Mistplay Review 2024 – Everything to Know

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Online income generation is possible in several ways. It never hurts to make a little additional money in terms of personal finances. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Mistplay, addressing the question, “Is Mistplay real?” and providing valuable insights into this popular gaming app.

A smartphone application called Mistplay enables users to play contests in return for money. It provides a platform for gamers to earn points, which can be redeemed for gift cards from various retailers. Downloading Mistplay can be a good idea if you enjoy playing video games and seeking your next side gig.

You can learn more about it in this Mistplay review, including how to utilize it to get gift cards, Google Play credit, or cash. In this article, we’ll explore how Mistplay works, the rewards it offers, and its legitimacy as a gaming platform

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Mistplay: Everything you need to know

Using the smartphone software Mistplay, you may receive incentives for playing video games. The idea is that mobile game creators must release their products to the market to see how users will react.

If you love video games or realize that you have a significant amount of spare time and want to make some additional money, Mistplay could be the perfect fit for you.

Mistplay: Eligibility

Following are the eligibility criteria for Mistplay.


You must, first of all, and importantly, reside in a nation that Mistplay supports. As of the time of posting, this includes the US, Singapore, Canada, and a significant portion of European nations.


Visit the Google Play Store to determine your eligibility, which is the sole option. Depending on the nation you visit the shop from, the store will inform you if you are or are not qualified.


To utilize Mistplay, you will need a decent smartphone, not the least since you will play games.

mistplay review smartphone

It is optional to have a very costly smartphone, but it must be able to download and update apps.

Only for Android

only for android

Unfortunately, Mistplay does not support iOS users’ devices, so you must own an Android device to qualify. The excellent thing is that Mistplay does mention on its blog that iOS compatibility is coming, and it doesn’t tell us when this will likely happen.

Age Requirement

age requirements

To use Mistplay, you must be at least 18 years old. Anybody could previously create a Mistplay account as young as 13, but the firm recently implemented new guidelines. Your profile will be banned if Mistplay determines you to be an underage member.

Getting Started With Mistplay

The steps for launching the Mistplay app are given below.

Step 1. First, download and set up the mobile application.

You must go to the Google Play store and choose to install Mistplay, as it is an app-only system.

Step 2. Modifying phone settings

You may need to change your device’s settings after installing the Misplay app on your phone. Turn off power saving mode and prioritize the program over any already running apps.

Step 3. Launch the application, then register.

After making the necessary adjustments to your phone’s settings, launch the Mistplay app. After that, a request to register will appear. Registration can only be done with a Facebook or Gmail account.

mistplay google play store

Immediately after activating your account, you’ll have access to Mistplay’s extensive catalog of games. Be aware that the games you may watch depend on the nation from where you are using the app. This is because certain game makers design their titles specifically for countries like the US.

Tips for Mistplay Rewards

Here are a few tips to earn rewards on Mistplay.

Playing Video Game

First, if you play a game for a set period after finding one you like the look of, you will receive a set number of points. The number of points you will receive varies from game to game. 

mistplay rewards

However, since you can see this before you play, it’s usually a good idea to focus initially on games with more significant rewards.

Getting to Gaming Goals

getting to gaming goals

The game designers know that some players will launch the game, play for the required time to get the prize, and then quit. As a result, if you play the game longer and attain specific goals, you can earn considerably more.

Mistplay Points System

Mistplay Points System consists of Units, GXP, and PXP.


Similar to how bitcoin functions on many other gaming sites, a Mistplay unit does the same. It is the monetary language exclusive to the Mistplay world. A participant who participates in a game is compensated in units.


Game Experience Points, or GXP for short, are the points system connected to your troops. The quantity of GXP you gain increases the longer you play. As a result, if you engage in a game for a lengthy period, your prizes will rise.


PXP, or “Player Experience Points,” are the type of points used in Mistplay to denote the beginner level you have attained. But once more, it does not indicate your level of competence.

PXPs track the time you spend using the Mistplay platform and reward you for being a regular player. Your playtime GXP level will increase as your PXP level rises.

Mistplay Review

The Mistplay review you provide is what game makers want, even though they hope you will take the time to test their games. The app now has a stellar rating of 4.3/5, which is very good. The most significant additional factor is that this is based on more than 89,000 individual evaluations, which suggests that people are pretty satisfied with Mistplay’s offerings.mistplay appp review

But in the end, the primary problem that comes up in the reviews area has to do with how much money you can make. Numerous users draw attention to the time required to utilize the app to achieve the $5 mark. 

The number of dollars developers will be willing to pay out will be restricted, so this shouldn’t be shocking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features does Mistplay have?

There are several methods to accumulate points, there are several games, and you can also exchange rewards from Mistplay for gift cards to well-known retailers.

Is Mistplay fraudulent?

Mistplay is a genuine company. There has been a lot of time to analyze and confirm the app's credibility because it has thousands of users and has been there since 2017.

Does Mistplay work with iOS?

Only some parts of North America, Singapore, and Europe presently provide Mistplay to Android users. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access this app if you own an iPhone or reside anywhere other than one of those locations. Additionally, users must be older than 13 to take part.

What are a few drawbacks of Mistplay?

The redemption amounts may be low, your geographic location matters, and information leaks are some of the drawbacks of Mistplay.


This Mistplay review includes using Mistplay to get gift cards, Google Play credit, or cash. It’s reasonable to state that utilizing the Mistplay app won’t make you a multimillionaire or rich, and you should generate a side income that is impressive enough to talk about. However, Mistplay is a fantastic method to make money from home if you want to play video games in your spare time and want to be paid for your work.

Many skeptics were seeking a chance to make people find quick cash online if you google Mistplay. Rest confident that the app is real despite its little income. Moreover, you’ll find some games in exchange for gift cards; there are no hooks or never-ending sales funnels.

Finally, remember that each game’s unit value is frequently updated. Since games frequently change, avoiding being too connected is a good idea.

If you’re interested in obtaining gift cards in return for some gaming time, as you have seen in this Mistplay review, Mistplay is an excellent choice.

Join millions of gamers worldwide who earn rewards while playing their favorite games by exploring these top-rated apps that offer features similar to Mistplay.