How Much Fiverr Charges From the Seller? Fiverr Seller Fees

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Are you a Fiverr vendor? Are you interested in learning how much Fiverr charges from the seller? Understanding the costs of selling on Fiverr will help you increase your revenue. Everything you need to know about Fiverr seller costs, including service and processing fees, will be covered. Let’s learn how to get the most out of your Fiverr gigs.

Depending on the order size, Fiverr charges sellers a service fee that ranges from 5% to 20% of the total purchase value. In addition, Fiverr levies withdrawal fees, which change based on the seller’s chosen payment method. It costs extra to use services like Promoted Gigs.


Although the Fiverr seller fees may appear simple, several things may affect how much you pay and how you can reduce it. This essay will examine many methods you may employ to raise your seller level, establish the best pricing, and withdraw your money carefully. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Fiverr Pro and how much Fiverr charges from the seller. You’ll know better how to get the most out of your Fiverr gigs and increase your profits as a seller on the site once you’ve finished reading this article.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a well-known marketplace where independent contractors and small company owners may offer their services to customers worldwide. However, “How much does Fiverr charge from sellers?” is one of the frequent queries many new sellers have. This article will discuss how much Fiverr charges from the sellers, fees, levies, and commission fees for sellers on the platform.


Fiverr Commission Rates for Sellers

For each order they complete, Fiverr charges its vendors a service fee. Depending on the seller’s level, order size, and category, the service charge might be between 5% and 20% of the entire order amount. The Fiverr commission rates for sellers are as follows:

Seller at Level 1:

20% service charge on purchases up to $500

10% service charge on purchases over $500.

Commission rates

Seller at Level 2:

10% service charge on purchases up to $10,000

5% service charge on purchases above $10,000

The Best Seller:

5% service charge on all orders

New sellers on Fiverr pay a greater service fee than more experienced vendors. New sellers frequently need more expertise and may need extra coaching and direction from Fiverr. Fiverr awards lower service costs to sellers who advance on the platform to higher levels and achieve more expertise.

Fiverr Charges for Sellers

Let’s see how much Fiverr charges the sellers. Fiverr now charges a withdrawal fee for each transaction in addition to the service cost. Depending on the seller’s chosen payment method, the withdrawal cost varies. The fees that Fiverr charges for sellers for various payment options are as follows:


One dollar per withdrawal is charged in Paypal.

Bank Transfer:

For US sellers, bank transfers cost $3 for each withdrawal.

For sellers who reside outside the US, a withdrawal fee of $1

Additionally, Fiverr has a function called Promoted Jobs that enables sellers to advertise their jobs to boost visibility and revenue. However, this function comes with additional expenses. For each order produced using the Promoted Gigs function, Fiverr charges a Promoted Gigs fee of 10% of the entire order value.

Fiverr’s Seller Pricing Structure and Charges

A Level 1 seller completes an order for a customer and charges $100 for the service. The vendor would be required to pay a $20 service fee if the cost was 20%.


In this scenario, the total order amount would be $100.

Fiverr will assess a $1 withdrawal fee to the seller if they use PayPal to take their profits. As a result, the seller’s overall profit in this instance would be:

Earnings total: $100 – $20 – $1 = $79

Therefore, after subtracting all expenses, the vendor would make $79 in profits.

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Tips to Reduce Fiverr Seller Fees

Although Fiverr charges fair prices for its services, vendors can take specific actions to minimize costs and increase profits.


The following advice can help you lower your Fiverr seller fees:

  1. Set Reasonable Prices: Fiverr charges a service fee based on a portion of the overall order amount. After subtracting the service charge, you must price your services competitively to ensure profit.
  2. Focus on Repeat Customers: New sellers on Fiverr pay a greater service fee than seasoned sellers. As a result, it is advantageous to concentrate on establishing a base of devoted clients and promoting repeat business to reduce your service charge.
  3. Avoid Using Promoted Gigs: Although they can assist in boosting visibility and sales, promoted gigs often come with extra costs. Before spending money on Promoted Gigs, it can be preferable to concentrate on developing your Fiverr reputation and obtaining organic traffic.
  4. Choose bank transfer instead of PayPal: Fiverr has a cheaper withdrawal fee for sellers outside the US who select bank transfer. Consequently, if you are those who are not a resident of the United States, take into account this option.
  5. Reach Higher Levels:  As we’ve already stated, Fiverr rewards experienced and successful sellers with lower service costs, so aim higher. Therefore, striving towards achieving higher levels on the platform is crucial to benefit from lower prices and increase your profits.


Some frequently asked questions on how much Fiverr charges from the seller are as follows:

How much Fiverr charges from the seller

Fiverr charges a service fee and a processing fee to the seller. The service fee varies based on the seller's standing on the platform and is calculated as a percentage of the transaction's total value. The processing charge has a set price.

What proportion of service fees does Fiverr charge?

Depending on the seller's status on the site, Fiverr charges a different proportion of the service fee. The service cost for new sellers is 20% for level one, and for group two sellers, it is 10%; for top-rated sellers, it is 5%.

How much does Fiverr charge in processing fees?

For transactions up to $40, Fiverr charges a $2 processing fee, and for transactions exceeding $40, it charges 5% of the total transaction amount.

How does seller fees are impacted by Fiverr Pro?

The Fiverr Pro program is for hand-selected sellers who have passed Fiverr's scrutiny and provide top-notch services. Regardless of their position on the network, Fiverr Pro sellers pay a flat service charge of 20%.

How much do Fiverr sellers charge compared to other freelance platforms and marketplaces?

Fiverr selling costs are often cheaper than other freelance platforms and marketplaces. For instance, Upwork charges a service fee of 10% for lifetime billings with a customer above $500 and 20% for the first $500 invoiced with a client. For each transaction, levies a service fee of 10% or $5, whichever is higher.

Can sellers reduce their Fiverr costs?

Several methods exist to reduce your fees on Fiverr as a vendor. These include advancing your seller status, raising your pricing, using Fiverr Pro, and carefully withdrawing your money.


We discussed how much Fiverr charges from the seller in this article and provided answers to a few frequently asked queries. Fiverr charges merchants a service fee for each order they fulfill which is between 5% and 20% of the overall order amount.

Additionally, Fiverr assesses a withdrawal fee for each transaction that varies based on the seller’s chosen payment method. While Fiverr’s costs are fair, you should set competitive prices for your services and develop a solid clientele to lower your expenses and increase your revenue.

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