Apps like Mistplay: 20+ Apps [2024 Updated List]

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Generating a side hustle in the modern period is relatively easy, especially when many web platforms provide various ways to make money. You can get money by doing surveys or simply playing video games. Mistplay is a site where you may make money just by playing video games. If you want a clearer picture of Mistplay, you can check out its Mistplay review to understand its services. There are several other apps on the market, such as Mistplay. This post will give you an updated list of 20 applications that offer comparable services to Mistplay.

The 2024 updated list of Apps like Mistplay :

  • Swagbucks
  • MyPoints
  • Cash Giraffe
  • KashKick
  • Rewarded Play
  • Blitz Win Cash
  • Cash them All
  • Money RAWR
  • WorldWinner
  • App Flame
  • AppStation
  • Gamehag
  • BubbleCash
  • Bingo Cash
  • Money Well
  • Solitaire Smash
  • Cashy
  • Pool Payday
  • Scramble
  • Coin Pop
  • InboxDollars
  • Justplay

These apps offer various ways to earn money through surveys, playing games, and completing tasks on both Android and iOS devices.

This article lists Apps like Mistplay, outlines their features, and evaluates their worthiness. It provides recommendations for Android and Apple phone apps, highlighting their safety and legitimacy as legitimate sources for earning money despite being similar to gambling. These apps are suitable for side hustles. 


Swagbucks is a website where people can earn by taking online surveys, playing games, or completing daily activities. This application is available worldwide.swagbucks It has an excellent rating of 4.3 on Trustpilot, indicating its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

There are various pros and cons to this app.


  • The pros are that it is a highly user-friendly software for people of all ages.


  • On the other hand, one of this app’s main cons is its low-income potential.


This website allows you to make money by sharing your ideas through surveys. It also provides a variety of other jobs to accommodate different interests and schedules. mypointsDespite being an excellent app for making money, it has a considerably limited earning potential. This app has both advantages and disadvantages,


  • It is an excellent app for creating a side hustle.
  • It has a wide range of activities, therefore making it inclusive.  


  • The one disadvantage that affects its performance among users is its low-income potential

Cash Giraffe

With the help of the Cash Giraffe app, which is legit and not a scam, you can use your Android phone to use apps or play games to earn money online. This app allows you to earn money by playing video games. cash giraffe appThis app is best suited for Android phones. With so many downloads, this application has a strong 4.2 rating on Google Play.


  • Through this app, you can earn Cash via PayPal. 
  • This app is also available worldwide.


  • One drawback of this app is its low hourly earning potential.

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KashKick is a recent app in the US market that allows you to earn money simply by playing games, doing online surveys, or performing other daily tasks. It is suitable for both Apple and Android users. kashkickBecause of its reliability, this software has received a 4.3 rating on Google Play and a 3.3 rating on Apple.


  • PayPal payments are accepted.
  • Quick registration to receive your welcome bonus
  • Reasonable compensation for your time


  • Specific surveys yield little prize.

Rewarded Play

This is an app that helps you to earn money by simply playing video games. Players collect points while playing, which they may trade for coins after the game. You can redeem these points for gift cards using the Rewarded Play app. rewarded play appUsers must invest time in each game and hit predetermined level milestones to maximize the points. This app only suits Android phones and does not support iOS devices. 


  • You can get gift cards by engaging in gaming 
  • It is simple to download and use and has many games. 


  • One of the main disadvantages is that, in most cases, you can cash out the rewards through PayPal

Blitz Win Cash

This application is like a dream come true for gamers. This app lets you earn money by playing classic games like Bubble Shooter, Blackjack, etc.blitz win cash It is a very user-friendly app that Android and iOS users can use. It has an excellent 4.6 rating on Apple and a solid 3.3 rating on Google Play.


  • Contains more than ten game titles in a single app, saving screen and hard drive (storage) space on your smartphone.
  • The reviews are on the positive side. Earn rewards in cash games that range from $1 to $15. Instead of playing against computers, you compete in games with other players at comparable skill levels.


  • You must be 21 or older to play, but many more cash games are accessible to players aged 18 and over.
  • There are no cash games in certain places. The app’s cash games are subject to territorial limitations. Cash games are not offered in the following states: Arizona, Louisiana, Montana, and Tennessee.
  • Android users have limited access to some functionalities, and Blitz Win Cash’s Android version does not include cash games. For the optimal user experience, it would help to have an iOS smartphone.

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Cash em All

This app lets users earn money by playing free games. Using Cash Them All, users may earn real money through PayPal or redeem gift cards to stores like Amazon or the Xbox em all If you want to explore more games that pay you through PayPal, here is a list of 15 games that instantly pay you through PayPal. This app is genuine and not a scam. It runs on Android devices and has a 4.3 rating on Google Play.


  • Downloading the app is free, and signing up is simple.
  • You can earn real money with Cash Them All since it gives PayPal money as a prize.
  • Get a complimentary gift of 5555 coins as a welcome offer.
  • Play entertaining mobile games to earn money.
  • Benevolent referral scheme that yields coins


  • The more games you play on Cash ’em All, the less you get paid.
  • It needs a substantial time commitment to be profitable.

Money RAWR

This is another apps like Mistplay that lets you earn money by playing games without demanding an additional amount from the users while signing up. It is an excellent app for earning a side hustle through gaming. If you want to explore other side hustles, here is a list of the 7 best ones to help you earn extra money. money rawr appIt is a trustworthy app with a 4.2 rating on Google Play and a 4.6 rating on Aptoide. It is a safe way to gain some cash.


  • It provides a quick and enjoyable method to earn
  • The referral program offers respectable incentives.
  • PayPal payments are accepted.


  • Restricted options for earning
  • Low compensation for submissions
  • Offer availability will differ between nations.


WorldWinner is a skill-based gaming community that works across platforms and hosts professional cash competitions for iOS and Android winner It can be easily downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store without any additional downloading charges. It has a 4.5 rating on the Apple Store and is a highly legitimate platform for earning money by gaming.


  • Twenty-four favorite games are now accessible through a single mobile gaming app.
  • Easy cashout that is credited to your PayPal account immediately.
  • Genuine cash awards for each game, up to $40


  • Not all states and locales offer cash tournaments.
  • There are no chances to earn free money; participation in competitions requires payment of registration fees

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App Flame

With the App Flame app, you can get paid real money just by installing and using Android games. You can also get paid to recommend games to friends by giving referral links to them so they may install the games. app flameThis app can be downloaded for free on Android devices. It does not support iOS devices well. This app has secured a solid 4.2 rating on Google Play and a 4 rating on GameLoop for its legitimacy.


  • Low threshold for payment
  • Provides PayPal as a payment option; has a substantial referral program


  • Opportunities for earning are few.
  • Poor returns
  • The software is limited to Android-powered gadget


You can engage in games on your phone and earn genuine prizes by downloading and employing the AppStation app, which is free. appstationAppstation is a great app for both Android and the App Store, with an excellent rating.


  • Provides a playful means of earning prizes
  • The application is easy to use.


  • Opportunities for earning are few.
  • Poor returns
  • It takes a long time to become eligible for compensation.

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Enjoy all of your favorite games and win fantastic prizes. Playing games and earning money has always been more complex and pleasurable, like in Gamehag. gamehagGamehag lives up to the hype of apps that let you earn money while playing. It is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


  • The app is very user-friendly
  • It has a variety of games


  • It has a shallow earning potential


The best traditional bubble shooter game for your iPhone or Android phones is called Bubble Cash, and it will provide you with an enjoyable and thrilling experience.bubblecash You may test your bubble-shooting expertise while competing with others against the clock to maximize your score, thanks to the game’s vibrant graphics and straightforward controls. As you burst more bubbles, your odds of winning increase, and you earn exciting rewards.


  • Bubble Cash is a fun and legitimate opportunity to win real cash rewards. With positive and negative ratings and reviews on Google Play, you may be confident that the app is not a hoax.
  • Free Play and Cash Tournaments: Bubble Cash lets users play free games without spending money upfront. Players can also participate in cash tournaments to earn even higher prizes.


  • Cash tournaments may not be accessible in all states. Before using the app, make sure it is available in your location.
  • Although players may withdraw their money using PayPal, the problem of late payments persists.

Bingo Cash

A reputable gaming app, Bingo Cash provides a pleasant experience with actual money awards in cash games. bingo cashIt boasts a lively community and offers no-cost practice rounds. This app has a 4.6 rating on the Apple store and a 3.9 rating on Google Play.


  • User friendly 
  • There are various referral 
  • There is no loss


  • Withdrawal fee: $1
  • Longer withdrawal processing delays.
  • Availability constraints

Money Well

Users who enjoy video games can get money from Money Well through PayPal payments and vouchers to well-known retailers like Amazon, Nike, and well app It has a rating of 4.3. This app is suitable for both Android and Apple stores.


  • It is a legitimate app
  • It is user-friendly
  • It is a great way to generate a side hustle


  • The earning rate declines as you continue playing 
  • It has a low earning potential

Solitaire Smash

With the Solitaire Smash app, which is entirely free to download and use, you can play games on your phone and win real prizes. solitaire smashSolitaire Smash is a fantastic Android and app store app with an outstanding rating. It has a 4.8 rating on the Apple store. This is also suitable for Android devices.


  • It is suitable for both Android as well as Apple devices
  • It offers actual cash prizes


  • There are mixed reviews over the internet when it comes to its performance
  • The rewards have a meager worth


With apps like Mistplay and the entirely free app Cashyy, you may win incredible prizes! All you’ve got to do to get free money is play and finish quests. cashyy appYou will receive more money the more you play. This is only suitable for Android devices. It has a 4.3 rating on Google Store.


  • It doesn’t take any sign-up charges
  • It is a legitimate app to earn money


  • The earning potential of these apps is shallow

Pool Payday

With AppStation, a well-regarded gaming app, you can obtain cash rewards and gift cards for using your Android device to play well-known games like Wordle.pool payday It has an excellent app to generate a side hustle through it.


  • The app is straightforward to use.
  • It offers a selection of games.


  • Its income potential is minimal.


Scramble is an innovative incentive system that enables regular people to find new games, applications, and items and earn and save real money. scramble appIt is mainly suited for Android devices, with a 4.4 rating out of 5


  • It’s a genuine app.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • This app provides a fantastic method to create a second income.


  • This app is mainly suited for Android devices

Coin Pop

Setting up and enjoying no-cost games on your smartphone earns you prizes with Coin Pop, a popular app. JustDice GmbH, a member of the AppLike group, owns the app. coin pop appIt is suitable for both Android and iOS stores. It has an excellent rating of 4.7 on the Apple Store and a 4.3 rating on Google Play.


  • Accepts PayPal as payment
  • Available anywhere


  • Opportunities for earning are a few
  • Poor return


InboxDollars is another service that operates similarly to Flash Mistplay. It pays users to survey online, view movies, and play video games. inboxdollar appThe sole disadvantage of this program is that users must be residents of the United States. According to the evaluations, this is an excellent platform for starting a web-based side hustle. It has a respectable 4.2 rating on Trustpilot. This is suitable for both Android and Apple phones.


  • It offers a quick and entertaining way to earn
  • The referral program provides commendable rewards


  • Limited opportunities for income
  • Insufficient payment for contributions
  • The availability of offers will vary by country


An apps like Mistplay, a reputable app called JustPlay, pays users money to play games. Users can also exchange tokens they’ve earned while playing for actual money.justplay app Consequently, this app is authentic. This is a great app and can support both Android and iOS devices.


  • Minimal Cash Out Requirement
  • Numerous Ways to Make Money


  • Low earning potential

These are great alternatives that offer similar services to Mistplay. Some of these apps are better than Mistplay regarding the features they offer.

Here ends the list of Apps like Mistplay.

Which apps can be used on Android and Iphone?

Most of the games listed above are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Even so, some programs are compatible with either Android or iOS devices. Some apps fall under the category of apps like Mistplay for iPhone.

Cash Giraffe-
Rewarded Play-
Blitz Win CashBlitz Win Cash
Cash’em All-
Money RAWRMoney RAWR
App Flame-
Bingo CashBingo Cash
Money WellMoney Well
Solitaire SmashSolitaire Smash
Pool PaydayPool Payday
Coin PopCoin Pop

How can you Maximize your Earnings?

The best approach to maximize your earnings in paid gaming applications is to complete as many assignments as possible. It would help if you played these games at a specific period of the day. It would be best if you took advantage of an opportunity to increase the number of coins you collect since the more you collect, the more money you’ll make when you exchange them. Therefore, if you want to know more about certain get-paid-to-play games like the above, here is a list of 53 legit sites that pay you to play games online.


How many Mistplay accounts can you have?

You can only have one account at a time. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts.

What are the limits on Mistplay?

The Mistplay level limit is 20.

How do apps like Mistplay make money?

Mistplay's business strategy is for game creators to pay to host their games on the site and earn user feedback. Every time a game is installed, the firm earns a referral commission, and in-game purchases generate revenue.

What is the difference between Mistplay and Rewarded Play?

Unlike Mistplay games, Rewarded Play does not require you to access the platform to receive credit for gameplay.


These 20 apps are great for generating a side hustle if you want to earn extra Cash at the end of the day. The best strategy to enhance your revenues in paid gaming applications is to complete as many tasks as possible.

Engaging in these games at specific times throughout the day would be beneficial. It would be best to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your coin accumulation since the more you have, the more money you’ll make when you exchange them.

Also, understanding about Google WM Max LLC charge can provide peace of mind and ensure that your financial records remain accurate and up-to-date.