Honey Chrome Extension Review – Does It Saves Money?

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Everyone’s been talking about this Honey app which helps you save money through coupons and discounts. But does it really works or yet another scam? Let’s learn more about this in our Honey Chrome Extension Review.

What are Browser Extensions?

A browser extension could be a tiny code application that adds a capability or practicality to an online browser. A browser extension, additionally known as a plug-in, will cash in of an equivalent program interface (APIs) that JavaScript will on an online page, however, the extension will do additional as a result of it additionally has access to its own set of arthropod genus.

While extensions are usually won’t to add options and enhance the practicality of a web site, they’ll even be wont to take away unwanted web site components like pop-up ads and options like auto-play for online videos.

Here are some samples of browser extensions:-

HTTPS everywhere – provides another layer of security by creating websites that support the extension mechanically connect through HTTPS.

Highly – permits the user to spotlight webpage text and share it through social media, email, Slack, or iMessage.

What is a Honey Chrome Extension?

Honey Chrome Extension is a browser extension which, like any other browser extension, increases the functionality of the web browser.

honey extension

Browser extensions are an add on feature that can make the web browser more useful for the user or can perform certain functions like removing unwanted website elements such as pop-up ads and features such as auto-play for online videos.

Honey Chrome is a browser extension that provides an add on feature of automatically finding the best and most suitable coupons and applying it to our shopping sites. Honey Chrome is available for almost all the major shopping sites like Amazon, Nike, etc.

How to Install Honey Chrome Extension?

Step 1 – You can either visit the Google Web Store or JoinHoney website.


add honey extension

Step 2- In the Chrome Web Store, click on the Add extension button to install the Honey Coupon extension in your browser.

Step 3 – If you’ll install the app through Honey’s website, you’ll see the option to create your account.

sign up

Step 4 – Once you complete the sign-up, you can find a lot of discount offers on partner websites of the Honey Chrome extension app.

join honey coupon

Step 5 – You can now visit any store and understand how it works.

The Honey Chrome Extension Review

The working and functionality of Honey chrome are pretty simple. Make sure you have downloaded the honey extension before following the steps. The following steps have to be followed in order to get the best results from this browser extension:-

1. Shop on any of the major shopping sites like Amazon or Jcrew and add what you like into the cart.

2. Keep the cart open and checkout for payment, but make sure you don’t complete the payment.

3. Click on the Honey Chrome Extension icon, which is available as a browser extension on your web browser.

honey coupon jcrew

4. Click on Apply Coupon and allow it to find any relevant coupons. Sometimes, if it feels that relevant coupons won’t be available, it comes with a disclaimer saying the same. If this happens, then click Try Anyway and see whether there are any coupons that can be used.

5. If Honey Chrome finds any coupons, then it automatically applies it to the shopping site,

6. Complete and payment procedure and get the honey discount from the honey coupon.

Online shoppers find it difficult to get relevant coupons for their products and end up paying a higher sum for their item. On the other hand, honey chrome not only finds the relevant coupons for your products but also applies it to the site automatically.

Any app comes with its own share of good and bad attributes, and it’s essential to know all of them before making a decision on whether you should use it or not.


• Easy Installation

The honey coupon app is easy to install. Only a few clicks, and you can go ahead with finding the most relevant coupons and getting the best deals for your online shopping.

• Easy application

The application of the app has been mentioned before itself, and that’s pretty much it. There is nothing complex about it to scare you away. The app is the easiest way to get free money for your online shopping.

• Free application

The app is totally cost-free. People have the option of registering with the app, but even that is not compulsory. Even without registering, you can find the honey coupons. Registering with the app gives you cash-back on certain deals.

• Amazon only features

The app has some added features for Amazon shoppers. It alerts the buyer if there is any other seller available in Amazon, who is offering the same product at a lower cost. Not only that, but it also provides a price history of the items so that we don’t overspend on the items we want to buy.

• Easy availability

The app is available in most of the major shopping sites like Amazon, Nike, Papa John’s, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Groupon, Expedia, etc. this is one advantage that gives it an edge over its competitors.

• Wide range of browsers

The app is available as an extension in almost all the major web browsers. It is not only for Google Chrome but is also available for Edge, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.


• Non-availability

It may sound contradictory, but one problem of this app is that it not the best app for Indian users. Other than Amazon, it is not applicable to any other major shopping sites. There are other major players like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc. and it is not available for these apps.

• Wastage of time

The only purpose of this app is to find relevant coupons for online shoppers, but sometimes it is unable to find the coupons. When this happens, the whole purpose of the app gets defeated, and the whole process seems like a big waste of time.

• No mobile app

Smartphones are now the face of technology. It has now taken the space of television and laptops. Almost everything we do with television and laptop is now available on our smartphones. People are slowly moving away from laptops and television and getting completely into smartphones. Even then, the honey coupon app is not available as a mobile app due to which it can sometimes be inconvenient for the users. Thus it can be used only through laptops and PC.


Honey coupon extension is a unique extension, but it not the only app. It is one of the very few apps, and these apps are major competitors.

1. WikiBuy

It is one of the biggest competitors for the Honey coupon. WikiBuy is sometimes better than Honey because it sometimes provides coupons that Honey misses. It is very much similar to Honey in terms of its application and is available in all the major browsers.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is one of the oldest sites for shopping coupons. It is not an extension but a regular website. Unlike Honey, it does not find the coupons automatically for the products and apply them. People have to manually search for the coupons and apply them in their shopping sites.


Honey coupon app is safe chrome extensions, but there have been certain cases of abuse. The app has the potential of collecting your data and using it for other purposes. The Honey app specifically collects our shopping history and uses it to provide users a better experience.

It has given its users the assurance that it doesn’t leak away from the information to third parties. Overall, the app looks to be completely safe. The app is not a scam, as users have found it to be useful.

Moreover, it is efficient in providing coupons for online shopping. There may be cases where coupons are not available, but all in all, many users have reported it to be a useful app or extension.



Is there a suspense with Honey?

No, Honey is a legit website and isn't involved in scams. Honey earns a small amount based on our purchases.

Does Honey track our activity?

Yes, it does. Based on our website history, shows us suggestions and figures out if the site is compatible.

Is Honey extension worth adding?

Yes, it is. It's completely safe and secure, and free from any sorts of scams. It also saves a lot of money during online shopping.


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