11 Best Apps like Wish [Apps & Sites Like Wish App]

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Even though investing and saving money is essential, you will ultimately need to buy some goods, or perhaps there is something you want to buy. Never forget that occasionally rewarding yourself is perfectly OK!

To preserve more money in your wallet, the key to buying is to identify the finest deals and products that are significantly discounted. If so, you are likely already familiar with the Wish app.

This shopping application lets you quickly access discounted goods you would not find when visiting a physical store. You can get discounts ranging from 50% to 90% off, which can help you save money.

Even if Wish has been a well-liked option, you may also be interested in knowing whether there are any apps like Wish or apps that are comparable. There are several, and you may find more excellent choices below!

Best apps like Wish 

Let’s discuss some of the best apps, like Wish. 


Joom is one of the apps like Wish. The items they sell are constantly changing. Every time you go there, it feels like a brand-new store. Joom offers a wide range of goods for sale, including trendy clothing, appliances for the house and kitchen, toys, electronics, and even gowns and accessories for special occasions.


Like Wish, you can see the significant savings being offered right on the product’s description, and if any coupons are available when you shop, they are also provided there. The Joom app will customize its recommendations on your past purchases; it’s like having a personal shopper by your side.

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Wish offers a broader selection of products than Justfab. They prioritize well-being and good health and offer various tools and equipment for exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Due to its simplicity and lack of clutter, Justfab is one of the most straightforward shopping applications.


Free delivery is available from Justfab on purchases of $75 or more, and they also have a wonderful assortment of simple and clean-lined home decor items. The costs are less expensive than many other websites today, yet not as inexpensive as the Wish shopping app.


A large variety of things are available at BangGood, such as clothes for men and women, toys, gadgets, accessories, and even household appliances. 


This is one of the most well-known apps like Wish since it offers an extensive selection of products at highly competitive costs.

You can save even more money by taking advantage of the abundant coupons on BangGood’s website and the daily flash offers. 

The fact that you can preorder the things you want is one of how they are distinct from the Wish shopping app. On Wish, you can only purchase products that are currently available.


Jumia is an African app with a US component that functions similarly to Wish. They provide common brands like Canon, Samsung, L’Oreal, and Pampers that you’d find on most other websites.


Like the Wish app, you can locate products in virtually every category and take advantage of flash sales and significant discounts.


Another app that provides high-quality goods at affordable prices is Hollar. The app includes various commonplace things with prices ranging from $1 to higher. There was a “Star Wars tiny backpack” on the clearance rack for only $5.

Toys, office/school supplies, technology, and household items are just a few categories it contains.

Hollar is the place to go if you want cheap bags, umbrellas, or other products. Furthermore, if your order is over $25, shipping is free.

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RebateKey is not your standard online marketplace; instead, it is a location where you can purchase brand-new and popular products from major merchants such as Amazon at steep discounts or even for free. 


After you have paid the total amount for the product, Rebatekey will pursue any available discounts or rebates on your behalf.

When you browse the app, you will see a wide selection of products, including jewelry, wristwatches, shoes, household items, supplements, and many more.


It is one of the apps Wish. When you are interested in purchasing designer items at a portion of their original cost, the Poshmark app is the place to look. It is an online community where people share clothes worn recently at very affordable costs. On this platform, you may shop for products made by renowned companies such as Nike, Gucci, Michael Kors, and many more.


The app provides various product categories, such as dresses, purses, shoes, jewelry, makeup, clothing, and household goods. Even though some of the products may be used, the condition of those that are will not be compromised.

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Tophatter is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that turns purchasing into an enjoyable experience. The method of buying is more similar to an auction than a straightforward sale, even though they have a large selection of different things. 

Items are up for auction on the website; you need to place and win the highest bid to get one. The minimum bid is one dollar, and each additional bid adds one dollar to the total cost.


If you are not new to dropshipping, you may be familiar with AliExpress. Its leading firm, Alibaba, is renowned for bringing vendors and manufacturers together. Even if you don’t intend to launch a drop shipping company, AliExpress is an excellent substitute for Wish.


You can make purchases from sellers directly through AliExpress, ensuring that you get your desired products for exceptionally affordable prices. This is because AliExpress, like Wish, essentially eliminates the middleman. 

Consider your options carefully to find those that let you keep much more money in your pocket. Sellers can choose their prices and shipping costs, and just be aware that shipping durations can take up to two months since most sellers are headquartered in China.


If you enjoy online clothing shopping, you should give this alternative to Wish a shot. You can browse the most recent designer clothing, bag, and shoe collections from more than 1,000 fashion labels with the ASOS app. 


The app’s search criteria make it easier to find your favorite fashion items by narrowing your search by brand, category, size, color, and price. 

It only takes a few touches on your smartphone to locate precisely what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for an accessory to add flair to your outfit or a cozy t-shirt you can wear every day.

Check out the ASOS app’s flash deals section if you want to save money. Here you may find products on sale, with some going for as much as 80% off the list price. Delivery is free if you spend $40 or more on your order.


You’ll initially feel like you’re using the AliExpress app when you first open the LightInTheBox app. There are many similarities between these two online markets, including their extensive product selections from numerous categories. The claim that there are millions of things available on LightInTheBox and tons of fantastic discounts are waiting for you every day is not an exaggeration.


The app’s “group buy” feature is one of its most intriguing features. In essence, you agree to buy something at a discounted price, but the sale will only go through if a predetermined number of buyers agree. This is a fantastic way to buy the item of your choice cheaply without taking any chances.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Shoppers still use Wish?

The Wish store offers more than 300 million products, most of which are made in China. Wish still attracts a large attendance despite the stigma that surrounds it. The platform is used by more than 100 million individuals each month, and in 2020 it generated $2 billion in income.

Is AliExpress the owner of the Wish?

ContextLogic owns the rights to Wish. It resembles Amazon more than Aliexpress. Instead of using third-party retailers, you can purchase products directly from manufacturers and brands. The largest online retailer in China, Alibaba Group, owns Aliexpress.

Has Amazon tried to acquire Wish?

According to sources from a few years ago, Alibaba and Amazon reportedly wanted to acquire Wish, but Wish rejected such bids.


Wish is not your only choice when purchasing, especially if you are seeking low pricing.

As you can see, there are a lot of apps out there that are very much like Wish, and you can use them to save a lot of money for yourself.

Using these applications, you may discover excellent prices on various products, ranging from items for your pet to technological gadgets.

Therefore, the next time you make a purchase, you might think about doing so through an alternate shopping app to Wish.If you are interested in designing click here.