Top 8 Places To Buy Used Phones In 2022

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With the dawn of a new world post the apocalyptic phase due to Covid-19, life will slowly come back to normal amid changes in human behavior and psychology. One of the biggest impacted sectors will be consumer electronics, including smartphones. With the increase in the unemployment rate, the used phone market will surely boom in the coming months.

But the first thought that will come to your mind will be to buy a used phone directly from the owner or buy a refurbished phone on different websites after they have gone through various checks. This is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best places for you to buy used phones, which includes directly from the owner or a refurbished product.

Things To Keep In Mind To Buy Used Phones

You don’t want to end up using a damaged smartphone device that is not in good condition. You need to buy it from a trusted source. To buy used cell phones, you should consider these points:

What Are You Searching For?

When you think of buying a used phone at a reasonable price, you should understand what you are searching for. Are you looking for a big-screen smartphone to see videos and movies? Do you need a phone with a specific storage device?

If you keep these things in mind, buying a phone at a reliable price cannot be a difficult process. Different used phone websites allow you to implement a filter option to get the best deals before you search for where to buy phones.

What Is The Condition Of The Device?

It is the biggest aspect to search out a suitable platform to buy a used phone. You should ensure that you purchase a used phone with a return policy. This will allow you to return the product if it is not in the expected condition.

When receiving the phone, check whether it is water damaged or not. It would help if you did it by checking out the battery and outlets to buy the phone.

Have You bought a Stolen Phone?

Some people steal phones and sell them using online websites. Make sure that you are buying a phone from an authorized seller. You may use the online databases available using the serial or identification number of the phone.

Companies like Apple has the Find My iPhone App to prevent stolen cases. Using this application helps you lock and track your phone if someone loses it.

Is The Phone Under The Warranty Period?

Some phones come with a warranty period, whereas some don’t. Analyze on a prior basis whether you want to buy a phone with a guarantee period or not. A smartphone device with a warranty period can give you a better feeling and trust the seller. 

Have You Compared The Used Phone With MSRP?

Multiple used phones have been promoted online at the same rate, just like a brand new phone. You should ensure that the second-hand phone you buy is available at a low price. No matter whether the used phone looks like a brand new one, you should pay a reasonable amount.

Does The Phone Have Any Additional Accessories With It?

You should check in advance if the cell phone has any additional accessories or not. It may charge you additional money.

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How to Buy Used Phones Online? 

Here are some of the places to buy used phones online.


2GUD is a Flipkart-owned, Walmart-backed platform for refurbished products. The best-selling point of this platform is the already established brand in the Indian market. The prices of the refurbished phones are 50-80% lower than the new ones. It also comes with a 3-12 month post-purchase warranty.


We can also access it directly from the Flipkart App, or it also has its app, which makes it simple to use. With quality checks at every interval and quality metrics for sellers, 2GUD ensures a best-buy customer service number.

Visit: 2Gud


With the ever-increasing demand of being a one-stop solution for all your needs, Amazon has refurbished and unboxed phones from various national and international brands such as Nokia, One Plus, Samsung, and many more.


The features include professional product certification and testing and at least six months warranty directly by the supplier, giving the best-used phones.

Visit: Amazon

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Sometimes you want to buy a phone from the owner without third-party interference directly. This is where OLX fits in perfectly. OLX is an online marketplace that acts as a platform for selling and buying goods and services. OLX helps potential customers to buy used phones from sellers in the area nearby with/without the help of OLX.

Shop online with Olx

The features that work for OLX are negotiating the prices with the seller directly, boosting ads that can help the customers get a better deal, and an excellent user interface.

Visit: Olx


Quikr is an Indian-based online marketplace that helps potential customers buy products from sellers on the platform.

Shop online with Quikr

The features include an alert system to alert potential buyers when an ad for that particular search for the phone is posted. This also includes direct messaging the sellers to help negotiate used phone prices. A great place to buy used phones at budget prices.

Visit: Quikr

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Now, what if you want to buy a used phone from a platform that is neither a refurbished product nor an online marketplace?


Here comes a platform for selling and buying used mobile phones only. This platform was the first dedicated platform for mobile phones in 2008, when this market was slowly establishing itself. The features are an intuitive interface and simplicity of using the platform.

Visit: Mobiles4Sale

The common thought that will be going on around us is how this is different from other places? Budli is the only reverse commerce portal in India that offers an instant quote.


As the prices are decided by the portal when users try selling their phones, stringent quality checks before making them available on the platform & fixing up any glitches before putting them up for sale, Budli is one of the best places to buy used phones in 2020. Other features also include free shipment across India.



Gazelle is the most suitable platform to purchase used phones. It ensures that cell phones are chargeable, and the microphone and speaker work.

gazelle buy used phones

You should purchase the phone directly from Gazelle, which provides a 30-day return window for all phones.

Visit: Gazelle


It is considered the best platform to buy used phones with good deals. They have a strict policy to protect the rights of the buyer and the seller.

swappa buy used phones

The online store makes sure that the device has not been stolen or on a lease/payment plan. For added protection, every purchase goes through PayPal.

Visit: Swappa

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best website to buy used phones?

There’s no 'best website', but there are a few good websites where one can buy used phones, like Amazon, OLX, Quikr, and 2Gud.

Which one is better to buy, a refurbished or a used phone?

It is better to buy refurbished phones instead of used ones, as refurbished ones are sold by a retailer or manufacturer after repairing and fixing them, unlike used phones that individuals sell after use.

Is it safe to buy refurbished phones?

It is rather safe to buy refurbished phones as they have been fixed and tested and may also have some old parts replaced, so they work just fine. Refurbished phones also have a reseller warranty, and it is totally safe to buy these if you are buying them from a certified seller.


This was a non-exclusive list of some of the best places to buy used phones in 2020. Some of the other places may include going to a local store and understanding the feel of the phone before making a purchase. Moreover, these places are well known in the industry that guarantee a few months after the purchase.

One of the tips for buying a used phone is to be sure if you want to buy a refurbished product and give a premium that guarantees you stringent quality checks or directly buy it from a seller that could save you from spending but also carries a few risks along. Also, be sure to check the phone and its working condition before accepting it. In this world where the economy is shrinking daily, buying used phones is the wisest decision. To all the buyers and sellers out there, be safe. See you around! 

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