10 Cities Where You Can Get House For $100,000

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Homes for sale under 100k: Homes are places for people to relax, and permanent residences are filled with both interior and exterior desired designs and furniture. After the corona pandemic, most people realized the importance of permanent homes, which has increased the demand for affordable homes. 

According to Million Acres, one key factor in this is a lack of inventory due to owners being reluctant to show their houses to prospective purchasers due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Homes for sale under 100k

Home prices have been increasing lately rather than declining, even though the United States is experiencing both depression and a pandemic. As people get used to the new normal of working remotely, there is also a rise in demand, with many looking to relocate or move into larger homes.

10 Best Cities Under Homes For 100k

Below shows the cities with the availability of houses for sale under $100000. Locations in Texas and Ohio are particularly cheap, but a Midwestern state takes the top spot on the list.

Galesburg, Illinois 

Average housing price: $96900

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $76

Homes for sale under 100k: 110

According to the 2010 census, Galesburg, Illinois, which is recognized for its rich American heritage and is home to the Railroad Day celebration, has a population of 32,195. With its lively festivals and historical events, the town incorporates the celebration of its past into its present.

According to an average interval of 42 days, homes in Galesburg typically sell out compared to 59 days in the previous year. In July of this year, 35 residences were sold, up from 34 last year.

Augusta, GA

Average housing price: $76400

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: 

Homes for sale under 100k: 255

The second-largest city in Georgia, Augusta, is expanding at an astonishing rate due to historically low mortgage rates, increased demand, and rising costs. Despite price increases, Augusta continues to be comparatively inexpensive compared to other Georgian cities and is renowned for its low cost of living.

Augusta city, situated near the bank of the River Savannah and adjacent to the border of Georgia and South Carolina, gives the most, serving as the site of the Master’s golf tournament each spring.

In Augusta, driving is the primary form of transportation, and the commute takes, on average, 24 minutes. Interstate highways 20 and 520, which enable travel east into South Carolina and west near Atlanta, are the busiest roads.

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Average housing price: $250000

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $205

Homes for sale under 100k: 1167

Philadelphia is among the east coast’s most significant cities with the most affordable rents. Philadelphia home prices have increased by 11.3% since last year.

Philadelphia’s real estate market has been booming lately, with some homes receiving multiple bids; however, things have slowed down a bit. 

According to Somers, a person can easily buy an area of 1,100 sq feet or a two-story home, maybe a basement in Philadelphia under $100000.

The city has access to SEPTA Regional Train, Philadelphia’s commuter rail service with subway, extensive bus, and commuter rail networks; traveling through and to nearby cities is a breeze.

 Detroit, Michigan

Average housing price: $84900

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $75

Homes for sale under 100k: 2865

Detroit, the state’s largest city, is expected to have a population of 664,139 by 2020. Since the last census, the population has declined by 6.95 percent.

Corktown, the District, the Entertainment District, Greektown, Eastern Market, Rivertown, and Midtown are some of the well-known areas of Detroit. “$100,000 will get you a fixed-up house” in these areas, he claims.

Houses generally consist of a 3 bedroom, garage and basement. Perhaps a second bathroom or a half-bath in a respectable neighborhood. The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, or SMART bus, and the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus system are two examples of public transportation options. 

Memphis, Tennessee

Average housing price: $199000

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $147

Homes for sale under 100k: 1083

Memphis is one of the nation’s best-known centers for music. It is rooted in a long history and embellished with Southern charm. With a Walk Score of 35, Memphis, a city in Shelby County, is just moderately walkable.

There are around 647,889 residents of Memphis. The sale prices of residences in the city have climbed by almost 10% in the past year. Memphis, a significant Tennessee hub, benefits from easy access to numerous essential highways and freeways, including Interstates 40, 269, and 55.

Dayton, Ohio

Average housing price: $150000

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $113

Homes for sale under 100k: 1328

Orville Wright, an American aviation pioneer, was born in Dayton; thus, it only makes sense that the United states air force national museum is located there. In Dayton, 200 residences have been the last month. Approximately 141,994 people live in Dayton.

The Wright-Dunbar neighborhood, part of the Dunbar Historic Park District, is home to a varied community of people from various socioeconomic and racial origins.

The regional transport authority that handles diesel bus services throughout the city recently finished extensive renovation.

Connersville, Indiana

Average housing price: $124900

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $90

Homes for sale under 100k: 111

Due to its significance to the automobile industry, Connersville was dubbed “Little Detroit” in the early 20th century. Here were once built the Auburn, Cord, Lexington, and McFarlan automobiles. The city is also named “Industry city” and the “Champions city.

“Although it is only 8 miles wide, this city in southern Indiana has 15,400 citizens, making it one of the larger ones. Connersville is situated on Indiana Route 1 and Route 44. Amtrak trains traveling to Chicago and Cincinnati serve Connersville

Cleveland, Ohio

Average housing price: $118900

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $81

Homes for sale under 100k: 1587

Cleveland, a lakefront treasure on the shores of Lake Eerie, provides wonderful communities at fantastic pricing. The city’s population is a little over 372,000 as of 2020, yet over two million people live in its vast, urban suburbs.

Cleveland’s home values have decreased by at least 25% since the housing market began to collapse in 2006. Although most residents choose to drive, many public transportation choices provide a fast and easy way to settle around the city.

Pittsburgh, PA

Average housing price: $245000

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $166

Homes for sale under 100k: 281

Pittsburgh is a thriving city with a multicultural population and active sports enthusiasts. The city oozes hometown pride and eccentric character and is home to three professional sports teams, the Penguins (hockey), the Steelers (football), and Pirates (baseball).

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, houses typically sell after 50 days on the market. The city’s total population accounts for 310452 citizens. The accessibility of Interstates 279 and 376 makes traveling to and from Pittsburgh simple.

Pittsburgh first gained notoriety as a steel town but is now known for its expanding biotech and financial sectors. The larger metropolitan region is also home to a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical players, with much of the city’s research.  

Brownsville, Texas

Average housing price: $235000

Median Listing Price per sq. ft: $143

Homes for sale under 100k: 281

According to the research, many of the residences on this list are situated in locations that “have experienced slower-than-average population increase in recent years.”

For instance, the populations of Cleveland, Detroit, and Buffalo “have been falling for decades.” This decreased demand may cause lower housing values in certain areas.

Housing is, after all, becoming more expensive on a national level: according to Zillow, U.S. home values have increased by almost 8% over the last year. They might increase by more than 6% within the following year.

Homes for sale under 100k


What things need to be considered while buying $100000 houses?

Here are three characteristics typically seen in less costly properties, along with advice for approaching them.

1.Tenant turnover: Tenant instability may be worse for less-priced houses in less desirable areas.

2.Needed repairs and renovations: Sometimes, less expensive homes need a little more tender loving care than more expensive ones, whether it's a roof that must be rebuilt in the next five years or an HVAC system beyond its prime.

3. Overall market health: No matter where you invest, it's critical to comprehend the regional market characteristics. Comparing side-by-side various $100,000 investment properties.

In which state is the cost of living the lowest?

Mississippi state has the cheapest living cost in the United States. With an index of 83.3, the cost of living is over 17% below the national average. The nation's cheapest housing market is in Mississippi.

Which state has the best quality of life?

Washington. In all 50 states, Washington State has the best quality of life. The state boasts a strong labor market, no income tax, and excellent chances for doing business abroad. Because of their superior healthcare system and healthy lifestyle choices, locals have among the longest life expectancies in the country.

What state has the highest housing costs?

Hawaii. One of the most challenging states for homeowners is Hawaii. The yearly property is relatively low, at just $606, but the entrance is quite tricky. It is the most expensive state for home ownership, with a staggering $850,000 median home value, per Zillow.


There are options to purchase affordable homes for under 100k all around the United States when you can relocate. A $20,000 down payment will get you into the industry in many cities around the U.S. Start by looking at the cities with the sales mentioned above price ratios for property investors. 

This era of new mobility solutions and the fastest transportation system has enabled people to move to live in any city and has allowed people to live far from their workplace. 

Despite statewide housing scarcity, there are still towns with plenty of affordable homes, according to a recent report by Realtor. At last, houses are a necessity. Still, affordable housing is the need of the hour. Increased urbanization and professional population lead to the demand and increase in the price of housing.