How Does Getupside Make Money? Full Guide

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We live in a world where everything has a price tag. But have you ever wondered how an app that offers reasonable offers earns money? How does GetUpside make money? Or how does the GetUpside app work? How do they profit from helping their users gain a profit? This article will tell you all about it.

The app uses multiple sources to earn a small commission like Pay-per-click (PPC), Partnering with Businesses, Merchant support, Advertising and Promotion Fees, Data Monetization, and more.

Continue reading to discover how this app makes a profit by helping its customers and users benefit simultaneously.

How Does Getupside Make Money? What is it?  

Simply put, Upside, formerly (GetUpside) is a cashback mobile app or platform that offers its users cashback as a reward for everyday purchases. These purchases primarily focus on gas and groceries.


In partnership with multiple gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants, this app provides exclusive deals and discounts for its users. It encourages users to purchase from different locations to get cashback.

Visit: Upside

Where can I use GetUpside?

Since people in the United States of America mainly use this app, it is widely used among the most significant states within the country. Its availability may vary based on whether the app partners with the gas station you will purchase.

You can find the app for both Android and iOS on Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. Make a note that this app is now called Upside and not GetUpside.

How Does Getupside Make Money?

The Upside app (GetUpside) uses multiple sources to gain money, some of which are:

Merchant support

One of the main reasons for this app to succeed is the support it gets from its merchants.

merchant support

This app must benefit the retailers, and the license will be maintained only then. It creates a win-win situation for both the users and the businesses.

Exclusive Deals and Promotions

This app offers Exclusive deals and encourages promotion with its partner merchants. Their tactic is to present these offers only within the app to select places that enable you to use them more.

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Partnering with Businesses

The key to their success relies on their ability to create multiple and robust partnerships with businesses. Businesses gain access to a more significant customer audience and greater visitor flow by partnering with Upside, creating a space that benefits everyone.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

When a partner company’s website is linked on the GetUpside (Upside) app or website and clicked on, Upside gains a small commission for every click and opening of the partner’s website.

pay per click

Advertising and Promotion Fees

Charging businesses for advertising and marketing within the app is one of Upside’s key sources of income. Companies can choose higher positioning, special discounts, or increase their cashback rates to attract more customers.

Upside makes these companies pay a fee for additional services and improved exposure.

Data Monetization

While Upside prioritizes privacy, it may combine and anonymize the information to deliver valuable insights to its business partners. These insights can help companies modify their marketing tactics, identify trends, and improve their products and services.

how does GetUpside make money-data monetization

Benefits may include charging organizations for access to these critical data analyses.

Premium Membership

Yes, they, too, offer a premium membership. For its users, Upside may introduce premium features or subscription services. These premium services could feature more bonuses, higher cashback rates, or access to unique bargains unavailable to regular customers.

Subscribers can pay a monthly or annual charge for these additional perks, providing Upside with a stable income stream.

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Geolocation and Targeted Advertising

Geolocation data could be used by Upside to personalize offers and promotions based on the location of a user. The Upside can boost the possibility of users making purchases by presenting personalized bargains from local companies, which benefits the partnered businesses.

how does GetUpside make money-GeoTargeting Technology

Companies may pay additional fees to focus their offers on specific demographics or geographic areas.

Transaction Commissions

When a user purchases the Upside app and earns cashback or rewards, the app receives a small percentage of the transaction amount from the partnered business.

how does GetUpside make money-cashbacks and rewards

Even though this amount might be small, it usually adds up to a higher amount over time.

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Additional Streams of Income

Upside could look into different sources of income as it grows and expands, such as sponsored content, in-app adverts, or advantageous partnerships. These collaborations/partnerships could bring further financial assistance to Upside and introduce new user benefits.


Is GetUpside a scam?

No, GetUpside is a genuine and legitimate app that earns you a small amount of cashback with every purchase with its partnered businesses.

Will GetUpside sell my information?

Not! The official website claims not to be involved in selling its collected data to a third party.

How does the upside app make me money?

Use the app on your mobile to find discounts and offers by the businesses near you and claim that offer before you pay for your purchase, and it will earn you a cashback.

Why is Upside not giving me cash back?

You need to share the receipt. Sometimes the partnered retailers fail or postpone sending their customer's transaction data to the company. If this happens, you will not be able to claim your offer. You will need to contact the Upside app with solid proof of purchase.


To conclude this article, let us review what we have covered. We have reviewed what Upside (GetUpside) is and what the app does. We talked about the various ways this app makes money for itself.

While helping its users make small savings on purchases through cashback using their mobile application, the upside app makes an income through multiple sources. We hope you enjoyed reading this article; stick around for more similar ones!

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