment.

How do I clean my iPad so that I can sell it?

Go to Settings > General > Move or Restart iPad and tap 'Eliminate All Happy and Options' to wipe your device. You may enjoy the benefits of selecting another iPad or tablet now that your personal information is safely maintained and your iPad has been thoroughly cleaned.

Is it safe to trade in an old iPad?

Is it safe to sell your used Apple device? Totally. It will be safe if you go about selling your used Apple device the right way. Before you sell your device, you should remove all of your data from it.

Do antique iPads still have value?

Apple products typically retain their value exceptionally well. Additionally, iPads explicitly maintain a higher value than most other Mac products. So, with time, all gear loses value. So, regardless of the iPad model you own, this is the most fantastic time to sell your used iPad.


You may sell your iPad for cash or gift cards in many places. Finding the most fantastic price only takes a few minutes after looking at a few online offers.