13 Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online & Offline

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Are you wondering where to sell your high school textbooks and get the best value? Look no further! This article will explore the 13 Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online & Offline and make some extra cash.

The Best Places to Sell Textbooks are

  1. Decluttr
  2. Cash4books
  3. Bookbyte
  4. BooksRun
  5. ValoreBooks
  6. Amazon
  7. BookFinder
  8. Bookscouter

When choosing between selling online or offline, You should always choose the best way, which gives you the right amount of money and hinders you from hassles. Keep reading to find out how to turn your old high school textbooks into cash effortlessly. 

Top 8 Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online

Once you decide to sell your textbooks online, these are the best places to sell textbooks online. Check prices on more than two sites to avail the best textbook price.

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This platform is not just limited to textbooks. You can also sell video games, CDs, gaming consoles, and old smartphones. They have created things easy for you by developing a smartphone app.

sell textbooks online

Through the app, you can scan your book, reduce the hassle of typing everything, and makes selling textbook quicker.

The procedure is simple, first, fill in the required information, or browse the textbook’s barcode with the help of the camera. With this, you will get an instant price.

If it is acceptable, accept it, wrap it, and send it using a free shipping label. Once the company receives your item, they will inspect it and pay you by direct deposit or PayPal the next day. They might also send a cheque.


This is the quickest, easiest, and safest portal. This is also the most convenient way. Simple, easy three steps!


Enter the ISBN of the book, ship, and collect your pay. They also have a barcode scanner in your smartphone to make things easy.

The payment is made within 13 days of delivery. Pay depends on the speed of delivery. The faster the service, the quicker the money!


This is the oldest and the longest-running use of the textbook business portal. Bookbyte was founded in 1999, one of the best places to sell textbooks online. Here you can sell your old textbooks and find used books for the coming year.


To sell a book at Bookbyte, you are required merely to sill either the title of the textbook or ISBN to get an offer.

If the offer is acceptable, click the “Continue Sale” button. You will then receive a shipping label so you can mail the product. Next, all you need is to wrap and pack it.

You will receive your money in around 4-14 days; the payment method will be either by PayPal or cheque. This is one simple and best place to sell textbooks.


Here you don’t sell textbooks; you can buy and rent books. They are global, so they also accept international editions, which are not often on major buyback sites.


You should acknowledge the condition of your book before you send it. This is why it is one of the best places to sell textbooks.

Like every other site, they take the ISBN of your book; you accept the price, give you a shipping label, and mail the book.

Your packages are usually processed in 2-5 business days. Payment is given around four days after processing. They prefer PayPal or cheque.


ValoreBooks runs on a marketplace model that links you with hundreds of buyers. They guarantee the best prices for your books; if you get a better price elsewhere, they will match it.

They are similar to other sites; they give you cash for textbooks and prepaid shipping labels. This is a simple and best place to sell books.


Unlike other sites, they have a whole range. They do not just focus on textbooks; you don’t sell back textbooks but also other fiction, biographies, and nonfiction — a place for all your books.

Valorebooks also pay either by PayPal or cheque. They also offer you to buy or rent cheap textbooks from more than 18000 trusted and verified sellers.


Amazon! Well, everyone knows Amazon. This is the largest online shopping portal for all kinds of stuff, a-z, everything.


Amazon also is a place where to sell textbooks. You can list yourself as a third party. If you don’t like the trade-in-price offered, you get paid in Amazon gift cards or cash.

You will get paid 80% of the purchase price for the Amazon textbook buyback program. If you opt to see the book yourself, you must spend some amount on Amazon and pay shipping fees.


This is one of the best places to sell textbooks. BookFinder has helped connect buyers and sellers from an inventory of more than 100,000 booksellers worldwide. Here you can find rare and discontinued books.


BookFinder, where bookstores compete to buy your books. You can see every offer; the best part includes shipping, so there is no hidden cost. You can pick from a variety of offers.

All you need is to give your ISBN from the book, the back cover, the barcode, or the copyright page.

Visit BookFinder


They are the hotshots to sell back textbooks. Bookscouter is proud of calling itself the world’s largest textbook business portal. Also, give you the power and help to compare more than 42 buyback vendors around the globe in a single search.

bookscouter app

They also developed a smartphone app that allows a much quicker search of vendors, and you can filter from the ratings and buyback prices.

You must fill in your ISBN from the textbook; you want to sell. Then compare the prices, and choose the vendor. Once you accept the offer, you will get shipping instructions.

The payment depends on the vendor. Most vendors take 1-3 working days after receiving the textbook. PayPal is the quickest way.

Visit Bookscouter

Where to Sell Textbooks Near Me/Personally?

If you like selling textbooks online, you still prefer to sell your textbooks in person. There are many methods you can use to sell your textbooks. Here are some best places to sell your textbooks personally.

You can sell most of your textbooks through 2 of the most common ways. A garage sale or a yard sale! If you live in a college town, you can sell books easily.

The best time is when the new semester starts. Everyone will need books, and your books will be there for rescue at a much lower price.

Second-Hand Book Shop

A most straightforward idea and place to sell your textbooks. Second-hand bookshops accept all books. They are pretty easy to find around.

second-hand book shop

You merely need to call and ask about their procedure; there is some restriction on the books they buy. Some of the stores don’t buy teacher’s editions or international editions.

You need to search and go. They consistently pay in cash.

Half-Price Books

There are more than 120 stores in 17 states; Half-Price Books is one of the best ways to sell textbooks and many things such as CDs, DVDs, and many more.

half-price books

You need to go to Half-Price Books, give your book to the counter, and the staff will inspect the book and evaluate the price. You will get a decent offer on everything you bring.

If it is acceptable, you go out with hard cash in your hand and one less thing to worry about. This is a little time-consuming cause you have to stay in the store while they evaluate your book.

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This is for those living in Portland, Oregon, and places nearby. Powell’s is the best place to sell textbooks in person. They accept all types of books here.


If you are searching to sell antique books, they accept those too. They are ready to buy rare and old books, even discontinued tone.

They pay using store credit or PayPal. For those away from these areas, they have one.

Visit Powell’s

Directly to High Schools and Colleges

Many universities have bookstores inside their campus, where you can buy books. Some also provide an option to sell books.

high schools and colleges

If you sell your books at these stores, you must bring everything, if there is an ant CD with the textbook.

Before you are ready to sell off your books here, call the store and ask if they have a particular procedure, requirements, or conditions before you reach the store with the heavy load of bags.

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City/Community Libraries

The last option to sell your textbooks is to the city and community libraries. Not every library buyback book, but it doesn’t matter if you ask.


After learning the best places to sell textbooks, let’s think of the best time.

How to Sell Used Books

Here are a few ideas to help you optimize your earnings if you’re considering selling your books:

Sell yourself

Get the word out about your inventory if you’re selling books to students directly or online. Inquire whether anyone else is taking the courses you just finished and the state of your textbooks if they are in excellent enough condition for future users. 

Price accordingly

Priced competitively, you can sell your product rapidly without undervaluing yourself. Be sure you’re comfortable with the pricing you chose. How to sell used booksCompared to someone who rates a book at a competitive price, you could hold onto it for far longer if it’s too high.

Take a lot of photos

For online sales, images are essential. Potential customers must view the item from every angle to ensure they purchase a product worth the price. Take more than enough photos, making sure to include any possible wear.

You might have to return the money and receive a bad online review if someone orders your book and it turns out to be poorer than planned.

Have comprehensive descriptions

It’s crucial to be as specific as you can while describing the product. Specify the size, the dimensions, the precise circumstances, and anything else that is required. ‘

For example, if you purchased the book brand-new and didn’t mark up the pages, this may appear more appealing to potential purchasers than older used volumes. Bonus Suggestion: 

Throughout the Term, Rent your Textbooks

Instead of purchasing books that you will subsequently need to resell, you can rent them.

Rent your textbooks

Pros: Students can pay extra for textbooks when they need them. You can earn from students who didn’t make a budget by renting your textbooks for the semester. You can get extra money if you rent out your books numerous times. 

Cons: You can’t count on getting your books back. Even honorable people occasionally forget to return them after using them. Why look for online booksellers? Selling them books can be beneficial in many ways. Here are several justifications for doing this. To organize

If you want a more extensive living area, sell the textbooks; you don’t need to tidy your house.

In addition, handling books during a relocation is likely something you are already familiar with if you have ever had to do it. Books can be quite a workout for movement unless you’re a weightlifter. 

To increase your savings

Having additional money in your budget never hurts. Ever. Selling your textbooks is an excellent way to achieve this. In addition to helping someone who needs the books, you can help your savings account a little.

Increase Savings

Regarding your financial well-being, paying down whatever debt you may have should always be your top priority.

You will save a tonne of money in interest payments in the future by making even small payments towards your debt now. To spend money on new books

Selling your used textbooks is not only a wise financial choice but also prevents you from spending any more of your hard-earned money on things you could use the money for. 

As a bonus for sticking around till the end, we have reviewed sellbackyourbook.com which is a platform where you can sell your old books to earn some extra cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Best Place to Sell Textbooks?

Some of the best websites to sell books are Bookbyte, Cash4Books, and Decluttr.

Who Gives the Most Money for Textbooks?

BookScouter informs potential sellers about over 35 textbook buyback companies and directs them to the one that will pay them the most for their used textbook.

Does Amazon buy Used Textbooks?

Through a seller account on Amazon, you may sell your used books. To find out what kinds of things are accepted for trade-in on Amazon, search the trade-in store.


All in All, when you’re selling old textbooks, timing matters a lot. The best time is the beginning of new semesters; new students are vulnerable to cheaper books. Here, you maybe can ride the price. In simple economics, when the demand rises, so does the price.

If you can’t sell your textbooks these days, you have all the other places to sell them. These are the best places to sell textbooks, and they can make some money for you out of old books that you might never read.

Also, It sometimes becomes tough to decide which option to choose.

Choosing the best place to sell textbooks and the best way to sell textbooks depends on the place, time, and ease.

Also, many people prefer to use online to reduce the hassle of going places and simply selling it from online portals. Some people prefer going to the store and selling them for quick in-hand money.

The best way is to evaluate the price of different places and finally decide what gives you the most minor problems and the most money.

The next time you think of selling an old textbook. Look at all the parameters, the time when you are selling, the place you are selling, the portals used, and how much money they are going to you. It all matters.