How to Work for Amazon from Home – A Complete Guide

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The pandemic resulted in a primarily remote working population which was later found to be more sustainable for a company. A few years ago, the famous online retail website, Amazon, created a website called Amazon Jobs. It offers people worldwide job opportunities. Therefore, different types of jobs started coming up in abundance.

amazon jobs
Amazon Jobs

Amazon jobs work like traditional newspaper job vacancies in the past. But with the ability to reach companies worldwide and work remotely. The website provides job opportunities and daily updates concerning vacancies from various industries.

The following passages consist of a complete guide about understanding how to work for Amazon from home for people who have an interest in applying or looking for potential work opportunities. These comprehensive passages include information about the process by which applications for remote work can be completed and other details related to knowing how to work for Amazon from home.

Positions Available through Amazon Jobs

Although previously consisting of roles in the field of customer services, Amazon Jobs features employment from various other sectors. They employ people involved in software development, business, administrative support, content management, marketing, medical, writing, etc. The job opportunities that are present on the website are genuinely countless, especially for remote work.

The work for Amazon from home program is also known as Virtual Location. People can apply for different types of employment patterns. This includes full-time work, where a person will work on all the weekdays; part-time work, where a person will only work for a few hours a week; seasonal work, where a person will only work for a specific season and remote jobs, where people can work from their homes.

Who can apply at Amazon?

Anyone can apply for Amazon. The schedule is usually flexible and is known chiefly to attract several part-time workers as a result. However, job postings mostly attract people who prefer to work for amazon from home.

Remote Work Seeking Process

Firstly, those individuals who want to look for employment opportunities must open the Amazon Jobs website and type “remote work” in the search bar.

This will take you to a web page, where you can add personal specifications relating to the type of employment you prefer to apply for, the category of employment you wish to join, the country of said employment opportunity, the state/province of said employment opportunity, city of employment, team, type of role, and category of employment. 

find jobs on amazon
Find Jobs on Amazon

Once your filters are adjusted to curate your personal needs, select the Work From Home category. This will help you receive a list of jobs based on your specific specifications.

Although plenty of jobs can allow one to work for Amazon from home, some may ask employees to move to the same city as the company to provide training before transitioning to a full-time remote position.

Application Process

Before starting this process, create an Amazon Jobs account. After searching for an employment opportunity that matches your education and experience, quickly apply. A section of the form will ask if you are willing to shift to the country of employment opportunity if you live elsewhere.

Certain self-identification forms need to be answered regarding gender, ethnicity, the current status of veterans, and the presence of one or more disabilities. Once you complete the necessary pages, you can click submit. The applications for working from home are straightforward and can be quickly completed.

Applying online for work from Amazon from home consists of submitting a curriculum vitae and providing personal information. This application process differs for different levels of employees.

After applying for a job, the candidates will receive a link to educate them on their roles. After this, the candidates undergo online interviews, which can increase in number and intensity in the case of higher job positions for employees than belong to a senior level.

Time Duration for Selection

The selection process can take 8 weeks, depending on the total number of applications received by the employer from everyone interested, the employer’s location, and the specific seasons of the year.

Selected employees will have to submit identification and provide the orientation related to their respective jobs, after which they can start to work for Amazon from home immediately. Finalized employees will also undergo drug testing, annual medical exams, and extensive background checks.

Possibilities of Rejection

People are hired based on their resumes and actual work experience, and any disparity between the two can lead to the possibility of rejection from their remote work. Failed background checks and drug screenings can also lead to job rejections.


An employee’s level of experience and the type of industry sector they belong to determines their salary. Therefore, it differs in the case of each remotely working employee. Beginners have a minimum wage of $15 an hour, but there are opportunities to receive much more wages if education and experience are appropriate.

Amazon Career Choice Employee Program

There has been a decision to pay 95% of tuition, specifically for employees who work for Amazon from home, to those who want to receive their Associate degrees. They have also contributed to reimburse a similar percentage of study material expenses and will pay close to $12,000 for costs associated with studies for four consecutive years of study.

Types of Remote Work Jobs Deals on Amazon

Many sorts of full-time jobs are available at Amazon. Nevertheless, you should remember that not every category may always have openings. Check out the following types of job options that Amazon offers:

Customer Service

The most sought-after work-from-home job is in customer service. You have various options because most of Amazon’s virtual call centers allow remote work.

customer service

There are no flexible hours for jobs in customer service. You’ll have to follow a specific schedule for employment. Also, you will need to fulfill particular criteria and credentials. High-speed internet and a dedicated phone line are typical requirements for Amazon Customer Support.

Finding a job in customer service at Amazon might be difficult. These jobs are in high demand and thus fill up quickly. Also, they frequently are contract jobs. You must perform effectively as a temporary employee to get hired permanently.

Recruitment and Human Resources

Human resource jobs typically need face-to-face engagement, and Amazon provides HR tasks you may accomplish at home in the comfort of your house.

Managers of human resources, investigators, contractors, and so on are examples of HR positions. The qualifications required for these positions are typically greater. As a result, not everybody should use them.

human resources and recruitment

Yet they also have fantastic benefits. When working at Amazon’s HR division, you can gain experience and travel opportunities.

With positions in recruiting and human resources at Amazon, you may encounter several difficulties. As a result, you must be qualified to overcome these challenges. A bachelor’s degree, six years of related experience, and (at least) one year of supervisory experience are requirements for entry-level HR positions.


Healthcare is certainly not the first industry that springs to mind when considering work-from-home opportunities. Yet you may find some intriguing work-from-home jobs in the medical field at Amazon.


Bio-Pharma consulting and working as a solutions healthcare architect are two healthcare careers you can work from home. Both of these professions call for specialized qualifications in a variety of areas.

Together with the knowledge of healthcare, the qualifications include IT expertise, travel experience, and consulting expertise. Social abilities and the capability of working remotely in teams are further potential needs.

Virtual Locations

Visit the Amazon Virtual Locations page to uncover a plethora of open positions.

Virtual Places offer opportunities in various industries with a range of qualifications. A few open chances are in operations, delivery, tech support, solutions architecture, and logistics.

virtual locations

There are also jobs available in software development and cloud computing. And that’s simply the cherry on top! There are a tonne more choices offered.

Several of these positions demand a high school diploma, even if the majority of them call for extensive qualifications. Some jobs call for specialized knowledge, including software proficiency and linguistic competence.

Others stipulate that you must be a resident of an acceptable state and live nearby. If you live within a 50-mile radius of the job site, you may be asked to work on-site for some tasks.


There are countless benefits experienced by selecting candidates who can work for Amazon from their homes, including insurance coverage for medical issues, discounts, childcare, assistance for the elderly, reimbursed holidays, etc. The benefits provided are good enough for people who prefer the kind of work, that is, work for Amazon from home.

Additional Work from Home Opportunities through Amazon

Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is a website where people can list several types of work opportunities that need completing and pay others who are more willing to complete each work for payment.

Although the hiring process is relatively simple, the type of work can differ and usually consists of work for Amazon from home in the form of editing, proofreading, transcribing data, etc. However, the job opportunity is fewer and isn’t financially enough to justify the position.

amazon mechanical turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk

It does not come with added benefits like insurance, paid leave, etc. The work available here must be a means to earn some pocket money and should be treated as a secondary income.

Fullfilment by Amazon

It is a service where anyone can put up online stores and work for Amazon from home. But you do not have to do the delivery to the customers, which Amazon is ready to do, and also takes responsibility for customer-related services, including a 15% cut from each payment.

Amazon Kindle 

People can self-publish books where they can receive a purchase cut. Self-publishing is an ideal source of occupation for people interested in working for Amazon from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is having remote work in Fulfillment by Amazon worth it?

Fulfillment by Amazon can be worth it, but sometimes it can be difficult. There are times when the amount of money spent for storing products at Amazon exceeds the profit you tend to receive, and this also differs for each person.

How is the ease of getting a job at Amazon?

It is difficult as the employment market is very competitive. The interviews can be pretty intense as well. It is always best to prepare by looking up possible interview questions. Try to form a lasting impression on your interviewers.

Which part of Amazon makes the most money?

Online stores make the most money on Amazon, while third-party seller services are a close second. It is interesting because online stores and third-party sellers account forms a significant portion of people working remotely.

Is Amazon considered to be one of the best companies for employment opportunities?

Many individuals in the United States of America treat it as the most desirable workplace. This is because of the availability of diverse career strides and attractive job packages.


The increase in remote work has provided a unique opportunity for people who want to work for Amazon from home. The available jobs on Amazon are highly efficient and extensive. And you also get equal remuneration as jobs from other companies and non-remote work.

The website constantly receives several employment vacancies. Therefore, don’t dwell on why you can’t find vacancies instantly. Regarding working from home, the opportunity to gain employment for a major online retail store, like Amazon, in the comfort of the four walls of your personal space is an opportunity one should not miss.

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