Top 20 Best Baby Freebies in Canada (Free Baby Samples)

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Babies need a lot of care to take. So, we do need all those kinds of stuff that would help us for the same. To just make the right choice, what we need are the free baby samples. Well, the price tags the formula, diapers, and wipes come with is a lot high. It’s a bit difficult to search for all the free baby stuff in Canada all by yourself. You’re going to get a lot busy if you are expecting a baby. But don’t worry, we came up with a guide to the best free baby samples in Canada.

Best Baby Samples in Canada For Free

Babies bring joy to our life. Expecting a baby is overwhelming for every mom, every family. Every moment makes us more alive. Their first steps, first words, first smiles are all adorable. We love to get involved with their tiny joys and cries. Don’t we?

free baby samples canada

Here’s our list of the top 20 best and free baby samples in Canada, along with their links, just to make it much easier for you.

1. Enfamil Family Beginnings 

When we talk about free baby samples, Enfamil is one of the most popular choices we come across. You can join the ‘New Family Beginning’ by Enfamil A+ (we have provided the link below, for the same) and subscribe yourself for free baby stuff.

Enfamil can help you with free samples worth $ 160. Apply when you’re expecting your baby so that the package gets delivered just on time. The package includes free formula samples, baby products, a magazine subscription, as well as coupons. You can also get access to the free sample of their Enfagrow A+ Toddler Drink

2. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

To get free baby samples, sign up yourself on the link provided below. Amazon offers you a Welcome box and many other kinds of stuff if you are a prime member. The kinds of stuff inside the package can be worth $ 35.

Welcome Box is a surprise selection, and the package does vary from person to person, but you might find a box full of full-size Amazon wipes, Babyganics lotion, books, snacks, and multivitamins. Another beautiful offer Amazon has for moms is that they offer you an extra discount of about 15% if you complete the baby registry. You must have 20 registry items added and must purchase $ 20 to get the deal.

3. Huggies No Baby Unhugged

Register yourself to get the free baby samples on the link provided below. Huggies can give you about 32 newborn diapers and wipes with their jumbo pack. Upload a selfie of yours, hugging your baby, and they would donate 5 bucks to Canadian hospitals supporting their

No Baby Unhugged campaign to give the babies the hugs they deserve. If your baby is over 4 weeks and you missed the opportunity of registering yourself earlier, you don’t need to worry. They can send you product coupons with great offers and deals to support you and your baby.

4. Similac Baby Club

Another platform you can get free baby samples in Canada. They send you free formula samples for your baby. Join the Similac Baby Club from the link provided and get up to $ 400 in gifts, rebate cheques, savings, and other benefits.

Register during your pregnancy to get free and helpful nutritional guides from them. Similar to other packages, their gift cards also vary from people to people, but you can receive a bonus for signing up regardless. Most of us plan to feed the same formula to our babies throughout. If you are planning the same, Similac can be a great option.

5. Nestle Baby and me

Registering on the Nestle Baby program can be truly beneficial. You can get free packages worth up to $ 130. Like the above programs, their package varies too, and you may get a diaper backpack, baby lotion, baby bottle, formula food, and coupons. The samples and coupons you get depend on the age of your baby and your profile. You can even get access to helpful tips and guides on taking care of your baby and his/her development. 

6. London Drugs Baby Welcome Package

Another one of the freebies in Canada, registering for the same can be beneficial for you and your baby. They email the ones who registered some promo codes, which they can later redeem on stores around.

The package contains baby wipes, Kleenex and wash, diaper rash cream, baby oil, and more. If you have a subscription at London Drugs, you can even redeem your promo code online. The links for registration are given below.

7. Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

The subscription at Target Baby is another best way to get free baby samples in Canada. We have provided the link for the same. After the subscription, you can take advantage of Guest Services to get a free welcome kit with over $80.

You can get loads of coupons and working samples for your baby for free. The package may contain things like pacifiers from brands like Graco, Johnson’s, Huggies, diapers, bottles, and more. You’ll get an extra discount of 15% on everything left on your registry. Go on, pay a visit to the link.

8. Family One

Family One was formerly known as Baby Box Canada and was popular because of the packages of free baby samples in Canada they deliver. They work with different brands and help people get packages worth over 100 million dollars every year.

Another important highlight is that they allow their users to win prizes worth thousands of dollars each month. So, if your baby is under three months – signup on the link provided below to win keepsake baby book, onesie, canvas backpack, and other products like diapers, wipes, and formulas.  

9. Babies’ R’ Us

They are serving people since 1984 by providing quality baby toys and other products. The 80 stores in Canada serves one of the best freebies in Canada. Just visit the Babies’ R’ Us website from this link and list the products an expectant mother generally needs.

The package includes a swag bag, coupon codes with excellent offers, and free discounts. The swag bag includes items like Huggies diapers and wipes, and rash cream samples, pacifiers, baby washcloth, baby drop-ins bottles, Johnson & Johnson baby wash, nursing pads, and much more.

10. Moms Meet

A new program that offers free baby samples in Canada. Submit your feedback after you receive the free testing products. Just sign yourself on the provided link. You need to take a survey and submit some photos online with the products and your baby to get free products.

They also offer the Moms Meet baby freebies rewards program, which can reward you with some points and redeem them for baby products. All you need to do is participating in contests like answering questions or visiting their websites etc. 

11. Sobeys

Sobeys is another program that can get benefits for your baby. They offer free advice from nutritional experts and many important vitamins for your baby. All you need to do is signup at pharmacies near you. We have provided a link where you can get to know more about the program.

During your pregnancy, they give you tips and advice for situations like headaches, cold, stomach ache. They will provide you with a list of herbals that are safe for you and your baby and many prenatal vitamins. If you are looking for a guide to guide you throughout your pregnancy and after the delivery, Sobeys can be helpful.

12. Family One

They have many free offers for families who are expecting babies. If you are looking for free baby samples in Canada, you need to know that Family One offers over $ 51,000 each month for Canadian citizens.

With their partnership with brands like Baby Dove, Medela, Kushies, and Sudocrem, Enfamil, Boogie Wipes, they offer free baby products. Offering books and starter packs every month, which includes free baby products like diapers, wipes, and formulas along with keepsake baby book, onesie, canvas backpack, they are one of the most trusted platforms for babies in Canada.

13. Thyme Maternity Bump Benefits Program

Just like the names suggests, Thyme Maternity Bump offers pregnant women and nursing mothers with free baby samples in Canada. With coupons up to $ 150, the program helps be mothers. Sign yourself up for the program from the link provided below.

The kit is full of quality products like Pampers diapers, baby bottles, and also coupons to shop at Babies’ R’ Us plus Materna vitamins, and a copy of Thyme Magazine. You can also login to the Nestle baby and my program with the same login details and thus participate in both of them.

14. Thrifty Foods

Thrifty Foods have got two programs for your baby. The first one is for your pregnancy where you just need to sign up and receive a package that includes years’ worth of prenatal vitamins and much advice from experts.

In the second program, you will get a free birthday cake for your baby’s first birthday and make it a memorable one. The link for the same is given below. 

15. Influenster

Another program for freebies in Canada. You got to signup from the provided link and go through some feedback forms and surveys. Families get a chance to test new products supplied by Influenster for free. You will get their quality VoxBoxes for your babies. 

16. Baby Box Co

The Baby Box Co offers free advice and courses to pregnant women and mothers. They offer online parenting classes that can win you some exciting rewards like onesies, burp cloths, coupons, baby boxes, and safety products.

They might charge you with a minimal shipping fee. Their classes cover a wide syllabus including, child safety, pregnancy, nutrition, sleep, and childbirth. Sign up for free.

17. Welcome Wagon

Another program on our list offering free baby stuffs in Canada. They have been helping parents since 1930. They offer you free in-home and hospital visits and reward you with a free baby box, which includes baby products.

Welcome Wagon organizes many family events inviting families from over 500 communities from Canada. The event will reward you with another gift bag and offer you a chance from many professional speakers for free. Learn more about the program from the link below.

18. Heinz baby

Another platform that would provide you with free coupons that you can redeem later and avail discounts.

Heinz Baby provides baby food, nutrition, and expert advice on their platform. They include offers for beginners and up to 1-year old babies. Learn more from the provided link. 

19. Cetaphil Baby Parents Club

Another club on our list offering free baby samples in Canada. Sign yourself up and join the club from the link below. You’d get a $ 5 coupon just after signing up. There are other promotions and a lot of offers the club offers and would send them to you via your registered email.

The Cetaphil Baby Parents Club includes exciting offers on skincare products, parenting advice and tips for your baby specific to the age provided, and a lot of contests with exciting rewards.

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20. Buy Buy Baby

The last one in our list of freebies in Canada. It can help you earn a free goody bag for your baby. All you need to do is signup through the link provided by us.

Visit a Buy Buy Baby store nearby after you complete the registration for the goody bag and other free coupons. You’ll also find experts at the stores who can help you guide through the registration process and other exciting offers.

The Takeaway

Here was our list for the Best platforms for free baby stuff in Canada. Go through the links, sign yourself up for exciting deals. You can even register yourself on more than one club and programs to increase your chances of getting free baby samples and products.

With proper guides and advice help your baby develop and grow better. I hope you like the article and don’t forget to share with your friends and neighbors who are expecting their babies soon.


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With our free welcome box, Babylist wishes to help you in preparing for the new baby in your life. You can test and check out the items, deals, discounts, and samples to see whether they're the ideal fit for you and your child.

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