How to Make Money with a Box Truck | 7 Best Ways

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A box truck might be ideal if you’re seeking a means to make money that enables you to establish your working schedule and be your boss. The question “How to make money with a box truck” will be discussed in this article.


With a box truck, you can make money in various ways, including delivery services, moving series, junk collection, trucks for advertising, renting bus trucks, creating an Airbnb out of bus trucks, and providing catering businesses.

Learn how to use a box truck to gain money by reading on.

How to Make Money with a Box Truck (7 Ways)

how to make money with a box truck

Here are the seven best ways to know “how to make money with a box truck.”

Deliver packages using your box truck.

Utilizing a box truck to carry packages is one of the easiest methods for making money with a box truck. It is a good choice for delivery services because it has significantly more space than smaller vehicles to handle large products.

You can choose from various delivery providers—from furniture and parcels to restaurant delivery and goods. Moreover, you can apply to work as a delivery driver for organizations like DoorDash, Amazon, or Instacart, or you may collaborate with nearby enterprises to do so. You can also check out How To Make Money With Pickup Truck.

Provide moving services for homes.

Courier provides free delivery of goods or postal parcels to the address. Man with cardboard boxes. Vector illustration in flat style. Delivery service van

You can earn money by providing home moving services if you’re ready to put in more effort. Additionally, it entails packing up your box truck with other people’s possessions and transporting them to their new residences.

It might be very physically exhausting because you’ll be transporting items belonging to others, including large containers, household items, washers and dryers, etc. But if you’re up for the effort, it might be a terrific way to use your box truck to make money.

To simplify life, you’ll need extra items like cargo straps, blankets, tarps, dollies, and a helping hand.

Provide junk removal services.


Junk removal is a further service your box truck can provide. It entails visiting people’s residences or places of business and collecting any junk or trash they wish to discard. It’s a fantastic method to earn money and aid with space decluttering.

You’ll need to buy some tough-to-damage garbage bags and protective gloves and have a disposal strategy before you start. You or a nearby business can dispose of it for a fee by taking it to the dump.

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Be willing to provide your box truck for advertising


Selling advertising space on your box truck is a fantastic method to generate extra revenue. Furthermore, this can be a tremendous passive source of income because you can make money while driving around with logos and advertisements pasted over your vehicle. Firms can pay you to cover your car in ads for their partner brands.

The advertisement, how much you drive, what region you go to, etc., affect how much money you can make. But for most of these businesses, you must drive over thirty miles daily, and your car can be at most ten years old. Depending on the previously listed parameters, you can make between $200 and $1,200 monthly, with most drivers making about $400.

You might rent a box truck.

It is a perfect alternative if you use your box truck sparingly or want to make additional money in your spare time. You may hire out your box truck and make money whenever not in use. Additionally, on marketplace platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, etc., you can advertise your box truck for rent.

Your ability to charge a certain amount of money will be influenced by various elements, including the size of your truck, its capabilities, and your location. By renting out your box truck to those who might need it, you can make more than $200 each day.

Create an Airbnb out of an unused box truck.


Why hesitate to utilize the unused box truck you have sitting in the parking lot by turning it into an Airbnb? Moreover, this entails converting your box truck into an RV or temporary hotel room and renting it out to tourists.

To do this, you must own (or rent) property where it is legal to operate an Airbnb, but if you do, it can be a far more profitable method to use your box truck as a means of income than using it for transportation.

First, you must stock your box truck with all the necessities for an enjoyable stay, including a bed, sheets, toiletries, etc. Then, you can start leasing out your box truck as an Airbnb could bring in a few hundred dollars per night, depending on where you are and how well-liked your ad is.

Provide catering businesses with your transportation services.



Another excellent option to use your box truck to generate income is to provide catering businesses with transportation services. It entails moving supplies to and from catering events, including food, furniture, tables, and chairs.

Furthermore, you’ll need to contact nearby catering businesses and ask whether they require transportation services. After that, you can decide on a fee and provide your services. It is a fantastic method to generate money because catering businesses constantly need these services, so you’ll always have work coming in.

You now know how to make money with a box truck.

What sort of income can you anticipate from a box truck?

how to make money with a box truck

After learning how to make money with a box truck, let’s find out how much a box truck can make.

How much money you can make with a box truck depends on several factors, including what you’re using it for, how often you use it, and where you’re located. Most owners of box trucks make between $52,000 and $146,500 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. So, if you want to use your box truck to earn additional cash, there are several ways. You should also check out 7 Best Side Hustles.


How do we launch a box truck business?

You must have a current driver's license, insurance, and an officially authorized vehicle to begin operating your box truck business. You may begin marketing your services online or in your neighborhood when you have these.

Which type of insurance is necessary for our box truck?

Your state's rules and how you plan to use your truck will determine the kind of insurance you require for your box truck. Commercial auto insurance may be needed if you use your vehicle for business.

What is the price of buying a box truck?

The size and age of the truck will affect how much a box truck will cost to purchase. A secondhand box truck will cost you between $5,000 and $25,000, while a brand-new one will cost you between $30,000 and $100,000.

What measurements do a typical box truck have?

A typical box truck is 8 feet wide and 24 feet long. However, smaller and larger box trucks are on the market.


We hope our solution to “How to make money with a box truck” was beneficial. If you’re ready to look for opportunities to offer various services, your box truck can be a reliable source of income. Thanks to our vast list of services you can provide, you are on your way to converting your box truck into a cash cow. Taking the initiative is crucial. Ideas have value if they are put into practice.