How Much Money do Ice Cream Trucks Make?

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The pay for an ice cream truck driver may differ and rely on several things, including the fact that you own the truck, whether or not a corporate firm, and the locations of your routes that employ you. This article will discuss “How much money do ice cream trucks make?”.

In the summer, sales numbers of ice cream trucks often range from $200 to $300 daily. If you labored an average of 20 monthly days, your net profit would be $5,000.

Learn more about how much money ice cream trucks make by reading on.

How Much Money Do Ice Cream Trucks Make Yearly?

Let’s discuss “how much an ice cream truck makes yearly.” According to statistics, one may earn between $200 and $300 in sales figures per day delivering ice cream from a truck throughout the season’s heat. If you employed an average of 20 days each month, your net profit would be $5,000.

How much money do ice cream trucks make yearly

  • Average Daily Income: $200 – $300
  • Average Monthly Income: $5,000
  • Average annual income: $60,000

Remember that this is your net profit; to determine your actual yearly earnings from the firm, you must also consider your costs.

  • Average Monthly Expenses: $2,500
  • Average Yearly Expenses: $30,000

As a result, your estimated yearly average income is now $30,000. Now, you know “how much money ice cream trucks make yearly.”

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Ice Cream Margins of Profit

After discussing “how much money do ice cream trucks make,” let’s know its profit margin. The item you sell has margins of 50% or more. If you buy a package of ice cream sandwiches for sale for $1 each, you may later sell them at 50 cents each. Some goods cost more money, and some are significantly less.

Additionally, using a scooper with giant ice cream containers might result in a noticeable marginal rise. To prevent waste, consider buying big dumpsters while restricting the flavors offered.

A usual summer day can generate $200 to $500 in sales; if you reduce the gross in half, your everyday net profit will be around average. If you can sell $300 worth of stuff five days a week, you’ll make a weekly net profit of $750 or $1,500 in gross profit. To determine your yearly revenue, multiply it by the total number of weeks your business is open yearly.

Memorial Day weekend

Large-scale occasions like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day weekend can result in substantially more significant income. You will likely sell more than $1,000 daily on these occasions. A busy event calendar in a region could assist in more significant ice cream truck profit.

Elements that affect typical Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual income

Seasonality: The average earning figures are based on the summertime. The busiest times for ice cream trucks are during summer and when children are out of school. Many sellers only run this as a temporary company, bringing in between $15,000 and $30,000 in annual total sales.

busy ice cream trucks

Frequency: Frequency is critical to winning the ice cream delivery business. You earn more money if you sell for extra time and extended monthly periods. That’s how easy it is. You must be willing to commit to long days, holidays, and festivals throughout summertime if you intend on making sizable sums of funds in this industry.

Big Income Days: You will see a decrease in income throughout the colder months. But remember, there will be days when your earnings are more than usual. On those days, you may make between $500 and $1,000.

Scorching days or holidays when everybody is happy and having fun cause significant increases in sales, which boosts your month. Allowing consumers to reserve you for exclusive occasions like birthday celebrations is another option to experience days with higher revenue.

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The Average cost to Start a Business

Vehicle: The car you utilize will be your most significant investment before beginning your business. A trustworthy van or vehicle will cost between $10,000 and $20,000 upfront.

To maintain your product’s coolness, you should also consider having the truck customized, covered, and fitted with coolers. Start a food service operation from a tricycle or push wagon if you’re on limited funds but wish to establish this type of business.

ice cream truck

Gas: You must fill up your petrol tank twice weekly. The distance you must go will significantly affect this, so consider that. Lately, national gas costs have stayed much below $3.00 per gallon. It will be fantastic for the ice cream truck sector, especially as gas costs remain low; however, keep in thoughts that earnings will be affected if rates increase in the years to come.

Permits: You could require unique permission concerning where you intend to sell your goods. These are frequently available for a small fee of $50 to $200, although the price may be considerably higher in certain major cities.

Inventory: Most ice cream trucks can get by with a $500 beginning supply that can be refilled. The reduced waste costs associated with this company strategy are an incredible perk. The goods will remain in good condition if you can keep them cool.

Labor: This company model has the benefit of often needing a single individual to run it. Several food trucks operate differently. There are no labor costs if you run the firm; the only expense is your time there. If you want to make this business easier to manage, remember that you will pay somebody about $15.00 an hour to run it.

Now, you know everything about “how much ice cream truck owners make,” its profit margin, factors, and typical cost.


What is an ice cream truck?

An ice cream truck is a business truck that functions as a portable ice cream shop, often in the warmer months of the year.

What private events may an ice cream truck handle that are incredibly lucrative?

The most lucrative private parties an ice cream truck may attend are typically corporate ones. These are among the kinds of occasions where a business provides a treat or incentive for its employees.

How about operating an ice cream truck?

If you run your ice cream truck, you decide what to offer, how to market it, and when to open for business. Running an ice cream truck will be exciting if you want this independence.

Are ice cream trucks profitable?

If an ice cream truck concentrates on developing at least one permanent marketplace place and catering at private parties and public gatherings, it may achieve net profit margins of 10%–20%. Private catering occasions, such as business meetings, private celebrations, and ceremonies, will generate the most significant revenue for an ice cream truck.


We hope this post about “how much money ice cream trucks make” is helpful. The secret to operating a prosperous ice cream truck is establishing your specific locations for street selling alongside a broad calendar of activities. Parties are the most lucrative service an ice cream truck can provide.

If you merge both, you may have a successful ice cream truck. Expand your ice cream truck operation by having many trucks serve different areas to boost your income. The most crucial thing is to construct specialized vending locations slowly and deliberately.

The achievement of your street vending location will depend on how frequently and how quickly customers can locate your truck. Now, you may have all the knowledge about “How much money do ice cream trucks make?” and “Do ice cream trucks make money.”

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