25 Amazing Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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How badly, at times, we want a contributing hand to make both ends meet? Wanting to get rid of struggle means? Or, aching to add a new piece of minimal luxury to your household? Whatever be the reason, everybody sure fancies a few extra bucks. Unfortunately, it isn’t always feasible to extend your work shifts and work towards those added lavishnesses. But, you can surely combine some efforts and get the extended benefits of Gift Cards(Free Amazon Gift Cards). 

If you have been actively using E-commerce sites, you unavoidably must have heard about gift cards. And what do you think is better than having Free gift cards? With so many different sites to shop from, it is undoubtedly the most convenient to shop from a place well worthy of your trust. Luckily for you, Amazon is the highest-ranking E-commerce site for the past couple of years. And, assuredly, nothing can beat Free Amazon Gift Cards.  

You might be thinking that a gift card naturally means that you give it or you get it. Favorably, with the help of a few methods exclusively listed for your benefits, you can redeem free Amazon gift cards. Now, you must keep in mind that it is instructive to indulge in maximum methods to fully benefit from this article. Applying among more number of sites will increase your chances of getting more free Amazon Gift Cards. 

Getting free gift feels as good as receiving cash. These can be redeemed easily from several sites and online platforms. You can use your Free Amazon Gift Card to buy goodies ranging from clothes, and gadgets to appliances. 

What kind of tasks does one need to do to redeem free gift cards? First and foremost, the tasks that the following methods mention are completely comfortable and easygoing. You only need to invest a couple of minutes every day to access amazon gift cards. You may be required to finish some surveys or answer some questionnaires to add up points. These points then sum up and help you to avail of free Amazon gift cards or free Amazon gift card codes. 

Some other sites may want you to review apps or play games. A few others require you to write inspections of their services or refer them to others. On completion of the designated task, you will earn free gift cards, free gift card code, and free gift card balances. As an added benefit, there is no expiry date of Amazon gift cards!

This article will facilitate your attempts to get free Amazon gift cards. With the help of these 25 methods, start shopping all you want, instantly. Take a look and start your Free Amazon Gift Card hunt right away! 

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Getting Free Amazon Card Through Online Surveys:-


Signing up with Swagbucks typically takes a few seconds. Complete tasks, watch videos, take surveys, and review apps or websites. These tasks will earn you Swagbuck points (SB). Also, you can shop or use their search engine and earn free Amazon gift card codes.


The site requires a relatively fewer number of points to exchange them for Amazon gift cards. At any time when you have enough points, say a 100 SB, you can trade it in for a $3 Amazon gift card. 

Besides this, you can also use your SB points to get various other Free Gift Card. 

Check – SwagBucks Review

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to take surveys with several other websites. The points that you make on the website can then be redeemed. You can redeem them to get free Amazon gift cards or shop online through Survey Junkie itself.

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

Check – Survey Junkie Review

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a trusted site that rewards you either with cash or gift cards. All you need to do this take a few surveys and collect points. You can also play games or watch videos at the site to qualify for the points.

Inbox Dollars
Inbox Dollars

Additionally, Inbox Dollars may also reward you with cash prizes. Sign up with them and start earning. Now!

American Consumer Poll

As the name suggests, the American Consumer Poll is a panel designed to hold online polls. Completing surveys with them typically earns you cash to redeem out through PayPal, but at times you can also win free Amazon gift cards. 

So why wait? Start taking surveys right away!

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Opinion Post

Are you good at sharing honest thoughts about things? If yes, you sure must sign up with Opinion Post. The site is specialized to share opinions, and earn by doing so. Log in to the site, give your opinion and earn free gift cards, free gift card codes, and increase your Amazon gift card balance!

Harris Poll Online

Another trustworthy site to get free gift cards is Harris Poll Online. The site is exceedingly amazing. Because not only you earn points for completed surveys, but also the surveys that you try to qualify for but do not succeed.

Harris Poll Online
Harris Poll Online

You can add up points and use them to exchange for free services like gift card codes and gift card balances. 

Prize Rebel

You will never be short of surveys with Prize Rebel. Further, you can play games and watch videos with Prize Rebel and earn free gift card coupons and increase your Amazon gift card balance. Sign up to the site and begin ticking off your free Amazon gift cards.

Prize Rebel
Prize Rebel

The site has given out a huge number of free gift cards since its launch. Read reviews for Prize Rebel and choose for yourself!


How to earn free gift cards with MyPoints? MyPoint helps you to earn points by completing tasks online. The plus point is that it also rewards you points if you shop online at places like Walmart, Target, and others. Your points will collectively enable you to redeem free gift cards and free Amazon codes.



Another astonishing site to help you earn free Amazon gift cards is InstaGC. The site makes you complete online tasks, take surveys or view videos. The credit that you earn on InstaGC will help you move towards your free gift cards.


The site is highly user-friendly, and the details are lucid. Familiar yourself with the site and start earning your own Free Amazon Gift Cards!

Product Report Card

Create an account with Product Report Card, and enlist for surveys. On completion, you can earn free Amazon Gift cards. Also, there are chances for you to win other free goodies.

Product Report Card
Product Report Card

Apps that let you earn free Amazon gift card:- 

How to get free Amazon gift cards using apps? The answer is simple. Read the following list of apps and get free Amazon gift cards. 

Personal Capital

A free financial app – Personal Capital enables you to handle the whole financial aspect of your life. You can track your assets and the loans you have taken, along with your investments and funds. 

It is preferred widely by people due to its ability to help them manage money issues. 

You need to link an investment account within 30 days of your registration and earn your $20 Amazon gift card right away!

Drop App

A site that pays you for shopping? Yes, please! 

The Drop app is an app that requires you to link your credit or debit card with them. Following this, whenever you shop online using your credit or debit card, you receive cashback offers!

Drop App
Drop App

Shop your daily groceries or other stuff using your card and etch your way forward to a simple money-issue free life. Stores like Target, Walmart, and others can be easily accessed using the Drop app. 

You can also take part in daily surveys and other tasks to increase your points. Shop with daily offers and again collect bonus points. Use these to get free Amazon gift cards!


The site helps you to extract a bit of extra benefit from all the shopping you do. 

How can you get free Amazon gift cards with ReceiptPal? It’s simple. Every time you shop, click a picture of your transaction with ReceiptPal. Upon submitting your receipts, you get points. Add up all these points and get your Amazon gift card! 

You need not do anything extra, but you sure can profit from your previous shopping bills. 

Job Spotter App

Need extra money? Also, have been seeing a lot “Now Hiring” signs? And unfortunately not having the time to do an extra job? But why not avail some benefit from the “wanted signs” anyway?!

The job spotter app allows you to take pictures of the “Now Hiring” and “Help Wanted” Signs along with the store’s front and upload them to Indeed. 

Every submission rewards you with some points that you can add up. Use these points to redeem free Amazon Gift Cards whenever you want!

Install the app now and begin clicking away right now!


Install the CheckPoints app on your android or iOS device. Do simple tasks like playing games, watching videos, shopping on the web, or taking quizzes to earn points.


On getting enough points to redeem them through gift cards, get your free Amazon gift cards, and more. You can also exchange your points for gift cards of other stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and others. 

As a bonus point, the app regularly gives away Free Amazon gift cards. Install now and make the most out of a single app. 


An app that is compatible with both android and iOS devices, Ibotta can be installed and used at your leisure. It is a cashback and rewards app. On signing up itself, you will start receiving offers benefiting you with cashback schemes. Use these offers at the stores you shop from regularly. Also, you can use the app for online shopping. 

It’s even better if you already keep in mind the upcoming offers and use whenever you go out for shopping. Add the offers to your account to avail of your cashback easily.

Similar to the ReceiptPal app, click a picture and submit it to Ibotta. Almost instantly, will you get your cashback!

Nearly always, you can find cashback offers on daily necessities like ‘butter’ and ‘milk.’ 

Using their app allows you to collect points and to get free Amazon gift cards. Who doesn’t like Double-bonus?

Browser Extensions that allow you to get Amazon gift card:-

A browser extension is a kind of software that enables any other browser to take advantage of an added capability or function.


Enabling Honey, you can have the added benefits of a more enjoyable shopping. Honey allows you to use all it’s known online codes automatically at the time of checking out from any shopping site. You can also save money by comparing any product’s price trends on honey. 

You get bonus points on using “Honey Gold” shopping sessions on the completion of your online shopping. Add all those points and get your Amazon gift card! For even further benefits, refer to your friends. 


Shop with WikiBuy and get free coupon codes and notifications for your viewed products. 

Whenever you shop with WikiBuy, you get points. On getting enough points, redeem them through the website. Collect all you can and get an Amazon gift card free!

Sites that allow you to get cashback shopping:-

Several sites out there allow you to shop and get cashback offers. Also, you can use these sites to add up points that can be exchanged for an Amazon gift card. 


TopCashBack is an online shopping site that works in two ways. Firstly, whenever you shop through the site, you get an offer of exchanging your point or set cashback to get some of your money back. And secondly, you can also exchange your points for an Amazon gift card.


The best thing about the site is that they do not earn their commission from you. Whatever offers you choose to get your money back or to get an Amazon gift card, you get the full percentage of it. 

A site cutting no commissions is 100% welcome!


Another site helping you access a free Amazon gift card is Earnably. The sites pay you to complete tasks, etc. You may have to sign up with other apps or sites, watch videos, or fill out surveys.


If you are enjoying a large social media circle, you can also refer Earnably to them and benefit from the referrals. You will earn a 10% commission from your referrals. Isn’t it the best way to make use of social media?

As little as 125 points can be redeemed for an Amazon card. This offer is considerably quite lower than many other sites. 


Being frugal and earning a Free Amazon Card from it? Why not?!

Sign up with Befrugal.com and use it shop things that you necessarily have to shop for. Earn several cashback offers from all major retail stores.


You can convert to an Amazon gift card from your first earning of $10 itself! Also, you get a 1% bonus on every conversion. 

You can also add them as browser extensions mentioned before. 

Microsoft Rewards

Regularly using your Microsoft account? Because luckily for you, every search is done through Microsoft’s search engine – BING, gets you 5 points!

You can also take quizzes and surveys to add more points to your account. In no time, you will have enough points to redeem a free Amazon gift card. 


Just as the name suggests, with Dealspotr, you can spot deals that allow you to shop using coupons that they give you. You can also take advantage of several other sales and deals.


With Dealspotr, you actually add deals. With the addition of every good deal, verified by the users, you get points. Also, you can refer other people to the site and get points. 

Use your collected points to get free Amazon gift cards. 


Another very useful cashback site is Mr. Rebates. Shop through them by using their browser extension, app, or site, and get points. Use these points to get a payment in the means of an Amazon gift card!


The referral scheme of the site allows you to earn a 20% bonus every time your referred contact shops through them. 

The Takeaway – Amazon.com

Amazon has now added an added feature to its E-commerce site. Now, you can get a free Amazon gift card and free Amazon gift card codes from the site itself.

Now, all you have to do is to sign up for the Amazon credit card known as the Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card. Upon approval of your credit card, if you are a prime member, you instantly get a $70 Amazon gift card! 

You also get various other discounts when shopping through the credit card. 

If you are not a Prime Member, you still can sign up for the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card free!

At the time of shopping and checking out, fill your Amazon gift card code wherever the site asks you and redeem your Amazon gift card. You can instantly use your gift card balance and add it to your credit. 

There are clearly so many ways that allow you to excess free Amazon gift cards. Make use of the enlisted methods and earn coupons, cards, and so much more. 

Why wait? Begin your adventure henceforth, and start digging your free gift cards right away!


What is the use of Amazon gift card?

To make purchases from Amazon.in and its linked businesses, prepaid gift cards known as Amazon Pay Gift Cards may be used. Physical gift cards, electronic gift cards (e-mail and link sharing), and anytime gifts are the three types available. To get one right away, go to our gift card store.

How do I turn my Amazon gift card into cash?

Both Amazon and the individual who gave you the gift card won't let you exchange it for cash; neither can you request that they do.

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

Cards from Amazon never lose their value. A gift card from Amazon can be used whenever you want and added to your account balance without concern for expiration. You can only use Amazon gift cards and account balances to buy anything off the internet.