How Much Money Does WhistlinDiesel Make a Month? 

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hIf you are a car fanatic, you will know who we are talking about. Have you ever wondered how much money WhistlinDiesel makes a month or what his source of income is? Or the diverse sources that contribute to his income, you’ve come to the right place.

According to the estimated statistics, WhistlinDiesel makes around $30,600 per month. His main source of income is largely through uploading his videos on YouTube. His earnings come to him through showing advertisements on his videos and views on YouTube and Facebook, and of course, selling his merchandise. 

We know you are curious to know how exactly he earns money by creating the content he does, so continue reading to find out!

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Who is WhistlinDiesel? How Much Does He Make? 

Cody Detwiler, also known as WhistlinDiesel, is an American YouTuber. He joined YouTube on January 7th, 2015, and has soared to great heights in gaining popularity through the content he creates on the platform.

who is he

The YouTuber went from surviving on $20 per month to one of the Internet’s biggest content creators and making a couple hundred thousand just by creating videos for his viewers worldwide.

What Content Does He Create?

Cody makes videos about cars and guns. He buys expensive cars and performs multiple stunts with them to see if it is as durable as the company claims them to be. He has about 5.8M followers and around 101 videos on his channel.

What is WhistlinDiesel’s Net Worth?

net worth

The net worth is estimated to be around 4.8 million dollars, according to 2024 statistics. Net worth is the total value of all the assets owned by the person leaving out all the liabilities or what you owe or are in loan of.

How Does WhistlinDiesel Make Money?

According to Cody, he earned all that he has now on his own without help from his mom or dad. The only thing he was given was permission to drive on their property. Has an average of 1 million views a day.

How YouTube Adds To His Income?


WhistlinDiesel’s main source of income is through the YouTube platform. Here are some ways he earns through the platform:


Joining a YouTube partner program adds advertisements to your video and generates income depending on how often the ad appears on your videos. Advertisers pay YouTube for ad placements; some of this revenue is shared with creators.


CPM (Cost Per Mille) is the amount the advertiser must pay for every 1000 times their ad appears on videos. Through YouTube advertisements, WistlinDiesel makes around $1 to $5 per 1000 views.

Users of YouTube get paid an amount of around $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. It means that WhistlinDiesel can make $18 for every 1,000 ad views.

YouTube Premium Income


WhistlinDiesel’s channel will receive a portion of the money generated from YouTube Premium subscriptions. YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service offering an ad-free viewing experience, offline video access, and exclusive content.

YouTube Overall Income

Each viral video on the WhistlinDiesel channel earns him tens of thousands of dollars. RPM (Revenue Per Mille) is a YouTuber’s net profit per 1000 views, $1 to $5 per 1000 views. He makes videos up to 10 minutes and adds advertisements to it. It earns him money through advertising.

How WhistlinDiesel Makes Money Through Facebook?


He also uploads his viral videos on Facebook and probably monetizes it. If the videos go viral on that platform, he will also be paid a certain amount.

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Selling Merchandise

WhistlinDiesel, as a brand in itself, makes money through selling products with the name. Cody sells these products on Amazon and his website. His fans or subscribers purchase this as a form of support.

It allows them to boast about owning a WhistlinDiesel merch and benefits Cody as the owner, adding to his monthly revenue.

How Much Money Does Whistling Diesel Make In A Month?

Since he makes money mainly through YouTube, having about 5,8 million subscribers.

About 5.8 Million people who enjoy his content contribute to his monthly income. As mentioned earlier, he also makes money through side hustles- selling merchandise online.

YouTube statistics on the channel state that the WhistlinDiesel channel has had around 669,128,819 views combined to date. According to a website, his lifetime earnings are around $161,6000 from the day the channel was created on January 7th, 2015.

Because of the money he makes through these ways, according to, he earns around $30,600 per month.

What are WhistlinDiesel’s Estimated Earnings Per Month

Here’s an estimated list of how much WhistlinDiesel might have earned per month since January 2024, according to

In January 2024, WhistlinDiesel made around $8.05K; the next month, in February 2024, he earned about $17.8K. By March 2024, his earnings jumped to around $30.8K. In April 2024, he made $14.4K, while in May 2024, his earnings rose to $30.6K. June 2024 brought in $13.2K, and July 2024 rounded off with earnings of $12.6K.

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How much does Cody Detwiler make?

Cody Detwiler, also known as the WhistlinDiesel, has a net worth of over 4 million as of 2023. WhistlinDiesel's engaging content centered around guns and cars has pushed him to an estimated net worth of $4.8 million, fueled by concrete views and devoted supporters.

How much does Whistlin Diesel make per video?

As discussed earlier, Whistlin Diesel makes videos that linger around the 10-minute time stamp. He makes up to $3 to $5 every 1000 views. And considering he has over a million views for every video, he makes a good amount of potential earnings of $3000 to $5000 per video for hitting 1 million views.

Where does the guy from WhistlinDiesel get his money?

Cody Detwiler's main source of income is through YouTube and other platforms where he chooses to monetize his content. He buys new cars to destroy through this.

What type of content made Whistlin Diesel famous?

Whistlin creates various types of content, mostly cars, and his subscribers are car enthusiasts. He claims on his YouTube 'About' that he does not use any clickbait to attract viewers to click on his videos. He says, 'I never waste time uploading a stupid boring video.'


While his monthly earnings might remain disclosed, at least we know how much he could make monthly. We also have covered the different sources of his income– YouTube and Facebook advertisements and views and selling his merch online.

We hope you liked reading this article as much as we loved digging to find the answer to how much money WhistlinDiesel makes a month. Stick around for more!

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