15 Ways to Get Free Christian Books by Mail

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The good news is that many websites and ministries now provide free Christian books by mail. These locations distribute free Bibles, literature on Christian doctrine, and books of Christian fiction! To receive your free Christian books by mail right away, visit these websites and complete the online request form.

free christian books

You may request free Christian literature by mail from these online resources.

15 Sites/Platform For Free Christian Books by Mail

Here are 15 ways to get free Christian books by mail:

Bibles for America

You may get a free bible from Bibles for America by mail! Additionally, shipping is free.

bible for america

Fill out the website’s form to receive your free Christian book by mail.

Baker Publishing Group

The Baker Publishing Group publishes Christian publications in both fiction and nonfiction. The publisher will send you a book for free if you live in the U.S. However, you will need to evaluate and advertise the book.

baker publishing group

It seeks bloggers, YouTubers, and others with a sizable audience who can support authors.


Visit the Craigslist page for your location and search under the “For Sale” area for the “Free” part.

You’ll be sent to the “Free” area by clicking this link, where you may identify local folks who are giving away free goods. Enter “Christian books” or “bible” into the search field to find what you’re searching for.


Craigslist is worth a look, even if individuals sometimes offer free Christian books by mail.


To receive a free bible from Bibles4Free.com, fill out the online form.


People may donate and receive items for free on the website Freecycle. It’s a fantastic idea that ensures individuals can acquire the things they need for nothing while reducing trash.


Check Freecycle to see if any Christian publications are among the enormous selection of free products you may discover there. There, you can even ask for a free book.


The following site is MyFreeBible.org. A complimentary New Testament will be mailed to you if you submit the online form.

my free bible.org

One Bible per individual and only one request can be made. Your Bible might take up to 6 or 8 weeks to arrive.

The U.S. Bible Society 

The U.S. Bible Society will send you a complimentary bible if you complete the online form. You can quickly get any free Christian book by mail.

Kids Club for Jesus

Used Christian children’s books are donated to the Kids Club for Jesus, cleaned, examined, and listed online. Please go to the website and review the available titles in the free marketplace.

kids club for jesus

Each family can receive five books each month. You may request a free book by phoning the business or online. Even though the books are free, you will still need to cover shipping expenses and, if applicable, credit card/PayPal processing fees.

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Bibles will be mailed to homeless people, nursing homes, and jails via FreeBibles.net.

free bible.net

FreeBibles.net is another website where you may obtain a free bible, and it delivers Bibles to homeless people, nursing homes, and jails.

Facebook Marketplace 

Another location where you might find people offering things for free is on Facebook Marketplace.

facebook marketplace

Books go under this, and searching there is worthwhile to see if someone offers free Christian books by mail.


According to BibleSenders.org, their goal is to give free bibles to anybody who requests one. It can only fulfill some requests.

bible senders.org

However, if you contact BibleSenders.org and inquire, they will try their best to give you a free bible.

A Grain of Wheat

A Grain of Wheat is a teaching organization committed to supporting the global church. David W. Dyer’s Christian publications are available for free. Publications can be read online, downloaded as PDF, WORD, or ePub files, streamed in MP3 format, or ordered as printed books to be mailed to your house.

Moody Publishers Newsroom

Free Christian novels are also available at Moody Publishers Newsroom. You may obtain cost-free books by participating in the Moody Publishers Blogger Review program. Select the book you wish to review, and the firm will deliver it to you by USPS Media Mail for free. All you have to do from there is write and submit your review.

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You can acquire free Christian books at PaperBackSwap. You may trade the books you don’t want for the ones you want in our online book-swapping community. Although the postage on the books you get has already been paid, you must pay to ship the ones you give out. 

paper back swap

After finishing the book, you can keep it or exchange it for another book. It’s an excellent method to get new books while eliminating unwanted ones. There are hardcover and paperback editions available.

Christian Biblical Church of God

A Tribute to William Tyndale is a book that is available for free from the Christian Bible Church of God.

christian bible church of god

William Tyndale translated the Bible from its original Greek and Hebrew into English and printed the English version. This is a beautiful choice if you want to learn more about Christianity.

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The Christian Book of the Month Club—is there one?

With the monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box, read books by some of the most well-known and successful Christian fiction writers. This primary book-of-the-month club sends one new book each month.

Is Bible Gateway uncomplicated to use?

The website provides Bible Gateway Plus, a subscription program with upgraded capabilities, and is free to use.

Is there no cost to access the Internet Bible?

Millions of people use the Bible AppTM to incorporate God's Word into their daily lives. Access your bookmarks, notes, and reading lists anywhere you are by downloading the free app.

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You can see that there are several ways to obtain free religious literature. When you complete a brief online request form, you can get free Christian books by mail.

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