20 Best Passive Income Apps

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Generating passive income has grown in popularity in the current digital era. The proliferation of smartphone apps has made it simpler to make money on the side without working hard for it. Apps for passive income make money for users with little work or dedication. You can make money with these applications by doing easy chores, investing, or taking advantage of cashback bonuses. This post covers the 20 best passive income apps you can use to get additional money.

Best passive income Apps

Passive Income Apps: 20 Best Apps To Know

Given below is the list of the 20 best apps for passive income.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a well-known passive income app that pays you for taking surveys, streaming movies, and online shopping. The app offers connections with retailers through which you may gain cashback on your purchases. Once you collect enough points with Swagbucks, you can exchange your rewards for gift cards or cash.

2. Ibotta


A cashback app that gives you incentives for your purchases is Ibotta. All you have to do to get cashback on your purchases is scan your receipts. A wide range of products is qualified for cashback on the app, which has partnerships with over 300 stores. By introducing friends to the app, you can make extra money with Apps that Pay you to Shop.

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3. Rakuten 


Rakuten is another cashback app that gives you incentives for your purchases. With over 2,500 retailers as partners, the app provides cash back on various goods, and referring friends to the app will also award you money.

4. Dosh 


Dosh is a cashback app that earns you money on purchases automatically. When you purchase at a partner merchant, the app will automatically reward you with cashback if you link your credit or debit card to it. With over 100,000 stores and restaurants as partners, the app makes earning rewards on everyday transactions simple.

5. Trim


Trim is a savings tool for managing your finances. The app observes spending patterns to identify areas where you may cut costs, like cable and internet. You can save even more money by negotiating your payments with Trim’s assistance.

6. Airbnb


Users of the well-known vacation rental software Airbnb can let guests stay in their houses, flats, or rooms for a fee. Users may make money by adding their homes to the app and taking in visitors. Airbnb levies a variable guest service fee and a 3% host service fee, and users can determine their rates and availability.

7. Rover


A platform called Rover links pet owners with dog walkers and pet caretakers. This is a fantastic method to get passive income if you enjoy caring for animals. You can choose the kinds of creatures you want to look after and establish your prices.

8. Acorns


Users can invest their spare change using the investment software Acorns. Your purchases are rounded to the nearest dollar by the app after it connects to your bank account. The difference subsequently comes to a balanced stock and bond portfolio. For accounts with balances under $5,000, the app charges a minimal $1 monthly cost, and for accounts with balances exceeding $5,000, it applies a percentage fee.

9. Robinhood


Users of the widely known investment app Robinhood may trade stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies without paying any commissions. The app’s ease of use makes investing simple for newbies. Robinhood is an attractive choice for people wishing to yield passive income from their wealth because it also offers a cash management account that pays 0.30% APY.

10. Wealthfront


Robo-advisor, Wealthfront provides the automated investment management. The software builds and manages a diverse investment portfolio for you using a clever algorithm. On accounts with balances over $5,000, Wealthfront levies an advisory fee of 0.25%.

11. Stash


Users of the financial app Stash can buy stocks and exchange-traded funds. The app provides a range of investment options, including dividend-paying and socially aware stocks. Stash levies a monthly cost of $1, $3, or $9, depending on your selected options.

12. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

You may get paid to do surveys with the app Survey Junkie. The points you earn from surveys on various topics can be exchanged for money or gift cards. Anybody wishing to make money in their spare time might use the app because of its user-friendly UI.

13. Fundrise


Users of the real estate investment software Fundrise can make investments in buildings used for commercial purposes. App users can invest as little as $500 in private real estate purchases. The yearly management fee for Fundrise is 0.85%, while the annual investment advisory fee is 0.15. Users can select from three investment plans depending on their risk appetite and investment objectives.

14. Honeygain


Using the Honeygain app, users may profit by selling their idle internet bandwidth. The app allows users to conduct market research and web scraping over their internet connection by linking users to a global network. Users can earn money depending on how much data a user shares with the network. Users of the app receive monthly payments via PayPal for their use.

15. Turo


An app called Turo lets people rent out their cars to other users. Users may make money by putting their vehicles up for rent on the app. To safeguard both the automobile owner and the renter, Turo provides a range of insurance alternatives. Users have the power to control availability and prices.

16. Pei 

pei passive income apps

Pei is a cashback rewards app allowing users to earn cashback automatically while shopping at affiliated merchants. The Pei app lets users attach their credit or debit cards, and Pei will track their purchases automatically and offer cashback benefits that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. The app also has a referral scheme that enables users to invite friends and receive additional rewards.

17. Uber

Uber passive income apps

Uber is a ride-sharing app that enables drivers to make money by offering transportation to customers. Drivers can establish their hours and do as much or as little work as they want. Each ride is subject to Uber commission, with the remaining cash going to the driver. Additionally, the app rewards and incentivizes drivers who achieve specific performance targets, such as finishing a predetermined number of rides per week.

18. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin passive income app

Sweatcoin is a fitness app that lets users earn “sweatcoins,” a form of cryptocurrency, for being active. Sweatcoins, which users accumulate by running or walking outside, are then saved in an app-based digital wallet. You can exchange Sweatcoins for various benefits, such as athletic apparel, access to fitness applications, and cash. The app also has a referral scheme where users can refer friends to earn more sweatcoins. Winwalk also gets you paid for working. 

19. Shopkick

Shopkick passive income apps

Shopkick is a shopping rewards app that lets users accumulate points for going to stores and completing purchases. By viewing movies or browsing products inside the app, users can earn points by scanning barcodes on products, making payments using associated credit or debit cards, and more. You can purchase Gift cards from online merchants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart with points. A referral program is also available through Shopkick, enabling users to suggest friends earn more points.

20. Drop

Drop passive income apps

With the help of the mobile app Drop, customers may purchase from their preferred merchants and generate passive revenue. Users can earn points for each qualified transaction they make once they’ve linked their credit or debit cards to the app. Next, you can exchange these points for cash prizes or gift cards to well-known merchants. Via in-app incentives and promotions, Drop also provides additional earning opportunities. Drop offers people a straightforward method to make extra money while shopping for necessities thanks to its network of over 300 partner firms, including Amazon, Walmart, and Uber.


What are passive income apps?

A: Mobile applications called passive income apps to let users earn money or perks with little work. These apps give rewards in cashback, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies in exchange for actions like shopping, completing surveys, or exercising.

How much money can you make using apps for passive income?

A: Depending on the app and the actions performed, different amounts can be made with passive income applications. Some apps give little incentives for straightforward tasks, while others provide more enormous incentives for harder ones.

Can you use passive income apps to support yourself full-time?

A: Even while it's feasible to create a sizable income or receive prizes via passive income applications, it's improbable that you could support yourself only on these incomes. They can, however, be a valuable method to increase your revenue or get paid for things you're already doing.


In conclusion, there are numerous passive income apps accessible for users to earn money and prizes without actively working for them. These apps cover various categories, including ride-sharing services, cashback rewards, and shopping rewards.

Each app has distinct features and advantages, such as referral programs, automated cashback tracking, and tips for reaching performance targets. Users can augment their income or earn extra rewards for their daily activities using these passive income apps because they don’t require much work.