How Did Brandon Fugal Make His Money? Net Worth Explained

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Have you ever wondered how this Utah businessman earned all the fortune he enjoys today? Do you want an answer to the question– How did Brandon Fugal make his money? In this article, we will tell you how much Brandon Fugal is worth and how he got here.

Starting from something small, Brandon Fugal has reached great heights in his career by working as a real estate trader, businessman, and entrepreneur. Recent statistics show that his net worth has climbed to 450 million dollars.

Continue reading to find out how this tycoon from Utah made it to the top–How did Brandon Fugal make his money? How did he get to where he’s at?

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Who is Brandon Fugal?

This man is a business entrepreneur and investor from Utah, United States of America, whose current net worth is around 450 million dollars. His career gained momentum when he joined Utah Realty Group as a Senior Vice President, and following that, he partnered in establishing Cypher Corporation.

Colliers International

The co-founder of Cypher Corporation is now Chairman at Colliers International. Brandon co-founded and owned Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors before uniting and partnering with Colliers International.

His leadership was critical to the business being recognized as the number one operator worldwide for 14 years, with 30 locations in 11 states.

Visit: Colliers International

What Is His Career Like?

As mentioned previously, Fugal is now the Chairman of Colliers International. Additionally, he held positions as a board member at Axcend, acted as a strategic adviser for Xenter, Inc., and served as the managing partner of Pomaika’i Partners. 

He worked for numerous significant commercial real estate businesses after graduation. After hitting a stable point in his career and making a name in the industry, Fugal agreed to an interview where his million-dollar-worth properties were disclosed to the public.

skinwalker ranch

The Skinwalker— rings a bell? He allegedly bought the property in 2016 and planned to keep the property hidden until 2020. According to accounts, he purchased the Ranch from an aerospace entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow.

He did this to undertake an inquiry and examine the strange and incomprehensible events that had been happening there on that property for over two centuries now.

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Wondering About His Net Worth?

Brandon Fugal’s wealth in 2024 is believed to surpass $450 million. His entrepreneurial activities have contributed significantly to the building of his enormous wealth. As mentioned on his LinkedIn, he and his wife are also dedicated to philanthropy, devoting their spare time to helping others.

How did Brandon Fugal make his money

Fugal may make a substantial income as Chairman of the Utah-based giant –Colliers International, but his particular income has not been disclosed.

Brandon Fugal has created a reputation for being an investor, dealing in areas such as health care, technology, hospitality, and real estate. Furthermore, he has taken on board roles in several organizations, including the Utah Technology Council and the Utah Valley University Foundation.

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How Did Brandon Fugal Make His Money? How Did He Get Here? 

Brandon Fugal earned his business management degree from Utah Valley University upon graduation. His taking up real estate at the start of his career proved to be highly beneficial to him. A good amount of continuous Real Estate deals can fetch you a good amount of income.

This is what happened to Brandon Fugal. His efforts in dealing with Real Estate properties paid off and contributed significantly to his current net worth. Brandon Skinwalker Ranch’s net worth is also a part of it.

Purchasing the infamous Ranch has gained him a significant add to his portfolio and his net worth. You must wonder what else can add to this man’s already exceeding net worth. He is well-known for his automobile collection, which includes Lamborghini, Porsches, and Benz.

Not to mention, Fugal also has a private plane and a helicopter for both personal and professional trips. He got to where he is now by exploring every opportunity thrown in his direction. Regardless of the result, he ensured that he explored every avenue.

Achieving success entails a unique set of challenges. While taking every opportunity your way is supposed to be taken seriously, it must also be taken cautiously. Therefore, plan before you act.

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What is Brandon Fugal known for?

Brandon Fugal is an established real estate trader and businessman in the United States. He is well-known for his real estate prowess, notably in Utah, and for owning the Skinwalker Ranch which gained him most of his popularity because of the story behind the Ranch he purchased.

What is Brandon Fugal's main source of wealth?

Brandon Fugal's principal source of wealth is his engagement in the real estate marketplace. He has worked in real estate for businesses in various capacities, including building properties, brokerage, property management, and services related to real estate.

How do Brandon Fugal's connections help him succeed?

Brandon Fugal is well-known for his ability to establish solid professional contacts and networks. His business connections have contributed to successful opportunities and partnerships, boosting his success in different projects.

What is Brandon Fugal's exact net worth?

Brandon Fugal and most celebrities or influential people's net worths are usually hidden for various reasons. Brandon Fugal's net worth has not been made public. Therefore, the accurate values might not be readily accessible in public sources and are confidential.

What exactly is Skinwalker Ranch, and how did Brandon Fugal come to own it?

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is well-known for its alleged paranormal and inexplicable activities. Brandon Fugal purchased the property to undertake a scientific study to investigate these events better.


In conclusion, in this article, we have gone through topics like who Brandon Fugal is and how did Brandon Fugal make his money. What is Brandon Fugal’s net worth as of 2024, and how he earned all of this?

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