How to Make Money with a Pickup Truck? Side Hustles

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In today’s ever-evolving landscape of earning opportunities, there are great and innovative ways to make money, particularly if you own a vehicle. You’ll discover a plethora of side hustles that can be lucrative solely by having a car at your disposal. So, how to make money with a pickup truck?

make money with a pickup truck

There are numerous opportunities to earn income utilizing a pickup truck, ranging from delivering furniture and assisting with relocation to providing landscaping services. The versatility of a pickup truck makes it a valuable and adaptable vehicle, offering a wide array of money-making possibilities.

A pickup truck opens up numerous job prospects, offering ample cargo space, making it an ideal choice for efficiently transporting goods between different locations. This article teaches us how to make money with pickup trucks.

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10 Ways to Make Money Using a Pickup Truck

Following are some ways that guide you in terms of “How to make money with a pickup truck?”:

Yard care service

You can use your pickup truck’s ample cargo space to offer lawn care services. Transporting lawnmowers and other equipment becomes convenient, and you can also assist with transporting yard waste and materials like mulch. This side hustle may even pave the way for starting your landscaping business.

make money with a pickup truck


With landscaping, how to make money with a pickup truck? It would be best to consider venturing into landscaping and using your pickup truck to kickstart a landscaping business. Another option is to provide hauling and delivery services specifically for established landscaping companies.


When starting your own business, be prepared to invest in essential equipment. This may involve purchasing lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and hand tools like shovels. These tools will be fundamental in carrying out your landscaping services effectively.

Junk hauling

You can use your pickup truck to provide junk hauling services. Many companies seek assistance disposing of unwanted items, such as old filing cabinets, which you can transport to recycling centers. Homeowners may also require help removing large furniture during estate sales or residential moves. If you have a trailer attached, you can haul even more items.

junk hauling

Moving service

You can offer your pickup truck as a moving service to people in your area. Like professional moving truck companies, you can transport homeowners’ belongings for a fee, including unloading items and navigating stairs if necessary. This is how to make money with a pickup truck.


Towing service

Leverage your pickup truck’s towing capacity to provide affordable towing services for cars, trucks, and boats. Pickup truck owners can offer competitive prices compared to larger towing companies. Please consider acquiring necessary equipment like a wheel lift and be mindful of your pickup truck’s maximum towing weight.

make money with a pickup truck

Rental service

If your pickup truck sees minimal use, consider renting it out to others as a lucrative income source. Some companies pay truck owners to rent their vehicles, although eligibility requirements, such as mileage limitations, may apply. Alternatively, you can independently rent your truck to acquaintances needing a car for specific projects.

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make money with a pickup truck

Delivery service

So, how to make money with a pickup truck by delivering? You can tap into the demand for delivery services using your pickup truck. Opportunities range from providing furniture for antique stores to transporting flowers for local florists. Collaborating with companies that offer grocery and food delivery through mobile apps is another viable option.

make money with a pickup truck

Truck wrapping

Maximize your earnings with minimal effort by engaging in truck wrapping. Transform your pickup truck into a mobile billboard by covering it with business advertisements. Depending on your driving routes, you can generate substantial income from these advertising partnerships, particularly in high-traffic areas.


Construction material hauling

Forge partnerships with local construction companies to assist them in hauling large construction materials. Smaller construction firms often prefer hiring independent truck owners, as it is more cost-effective than engaging larger service companies. This role typically involves transporting materials from one location to the worksite and potentially aiding in disposing of excess materials.

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make money with a pickup truck

Garage sale deliveries

Capitalizing on the demand for delivery services, offer to deliver items purchased by customers attending garage or yard sales. Notify hosts of your availability and provide a convenient delivery option for buyers interested in more critical things. Furthermore, consider leveraging your truck’s capacity to purchase and resell furniture or other items acquired at garage sales, potentially increasing your profits through refurbishment or improvements.

sale delivery

Platforms On Which You Can Make Money With a Pickup Truck

  • Fetch

Could you list your pickup truck on Fetch, a truck rental company? You can set your availability and earn passive income by renting your vehicle for specific hours or days.

  • Turo

Rent your pickup truck on Turo, the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. Earn money by offering your vehicle for rent on a per-day basis. 

  • Getaround

Another car-sharing service, Getaround, allows you to rent your truck temporarily.

  • Dolly

Sign up with Dolly, a gig app that connects you with movers needing assistance. Use your pickup truck to help with moving tasks and earn competitive hourly rates.

  • Bellhop

Like Dolly, Bellhop is a side hustle where you assist others in moving to new homes or apartments.

  • Lugg

Earn money by providing reliable moving services. Lugg reports top earners making up to $2,500 per week.

  • BuddyTruk

BuddyTruk is a hauling service specifically designed for short trips under 75 miles.

  • Roadie

Roadie is a same-day delivery service that allows you to earn money by delivering everyday items. Use your pickup truck for local deliveries and earn up to $15 per trip.

  • Bungie

Utilize your pickup truck for hauling services with Bungie. Earn over $40 per hour by moving more oversized items, such as furniture and home improvement materials.

  • TaskRabbit

Sign up with TaskRabbit and offer your pickup truck for various tasks, including removing furniture and packing. 

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1. How can I generate income using my pickup truck?

There are various ways to earn money with a pickup truck. Some popular methods include offering moving services, hauling, and delivery services, renting out your vehicle, working for gig apps like Dolly or Bellhop, and engaging in junk removal services.

2. How should I start a moving service with my pickup truck?

To initiate a moving service, you can begin by promoting your services locally, creating an online presence through a website or social media, and establishing connections with real estate agents or local businesses.

3. Are any gig apps that compensate pickup truck owners for their services?

Several gig apps are available that connect pickup truck owners with individuals needing moving or delivery services. Examples include Dolly, Bellhop, GoShare, Lugg, and Roadie. These platforms enable you to set your availability, select the jobs you wish to undertake, and earn money either on an hourly basis or per job.

4. What are the options for renting out my pickup truck to generate income?

Renting out your pickup truck can be accomplished through peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms such as Turo or Getaround. These platforms provide insurance coverage and handle the rental process, allowing you to earn money by renting your truck to others per day.


So finally, how to make money with a pickup truck? In conclusion, the ownership of a pickup truck presents numerous avenues for generating income. The practicality of a pickup truck makes it a valuable asset in various income-generating activities. 

By offering moving services, hauling goods, renting out the truck, or providing delivery services, individuals can tap into the earning potential of their vehicle. Also, Leveraging gig apps, building local networks, and using online platforms can help connect with potential customers and clients. 

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