How to Make Money With a Truck and Trailer?

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You’ve come to the correct place if you have a truck and a trailer and are seeking a part-time job to supplement your income. This tutorial will teach you “how to make money with a truck and trailer.”

There are numerous methods, like service for towing, snow removal, advertisements, food delivery, etc., to generate income using a truck, and the options increase after you add a trailer to the equation. 

Learn more about how to make money with a truck and trailer by reading on.

How to Make Money with a Truck and Trailer?

Here are ways for “how to make money with a truck and trailer.”

Service for towing 

You can tow tiny boats, vehicles, travelers, and more if you have a pickup vehicle. A tow truck is only sometimes necessary to work in the towing industry. You can tow additional cars with the tools needed, such as a 7-foot wide car-hauler trailer.

how to make money with a truck and trailer-tow truck

You are not required to go to the store to purchase a 2-tonne truck because pickup trucks can pull between 5,000 pounds and 14,000 pounds, and some can handle much greater weights.

We have a secondhand truck that will serve us well. The majority of your loads will be within your car’s towing capability. It is the first way to “how to make money with a truck and trailer.”

Lawn care and landscaping

A landscaping company has the drawback of requiring all the necessary tools; therefore, it may become a full-time occupation rather than an additional income.

landscaping company

You can offer various landscaping solutions for homes, hotels, restaurants, small companies, large corporations, and playgrounds. Fast-food eateries are one example of a specific industry that may be ideal to focus on; however, you may examine what might work most advantageous to you and offer the most revenue.

An LLC can be an excellent choice to lessen responsibility, validate advertising, and state it on your company cards. It is not required, though; putting it up costs a little money.

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Moving assistance

Transporting heavy objects with your truck and trailer, including musical instruments, tables, kitchenware, and more, is a lucrative business. Although there are many U-Haul and other companies in your neighborhood, flexibility is valued by customers.

Moving assistance U Haul

Individuals often seek assistance carrying large and heavy objects; therefore, getting a pickup truck and some strength might be a way to earn cash. Take a friend and make money with a trailer and a truck.

If you are prepared to travel, they could skip phoning moving firms to get a truck or make an appointment. Many individuals need help to operate a U-Haul while moving their belongings. As a result, they’re looking for somebody solid and ready like you. It is another “how to make money with a trailer.”

Snow removal

If you live in an area with abundant snow throughout the winter, consider hiring a snow plowing service.

how to make money with a truck and trailer-Snow removal truck

Your pickup truck may have a snow plow attachment, allowing you to eliminate paths, parking areas, roadways, and virtually everywhere else your vehicle will fit. You might offer snow removal services for your neighborhood’s parks, gardens, recreational spaces, and more.

It might be inconvenient to wait for the municipality to plow amid a significant snowfall, so finding somebody in the neighborhood willing to do it for a fee, such as yourself, can be helpful.

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Some businesses will reward you for advertisements, making you at least $100 monthly. Although it’s not a highly discrete driving method, it’s unquestionably among the simplest ways to use your truck to generate cash.



However, there are standards that the business has set for each employee.

A company that removes junk 

Moving garbage for other individuals is yet another method for pickup drivers to generate cash. Junk removal businesses may be expensive, just like relocating.

junk removal trucks

For this reason, truck owners frequently advertise their rubbish removal services on platforms like Facebook. Do a little investigating on nearby junkyards and note any goods they would disapprove of, such as batteries.

Please also account for the used metal pricing to ensure that you can calculate whether it is profitable to pick up and destroy a particular thing.

Posting your work on an online classified page or Facebook will help you start bringing in customers after you are familiar with the rules and costs associated with rubbish removal in your town. Or watch for those who advertise free undesirable stuff on the internet.

Delivery of large packages 

Deliveries can be made directly to the doorstep of residences or companies, unlike shipment. You can start your own parcel delivery business or work as a freelancer for a nearby business.

how to make money with a truck and trailer-Delivery truck

Partnering with other startups will allow you to begin transporting goods to specific destinations using your truck and trailer.

Many small companies in your community might benefit from this service, including rug and marble establishments that need you to transport marble blocks to a construction site or old rugs to the landfill.

Haul building supplies 

Owners of pickup trucks can get regular employment transporting hardwood, stones, sand, or other supplies. Merchants frequently sell these goods at two rates: one that involves shipping and another that doesn’t.

Haul building supplies 

Although the eventual consumer will probably need to employ you, referrals might come through the shop. Utilise tarps or ropes to keep your cargo in place while transporting items like stones or sand that might move or fall out of the truck box.

Some quarries may require your trailer to have sides and a tailgate to prevent damage from loose stone to nearby automobiles. It is one of the ways to haul trailers for money.

Food delivery

You only need to register, verify that your vehicle type complies with the standards, undergo a criminal record check, and be ready. More significant opportunities in busy regions will also bring higher rivalry—no requirement for a trailer.

food delivery truck

The drawback of employing meal delivery services is the continual driving, which might damage your vehicle and result in extra trips to the petrol station. A nearby cafe that does catering may profit from hiring your truck and trailer to transport a substantial load.

Now, you know “how to make money with a truck and trailer.”

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How can we use vehicle wrapping to generate money?

Truck wrapping is one method to get additional cash with minimal work. It is known as truck wrapping when you decide to wrap your truck with company ads. It advertises products and services using the moving billboards that are your car.

What kind of income may a truck owner expect?

Truck owners may earn between $150 and $250 for every product, and they are only required to make payments for the stock once it is sold.

Is it worth it to purchase a secondhand truck?

Buying a used vehicle can be an intelligent decision if you're unemployed to earn cash during your leisure time. Choose a few business ventures for your pickup, and afterward, attempt to calculate how much you will bring in. It should make it easier to decide whether buying a vehicle is worthwhile.

Should your pickup truck have a trailer?

Your pickup truck can move bigger objects like household goods and furniture after you add a trailer to it. You may also accept the larger assignments, earning you more cash.


We hope this post about “how to make money with a truck and trailer” is helpful. As you’ve witnessed, there are several profit opportunities when using a truck and trailer.

Depending on the sort of truck you have, the amount of free time you have, and your objectives, you should choose the ideal choice.

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